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best brand of tamarind paste/concentrate for chutney?

We love central Oregon but really miss the good Indian food of the midwest and the awesome Indian food of southern California! Making more and more at home as we jones for it and our only Indian restaurant is AWFUL.

Anyway, looking for recommendations on a the best brand of paste or concentrate for making chutney. I am shying away from preparing my own concentrate from the pods as I have two small children and time and energy are limited!

Your expertise and insights are appreciated!

Dec 14, 2008
meeshbaze in General Topics

Good Indian Restaurant in Bend Oregon

Just saw this thread and thought it interesting as we moved to Bend a year ago and one of the only things we miss about the midwest is good Indian food. So sorry, but Taj Palace is a really poor restaurant with sub-par food. I refuse to eat there. Once in a while my husband will still go for lunch buffet, but the experience usually makes him melancholy for India Garden in Indianapolis. Not only is the food pretty terrible, but the owners are almost hostile. As a result the service suffers. (The first few times we went there with our children, who love Indian food, we all received ONE paper napkin. If an extra napkin was requested, we were treated very rudely. This happened more than once!) In the meantime, we are learning to cook Indian at home!

Dec 14, 2008
meeshbaze in Pacific Northwest