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September 2011 Openings and Closings

Thanks OC :) And yes, dream....wonder who they will bring in as the chef? Or if there will be a chef?

Miss Shirley's - worth it?

LOVE Miss Shirley's....when I go to B-more (or Bal-mer as it's called by locals where I grew up), it's on the list...yes to the Chicken & Waffles....but their crab benedict with fried green tomatoes is delicious! Try to go early...or on a weekday!

September 2011 Openings and Closings

Ok...I need some education. What is Oaxacan cuisine, specifically?

September 2011 Openings and Closings

Agreed!! We went several times after Jason (especially the duck!) was not nearly the same in quality and taste...however, what we loved even more than the food were the amazing bartenders, Paul & Maureen...and the waitstaff (Jen, Jamie, Craig...)...if anyone knows where they're heading to...please post!

Tacos Lupita now under a new name - What is the scoop?

Went this week...pupusas were good, and they served the green and red smoky sauces...but the pork on the tacos was horribly dry...and the chicken was meh. Very, very sad.

North End Restaurant Lunch for 40 people on a "fixed-price" of $15/person??

You may want to try Mother Anna's.....they have a larger room downstairs, and it's solid, family-friendly, basic Italian-American.

5 Nights & Mornings in Beacon Hill

I'd definitely recommend Neptune Oyster in the North End for the Hot Buttered Lobster Roll...on brioche with perfect thin fries! Across the river from you is an Afghani restaurant in Cambridge, The Helmand...too bad your lunches are spoken for, I would definitely send you to Chacerero for the best sandwich ever!

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

March 2011 Openings and Closings

YES!! Service was wretched the 2 times we went...and after two tries, we were out!

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip"

SUCCESS!!! After a couple of hours up and down the aisles of the New England Mobile Book Fair (and purchasing lots of hard to locate art books and some fiction finds) we went over to Farm Grill. I can't thank everyone enough for that gem!

My husband went *back* up to the counter to let the man know this was one of the best gyros he had ever had! (He even made a promise that if I had a craving...6 mo. pregnant...he would make the trek from Davis to Newton to pick up food for "me" :)

The lamb and beef roast on a vertical spit and it was so juicy and plentiful...we ordered a side of hummus and tzatziki (unbelievably fresh and yogurt-y with just the right amount of chunky cucumber and hint of garlic)...and made sure to pick up dessert for home when we left! Right on with the rec for the galaktoboureko! I had never had it before....custardy, cream of wheat? (really? but oh so good!), honeyed phyllo a greek dessert burrito from the gods.

Cannot wait to go back for the other menu items...but it will be hard to walk away from the tender, juicy, huge gyro...

Thanks again for all the help! Definitely recommend the trip to both places to anyone! (And keeping my fingers crossed that the book shop finds a is such a gem and the sounds of delight coming from book lovers young and old as they ventured through the stacks...too much of a treasure to lose!)

Venue space for rent where you can bring your own food?

Hello Hounds!

Looking for a reasonably priced venue where we can have a party for 30-50 folks in the Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, (even Winthrop?) area.

Of course, we already have a menu in mind and want to bring our own food :)

Any ideas? It would be for a Saturday afternoon in May.

Thanks in advance!

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip"

@ Prav/nsenada...gracias a todos....AND, I have heard rumors of a sale of the NEMBF...hoping the tale has merit! :)

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip" a teacher of special needs kids, thanks so much for adopting one!! Great parenting and family go further than anything that I could ever offer as an educator and make the world of difference in a child's progress!

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip"

Ok....I was close to Farm Grill....until HB's post. My husband would COMPLETELY say something like that to the waitstaff and then lose focus on the food. Hmm...maybe gyros for takeout another time!

Fun restaurant to go with Rt. 9/Newton "field trip"

Since we don't "do" Valentine's Day (way too many amateurs dining out)...I am kidnapping my husband and bringing him on a nerdy field the New England Mobile Bookfair (who is having a killer 30% off sale on top of their normal discounts until 2/13, including cookbooks!).

He's never been, LOVES books, and I can envision him perusing every aisle for hours. After that, we'll need a great spot to cap the day off for a late lunch...and I'm completely unfamiliar with that area.

