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RECIPE REDUX: Recipes you've made 3 or more times that you love.

My mom's secret for good crispy skin on chicken sounds a bit unusual but it works REALLY well. Gently open the seams of a brown kraft paper grocery bag and fold in the sides with the seams to make a rectangular tent. (Top, 1 end, and 2 sides of the tent are solid paper) Put the open end toward the back of the oven. The paper absorbs the steam and some of the grease but does not let the chicken dry out. Take the bag off a few minutes before the end of the baking time then crisp up the skin under the broiler. Mom rubbed the chicken with butter, then just salt and pepper. I use Cavender's to replace the S&P. Works great on cut up and whole chicken. My M.O. for Thanksgiving. Precautions: Make sure the bag does not have any printing/ink, & remove the bag before you turn on the broiler. *I have never made brown bag chicken in a gas oven. Don't know why it would be different, just no experience. If you do, please post and let me know how it worked out.

Sep 02, 2009
well fed in Home Cooking

Best Chinese Restaurants in Texas

OK I will take the heat for this one.

Anyone know of a good "americanized" (sorry) chinese place in the Carrollton area? I cut my chinese teeth on Lim Yee's in Lakewood BITD. One of the many reasons I miss living in lower Greenville.

Jun 30, 2009
well fed in Texas

Trying to find a good Americanized Chinese Place

OK, I adnmit it. My taste buds were shot of in private school. Too much mystery meat. \

My first Chinese food find was the Snow Pea in Lakewood. Now that I've moved North I am looking for a good Americanized Chinese place in Coppell, Carrollton, or Lewisville.

Thanks, Well Fed

Dec 13, 2008
well fed in Dallas - Fort Worth

Help finding an Italian place in PGH

Thank you ! You've made Christmas for me. Happy Holidays -WF

Dec 13, 2008
well fed in Pennsylvania

Help finding an Italian place in PGH

My sister's favorite place to eat Italian is Dell's. It is in one of the small towns near the city.

Best I can find on the web is an ice cream place in Homestead. I want to give her a gift certificate from Dell's for Christmas.


Dec 12, 2008
well fed in Pennsylvania