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Good Spanish near Montclair?

Any good Spanish restaurants(not Mexican, Cuban, Portuguese, etc, but traditional old school Spanish) in the Montclair area? Or somewhere else roughly halfway between Livingston and Ridgewood? Thanks for any suggestions.

Jan 02, 2015
nab71 in New Jersey

Quick Lunch in Newark?

My husband is taking an exam at the Best Western on Park Place in Newark. Any suggestions for a quick but decent lunch? Nothing fancy, a coffee shop or similar is fine. Bonus points for vegetarian options. Thanks!

Jul 13, 2014
nab71 in New Jersey

Family-friendly eats on route from NJ to VT?

I am driving up to Okemo with my family next week, looking for something family (and budget-) friendly on the drive up from NJ. Any ideas welcome. My kids love Cracker Barrel so even something along those lines (or a decent diner) is fine. Thanks!

Jan 27, 2014
nab71 in Southern New England

Family friendly near Okemo (Ludlow, VT)?

Will be skiing at Okemo next month with extended family. Would love some suggestions for family-friendly restaurants. There will be a few vegetarians in the mix - extra points for gluten free options too. Thanks!!

Jan 02, 2014
nab71 in Northern New England

Kid-friendly near Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange?

Now that Pal's Cabin has closed, I need a new kid-friendly option to take my kids to after we visit the zoo. Any ideas? Decent diners are fine...Thanks!!

Dec 18, 2013
nab71 in New Jersey

Glatt Kosher in Bergen County for lunch?

My observant aunt is visiting, would like to take her out to lunch this week. Any ideas for a Glatt Kosher restaurant (nothing fancy) in the Fair Lawn area? I am not familiar with the options, any recommendations welcome. How is Noah's Ark in Teaneck?

Dec 15, 2013
nab71 in New Jersey


Thanks! Will do.

Aug 08, 2013
nab71 in Europe


Will be in Prague, Vienna and Budapest next month, looking for some recommendations for local cuisine (ie no Asian, Italian, etc) where we can try real Eastern European fare. Any price point (local "joints" up to fancy), just want the most authentic experiences in each city. Thanks!!

Aug 08, 2013
nab71 in Europe

Casual in Westwood?

Going to the movies in Westwood this weekend, looking for a casual place to eat at with my husband beforehand. Any good recommendations? I like PJ Finnegan's but want something new. Thanks!

Aug 08, 2013
nab71 in New Jersey

Breakfast near Portland St?

Looking for breakfast ideas (kid friendly) near Portland Street, or on way to Science Museum. Extra credit for gluten free menu options. Thx!

Jul 17, 2013
nab71 in Greater Boston Area

Lunch on way from the Cape to Boston?

Looking for a family friendly place to eat on our drive from Cape Cod to Boston...thx!

Jul 17, 2013
nab71 in Greater Boston Area

Gluten-Free near Cooperstown?

My 10 year old nephew is on a gluten-free diet, and my sister-in-law has had a hard time finding a restaurant that has gf items on the menu for their upcoming trip to Cooperstown. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Need a recommendation off Route 4, near NYC

I am meeting a friend for dinner, she's coming out to NJ from the city and we want to meet somewhere close to (or on?) route 4 so it's easy for her. Nothing too $$ (entrees under 25), any cuisine except Indian is fine. Thanks for any suggestions.

Dec 18, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

Cold Spring, NY - where to eat, what to do?

I will be in Cold Spring, NY for a much-needed weekend away with my husband next month. Would love some lunch and dinner recommendations in that area - nothing too, too pricey, but one nicer dinner would be great (we are staying at a b&b so breakfast is covered). We will be driving from NJ on Friday afternoon, so that night can be casual; Saturday is our anniversary, so that would be the nicer dinner. Any help much appreciated. We prefer continental/American cuisine but anything great is fine. We love hole-in-the-wall type places, too (my husband calls them "joints") - as long as the food is great, it doesn't have to be fancy.

Also, can anyone recommend things to do in the area, including a public golf course where we can play a round on Saturday? We are also planning on going to Dia:Beacon...any other places to see in the vicinity? Thanks for any ideas!

family-friendly sunday dinner in montclair?

4 adults, 3 small kids, sunday (tom'w) dinner in montclair. any recommendations for someplace not too expensive that doesn't mind the chaos of small children? i've been to raymond's for brunch and liked it, but never dinner - good choice? is it super-crowded for dinner like it is brunch-time? any other places to recommend along those lines? thanks!!

Jul 14, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

breakfast in westfield area?

looking for a place in or near westfield to meet a friend for breakfast next week. something a notch above a diner, but not too pricey. thanks for any recommendations.