Any suggestions?? Around our neck of the woods, favorites include Gargoyles, Neptune, Harvest...and favorite sandwich: Chacerero!

Thanks in advance!

Seeking brunch venue in Somerville, Medford, Cambridge

Gargoyle's for Disco Brunch or Posto (Davis)


Not sure about the valet parking...but Monica's is FANTASTIC (caps for emphasis, not anger ;)

Great variety and some of the best house made pasta in the N. End!

Dinner rolls/Italian Rolls...where to go in Boston?

Big thanks to everyone who chimed in...and yes, Piantedosi's was the winner (no time this week to make my own with a multiple-state swing to visit various relatives for the holidays...)

Everyone was very happy and 4 dozen were consumed or packed up for home! (AND I got an A+ for the time, I'm just going to come in with an appetizer and see how it goes!)

Baby Shower...healthy appetizer/finger food ideas please!

Those sound great...and incorporated some into two potential more asian-insipired, the other more upscale apps...

Baba Ghanoush
Spiced Roasted Chickpeas
Spiced Nuts
Endive Leaves w/Dips
Cheese Puffs
Crab/Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
Veggie Platter
Fruit Kabobs (grilled!)
Angel Food Cake

Chix Satay
Shrimp Cocktail or Coconut Shrimp w/Orange Marmelade
Chinese Ribs
Mini Crab Cakes
Asian Wings
Summer Rolls
California Rolls (for the momma who craves but can't have sushi!)
Chix Lettuce Wraps
Asian Coleslaw
Chicken Fingers (a New England "chinese" food staple)
Steamed Dumplings or Steamed Pork Buns

Dec 29, 2010
winecafe95 in Home Cooking

Dinner rolls/Italian Rolls...where to go in Boston?

Thanks 'hounds! I'm looking for dinner rolls that can be used as a side for pasta w/homemade meat sauce and alongside antipasti...

I love Iggy's...need something a little less "toothy" for the octogenarians :)

Dinner rolls/Italian Rolls...where to go in Boston?

As the youngest member of the extended family, I have been delegated "rolls" and coffee for my father-in-laws' 80th birthday.

Literally, there is a pecking order of which cousin gets to bring what in this large, warm, and traditional Italian-American clan :) Most guests will be in the 50-80 year old range, born and bred local good folks.

Hoping to get promoted next time, so I can actually use my cooking skills...I want to make the right choice...

Would you go to: Bob's in Medford, LaRonga's, or Piantedosi for the rolls? (The ladies are making sauce, meats, antipasti platters, and the like.)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Baby Shower...healthy appetizer/finger food ideas please!


Looking for some healthier options for a spring baby shower for about 30-40 people. We're playing with a couple different ideas/themes:

Pandas (baby's room will be pandas & bamboo)
Beach (host's home is near the ocean)

Any and all menu suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Dec 28, 2010
winecafe95 in Home Cooking

Bridal Luncheon in Cambridge or western suburbs

Upstairs on the Square...they have semi private space and do bridal events.
Personally, I like Harvest's food better...but it's not the sandwich/quiche type of place....but the space would be nice during the day (inside or out!)

Dinner in North End

I second Monica's and Neptune!

Reservations in the North End

My vote is for Vinoteca di Monica's....really great fresh meals....had a black truffle pasta there last time, YUM!

Bob's, Medford

AAAhhh...Steak tips from Bob's! Know what I'll be grilling this weekend! Thanks hounds!

Dandelion Greens? Where can I purchase them?

Thanks everyone! Definitely going the bacon route first :) Will wait for cooler weather this weekend.

Dandelion Greens? Where can I purchase them?

Someone told me this is a "must-do" for spring New England cooking...and I've searched lots of great recipes on this, where to find the greens?

Thanks in advance :)

GELATO in Buenos Aires----current list of the top choices?


May openings and closings

Any news on Yak and Yeti for an opening date in Ball Square?

Ball Square Cafe
708 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

South Kitchen & Wine Bar Space

Thanks for the web link....looks like they were in the marketing class that says "price everything @ 9.95, it'll convince the consumer they're getting a bargain." Food looks VERY similar to cheaper eats @ Stadium...perhaps higher quality buffalo fingers?!?! ;)