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The 2008 NOT List: 647 Dinner Club, Buenos Aires

We ate in lots of good places in BA and 647 was one of them. I think maybe the hype around the place created some really high expectations. I liked the whole vibe of the place, hidden and away from the crowd, its certainly different from the normal restaurants in BA. At least for us we had a good experience there.

BA & Mendoza restaurant review

Hi UpscaleTO,

We ate in quite a few places on your list and would like to add a few more for luck! We had similar experiences in some of your choices and different in others but i will leave you with our experiences and some extras.

Osaka- good sushi experience but definately not the type we are used to at home in LA. Very buzzy with good tasty food that left us with the urge to return.

Cabana Las Lilas - i can only call this place the ULTIMTEtourist destination which we did not like. I ordered Salmon which perhaps was a mistake in a Parilla and was a little dry. Only recomended for people who like to see lots of other Americans.

647 Dinner Club
The night we went there was a lot of people and we had a good experience. I ordered the rib eye which was excelent and really loved the look and vibe of the place.

Park Hyatt
Totally loved the location, an amazing building with beautiful grounds. The lunch buffet is great.

Oui Oui
Great french style cafe in Palermo, very cool and hip. Ideal for a relaxed lunch any day of the week.(we went 3 times!)

I leave some more tomorrow.


Lobster bisque?

The lobster bisque at Cafe Bizou is absolutely to die for. The texture is perfect and not to creamy. Highly recomended.

Dec 13, 2008
laurafoodfan in Los Angeles Area

T-day dinner scorecard

After discovering this site i have decided that i am never going to cook again and just spend my life(if my boyfriends wallet and my not so great salary covers it) eating out at chow hound recomended places. So basically no miss this year as we ate out...

Dec 13, 2008
laurafoodfan in Home Cooking

Unpretentious, traditional food in BA

You have to be careful with Oleo as there are a lot of reviews on there that have no relation to the reality of the place. Lai lai is very good, i discovered it 4 years ago the first time i came to BA, with my boyfriend who is a porteno. An even better chinese is Little China on Rio Bamba 1156 and the corner of Santa Fe, ...better than Lai Lai and even cheaper but the place is not much to look at. Also you must go to Sarkis in CalleThames ,Villa Cresp, the corner of Cordoba....buenisimo este lugar!!! Also for breakfast i highly recomend Oui Oui in Palermo, the service can be chaotic but the onda is great.

Ask Sushi Man

I am out in Buenos Aires at the moment and they love to use warm rice out here with there sushi. I would compare the sushi out here to a sort of McDonalds Sushi,its good in a sort of sweet junk food style but it is not sushi as we know it.

Dec 13, 2008
laurafoodfan in General Topics

Restaurants with "Rules"

This rule is highly annoying and i think it should be the restaurants responsibility to accept that large tables normally do not all arrive together. I have had to wait many times to be seated while waiting for friends to turn up and it always takes the fun out of the beginning part of the night as i am forced to wait at the bar.

Dec 13, 2008
laurafoodfan in Not About Food

Best outdoor space in LA

The Ivy has a great outside space and i have always eaten well there and enjoyed great service.

Dec 13, 2008
laurafoodfan in Los Angeles Area