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"Sliders": Why have restaurants embraced such a disgusting name?

I like LNG212's explanation about the burgers not flipping, so they slide off the grill -- but more than anything I wish the "belly bombers" term was still in use for these mini burgers. I'd love to sit down at a ritzy spot in downtown Dallas and order some fennel and shitake-topped Kobe beef "belly bomber".

Apr 08, 2009
llamarama in General Topics

"Sliders": Why have restaurants embraced such a disgusting name?

A major topic of conversation on my trip back home last weekend was the new brewpub down the street, and their amazing sliders -- a menu item that, I had to admit, was ruined for me by the food writer at the newspaper where I work.

Fancy restaurants have no business putting something called a "slider" on their menu, and he often makes a point of reminding people where the term supposedly came from: "Slides right in, slides right out." Here's his latest rant:

Okay, gross maybe, but does anyone know more about the origin of this term for the mini-burgers?

Apr 06, 2009
llamarama in General Topics

The case against "foodie"

In one post to our food blog at the Dallas Observer, I once made the mistake of using the word "foodie." I didn't give it a second thought, but our restaurant critic made sure the word never made it online -- he can't stand how popular the word has become.

To make the distinction between "foodie," "gourmet" and "gourmand" clear (he prefers these), he's written a diatribe on our blog that I think boils down his argument nicely:

Anyway, I'm curious how other people feel about the word and its rise to popularity.

Feb 16, 2009
llamarama in Food Media & News