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Monday Night Football in Encino/Sherman Oaks

I need to meet a small group (5) coming over the hill from Santa Monica for dinner and watch the MNF game tonight in the Sherman Oaks/Encino area (101 & 405). We are open to any type of food in the area. Thanks in advance.

Moving to Northridge ... need recommendations

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the places mentioned previously in the shopping center at Devonshire and Reseda. Hot's Cantina has expanded their menu and has one of my favorite chopped salads. The small size is enough for two people. Next door is Catch21 which is good for an inexpensive seafood meal. Across Reseda Blvd, next to the Shakeys is my favorite Chinese - Golden Hunan - their tangerine beef is the best. Next door to them is an HSalt Fish that has been there for over 30 years so he must be doing something right.

There is a British place on Reseda near Saticoy - Buchanans - whic has great fish and chips.

Roasting a turkey breast without drying it out?

Here's how my Mom has done it for years - Cover the bird with Lawry's seasoning and garlic salt. Put the bird breast side down on a v shaped roasting rack. Then she cuts out one of the large sides of a brown paper grocery bag to make a 3 sided tent. She coates the remaining large side (the top of the tent) in canola oil, and cooks the bird under the tent. The result is the juciest, tastiest and crispiest bird ever!

Good British Food...Is there such a thing?

I drove by Buchanan's British Cuisine at 8450 Reseda Blvd (near Saticoy)in Northridge (818) 772-8100. Although this Big Daddy is an amateur on British food, my good friend from across the pond had good things to say about the authentic prep of their food. They have a banner out front $2 beer during sporting events!

anyplace serve Bunny Chow?

In Van Nuys, the Springbok Bar & Grill serves Bunny Chow. They are at 16153 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91316