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hold academic knowledge - want to expand to practical knowledge!

I am a current Master's student. My philosophy thesis deals with food academically (political philosophy, ethics, and environmental concerns). I will be completing my MA this spring and plan to take the next year off. I feel that I possess a fair amount of academic knowledge with regard to food but hope to spend my year off expanding my practical, physical, and intimate knowledge with regard to food.

This is where I hope that you chowhounds can help. I am looking for opportunities, information, ideas, and possibilities to expand this type of food knowledge.

For example, I have found an opportunity in which I could cook for individuals who are building a trail in Montana. I have found an Anarchist University in which I could teach a course about food. I have found soup kitchens to volunteer at.

Anything related to food I want to hear about! :)

(I am Canadian.)

Jan 11, 2012
cierah in Not About Food

Masterchef Australia vs Masterchef US

I gotta say I love the Austrialian version! I like how everyone is nice to each other. And it's pretty much the only cooking show that I actually get good ideas from. I basically write something down every episode - things to try, techniques, ect. I also really like the Masterclass.

The american version isn't really about cooking - it's about being the 'cutthroat competiors' that apparently we all want to watch - I want to watch good, informational cooking shows not Big Brother, with cooking.

Aug 18, 2011
cierah in Food Media & News