Jul 05, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

Restaurant in Long Branch area?

Looking for a fun place for dinner in the Long Branch area for this Saturday night. No need for a scene (two friends, both happily married!), but want good food and a fun atmosphere. Not too pricey (entrees under $25 or so) preferred. Any cuisine except Indian, although we prefer American/Continental, seafood or Mexican/Latino Nuevo. Thanks for any recommendations!

Jul 03, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

Meal delivery in Chappaqua area?

I would like to have a meal delivered to an ill friend and her family. Can anyone recommend a caterer or restaurant in the Chappaqua area who could provide (and deliver) to her house? I would prefer not to spend a small fortune - maybe a tray of baked ziti, salad, bread, dessert, etc.? (Needs to be kid-friendly.) Thanks for any recommendations, I am not from the area.

Dinner in Westfield or vicinity?

Looking for a few recommendations for dinner in Westfield or vicinity. Would prefer byo and entrees under $25...any cuisine except Indian but would prefer Italian, Latino or American over Asian. Thanks for any recs.

May 06, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

Family-friendly lunch near the Morris Museum in Morristown?

Looking for a place to have lunch with my kids near the Morris Museum this Saturday. Any recommendations welcome. I'm not opposed to a Chili's-type of chain if no other good options but I always prefer something more local if possible. Thanks!!

Feb 07, 2012
nab71 in New Jersey

Dinner near movie theater in Washington Township (Bergen)?

Going to the Clearview Cinemas on Pascack Road in Washington Township (Bergen County) this weekend. Can anyone recommend somewhere casual to get a bite beforehand? Any cuisine except Indian would be fine, nothing too $$. Thanks.

Dec 29, 2011
nab71 in New Jersey

Great Wolf Lodge-area restaurant? Scotrun, PA

We are going to Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, PA (Poconos) next week with 3 other families. I've heard the food at GWL is pricey and not good so looking for family-friendly dinner recommendations close to the lodge that can accommodate a big group. Not opposed to Chili's or similar type of chain. Thanks for any recommendations.

Dec 17, 2011
nab71 in Pennsylvania

Kid-friendly lunch in West SoHo?

I'm taking my daughter to the Children's Museum of Art on Charlton Street (Hudson is the cross street) in West SoHo this weekend. Looking for casual, kid-friendly and not too $ lunch spots in that area. Any recommendations appreciated; any cuisine except Indian is fine. Thanks!

Nov 09, 2011
nab71 in Manhattan

Best Thai in Bergen?

Thanks, all. We wound up going to pimaan, in emerson. Very tasty. It was crowded, too - always a good sign.

Sep 10, 2011
nab71 in New Jersey

Best Thai in Bergen?

What's your favorite Thai restaurant in Bergen County? Bonus points for BYO. Thanks!

Sep 09, 2011
nab71 in New Jersey

On a budget in Bergen - help!

thanks! they got a nice write-up in 201 magazine recently. do you think they have some good vegetarian options?

Sep 08, 2011
nab71 in New Jersey

On a budget in Bergen - help!

What are your favorite inexpensive (entrees under $20) restaurants in Bergen County? We are on a budget - we have young kids and need to hire a sitter for "date night," so my husband and I are looking for some new ideas that don't cost a ton.

What's your favorite "joint" to eat at? Favorite hole-in-the-wall? Would prefer places with some vegetarian options (husband eats no beef or poultry, will eat fish) and not Asian/Indian - mediterranean is okay. Any tapas places? French bistros that don't cost a fortune? As an example, we love Janice a Bistro in Ho Ho Kus, but it's too $$ for us right now. Pubs are fine, as long as there's more than burgers on the menu. Love BYO places. Thanks!!

Ho Ho Restaurant
108 N James St, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Sep 08, 2011
nab71 in New Jersey

Recommendations for family-friendly in Lake George?

I will be in Lake George in a few weeks with my husband and two young kids (3 and 6 y/o). Would appreciate any family-friendly restaurant recommendations, along with any other ideas for things to do in the area - best mini golf, amusement park, arcade, ice cream, etc.; also, any ideas for indoor activities would be great (ie children's museum, etc). Thank you in advance!

Rockland County brunch?

looking for some recommendations for saturday brunch in rockland county - would prefer suffern, airmont, monsey area. kid-friendly is preferred for my 2 and 5 y/o's. thanks!

Lunch in Raleigh tomorrow (Sat.)?

I forgot to add that we won't have a car, so walkable from the Sheraton (in the rain?) is preferred.

Mar 25, 2011
nab71 in Southeast