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Anyone know who supplies Magees with corned beef? (3d St. Farmers)

Having actually eaten corned beef in New York City at several highly touted delis, as well as many LA delis, I am more sure than ever that the best corned beef in the world is served at Magee's in the Farmer's Market. It's simply flawless; perfect cut and quality of beef, perfectly "corned", perfectly cooked.

I've been told that it's provided directly to Magee's by Magee's specifications. Does anyone know more about where it comes from? If it's available elsewhere, raw? Or if I can learn what they do?

I like to make corned beef at home, and I'd love to be able to get my hands on the corned beef that Magee's uses.

Jan 02, 2010
stoid in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy unshelled pecans? Cheapest?

I live in Noho Arts... my local Armenian store was carrying pecaqns in the shell a couple of weeks ago but they don't have them anymore.

Anyone know where I can get them?


Dec 30, 2009
stoid in Los Angeles Area

Making tamales for x-mas, suggestions on where to buy good masa?

I've never bought the prepared masa that they sell, but the actual tamales at Carillos are absolutely top drawer. Since they are made from the same masa, I'd feel pretty good about trusting it. There is a second location on Sherman Way in Reseda, but that's farther than San Fernando.

They also serve HANDmade tortillas. Excellent.

Dec 13, 2008
stoid in Los Angeles Area

Genuine heritage ham with full fat & skin?

I have been having dreams about the hams my mother served in the 60's and 70's that she purchased from a butcher in the LA Farmer's Market. They were, at the time, just very high quality full hams with skin that she would put on a super-low temperature oven overnight, and the next day we would pull off the hard skin (which we would then roast on high heat, making fantastic crackilings!) to find insanely tender, fatty, utterly gorgeous ham underneath. Pure carnivorous heaven...exquisite.

Well, as we all know, modern pork is lean, dry and boring. Modern ham is salty and dry or watery and boring. They have bred all the goodness out of modern pigs.

I keep hearing about heritage pork, and I've had a few chops that were good, but a proper ham is a serious investment, and I don't want to be disappointed. Is it possible to get the kind of ham I describe, which, as I say, was nothing more exotic than simply a high-quality ham 30 years ago. Now it's the stuff of fond and impossible dreams.

I'll invite you over to have some if you can tell me where to find it!

Dec 13, 2008
stoid in Los Angeles Area

Desperately seeking frozen Rhubarb!

I used to be able to count on Gelson's, but even they seem to have abandoned me!

I must make a Rhubarb pie or the world will open up and swallow me. There must be someplace?


(I live in North Hollywood, but I would be willing to travel ... west end of the valley, Arcadia, West LA... no problem. It starts to get a little painful when you say Long Beach or Diamond Bar.)

Dec 13, 2008
stoid in Los Angeles Area