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Whole Foods (probably) coming to Montreal!

I agree completely. Trader Joe's blows Whole Foods out of the water. I used to live in a neighbourhood with both in the States. Their prices are better, their products are great, and they're apolitical, unlike the Ayn Rand fetishist running Whole Foods. Trader Joe's is admittedly weak on produce, but there are so many great produce markets in Montreal, that wouldn't be an issue for me.

La Petite Mangue

My wife and I found a very good new Cambodian restaurant at 300 Mont-Royal East. I don't know of any other Cambodian places on the island, but it's very similar to Thai food, and I like this place better than any of the Thai places I've been to in Montreal. We had the salad rolls with mango, fresh mint and peanut sauce (they also have them with chicken and shrimp) and a couple of mains that were both in a fantastic garlicky brown sauce. I think they just opened recently and they're trying to build some momentum. It's definitely worth checking out if your near Metro Mont-Royal and in the mood for Asian food. I know I'll be going back soon. They have a table d'hote for $18.95 at dinner with soup, appetizer, steamed rice and a plat principal. Lunch specials are $11.95.

Super All-Clad Sale!

Thanks, I found a shop on Laurier today that sells AC, but it was trop cher. The prices were about 3x vs. the website that Becky posted, but at least I was able to check it out. For that big a price difference, I'll buy something "irregular."

Oct 03, 2009
william_howard_taft in Cookware

Bofinger DDO - Normal?

I tried the new one on Park. I had the chicken. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the guy pull it out of a steaming pan in the oven. The chicken was dry. The sauces were bizarre (people in Alabama generally do not eat barbecue with spicy sauce, and people in Texas frequently think sauce is a sacrilege). The sides were the highlight, which is never a good sign at a barbecue restaurant. Maybe the ribs are better, but I'm not risking it. I'll stick with the chicken at Arcada or Romado's. Montreal is seriously lacking in the American soul food and barbecue departments. If somebody who really knew what they were doing opened a place that serves good fried catfish, chicken, collards, mac and cheese, barbecue, etc., I think they would be very wealthy.

Super All-Clad Sale!

Thanks for the tip, Becky. Does anyone know who sells All Clad skillets in the Plateau/Mile End area? I'd like to see what I'm getting.

Oct 03, 2009
william_howard_taft in Cookware

Le Coin du Mexique: Report

I think you mean Los Clasicos. I keep hearing mixed reviews for that place. The one time my wife and I went, I had some so-so chicken mole that was too expensive for a scrawny leg quarter, and my vegetarian wife had what she described as the worst meal she's ever had in Montreal. Their menu is huge and might have some winners in it, but I'll probably have to go by myself to find out. I think I'd rather try Le Coin du Mexique.

Israeli couscous source?

I've seen it in a few places in Mile End around St. Viateur. There are 4 or 5 groceries on Avenue du Parc between Bernard and St. Viateur, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find it in that block. There's also a Kosher grocery/bakery on Victoria that should have some. I think it's near the interesection of Cote Ste Catherine, but I'm not sure what it's called.

Cocoa Locale cakes?

I went by at opening time and there was already a small line. I picked up a lemon olive oil cake, decorated with edible flowers. It's really fantastic. It has that perfect density of good Southern U.S. pound cake, but much more flavorful. The frosting is primo. Not too cloying with the perfect sweetness. A little more lemon wouldn't have hurt things, but that's really nitpicking. I can see why she's popular.

Veggie Restaurants dwntown Mtl?

I agree that the food at Le Nil Blue is fantastic. Some of the best Ethiopian I've ever had, but unfortunately very pricey in my view. And my experience with their service is the same. What is it at about that place? A lot of people seem to run into the same thing. If I wanted that much attitude I'd go to a GWAR concert.

I've lived places with several good, cheap Ethiopian restaurants with no pretense, nice people, and good music. That doesn't seem to be the case in Montreal, although I still need to try Magdala on Rue Bishop. Maybe the immigrants to Montreal are attracted from different regions than in other North American cities, but I'm just speculating.

Veggie Restaurants dwntown Mtl?

You might try Cafe Lola Rosa at 545 Milton East. It's all vegetarian, and the one time I tried it, it was pretty good. I had the hemp burger, but they had some more involved items on the chalkboard. That night the menu had a bit of a Moroccan slant, but that may vary. Good desserts too. I've walked by a place called La Faim du Monde at 4110 Saint-Denis. The menu looks interesting, but I haven't tried it yet. And for what it's worth, my wife is vegetarian, and she loves Aux VIvres. Wherever you go, you should call ahead, because some places are closed for holidays. And if you want Ethiopian, believe it or not, you should stay in Ottawa.