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Guiness Foreign Extra Stout in Millersville/GB/SP/Crofton/Annapolis

Hi, experts! Please tell me where I can buy Guiness Foreign Extra Stout. I want to buy as a gift!

Thank you!

Catering recommendations for Severna Park/Millersville/Glen Burnie/Crofton area

Hi. I am having a family get-together of about 30-40 to celebrate a church event in April.

I am at the crossroads of the above neighborhoods in SP. OF course, Arnold and Annapolis are nearby, and so is Baltimore.

We are casual types and we are from a part of Queens where every half-block yields another country's' food, so we'd consider any cuisine.

When our older sons had their events, we did Three Brothers of Glen Burnie and they were great. This year we can afford a bit more.

I had read on a NJ board a suggestion to have a culinary school group cater. That sounds great, but I can't find any easily around here.

I would also consider going out but I'd rather cater in.
Having to do nothing would be nice, but us picking up or accepting a deliver-&-run setup is cool too.

Any suggestions? THANKS!

New Year's Eve

Hi. I am interested in this too. I am traveling up from MD. My dad is in the Marlboro/Freehold area and he suggested the Cornucopia Cruise in Perth Amboy and I gulped at the price especially when I expect the food wouldn't be that great. Maybe I'd take the kids (ages 7-13); maybe not. I did check out the suggestions in a 2008 post about New Year's EVe. Any more out there? Latin is okay. Open bar isn't required.

Dec 07, 2009
sky19 in New Jersey

Ferry Building's best on a weekday? Food sampling tour suggestions please!

Thank you, kind CWers! Amazing, amazing tips.

I am persuaded against Sausalito.

So, enlightened somewhat, I will ask you this:

I had heard that the SFcityguides offered great free tours and I am racing from Alcatraz to make a 1:30 tour of Chinatown for an insider's take.
However, someone on Chowhound said when he went, they showed live animals meant for slaughter and kids on the tour were upset. I'm not too keen on that myself.

Is it worth giving up the tour and hitting up the Ferry Bldg on a Tuesday around 12:30?

Jul 28, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

Ferry Building's best on a weekday? Food sampling tour suggestions please!


We are a family of Easterners coming to SF for a few days in early August.

We enjoyed the tasting tour in Philly but thought it was reasonable to map such a walk on one's own if directed by those more savvy.

I would like to walk, see, sample, and buy the don't-miss at the Ferry Building, but I can't go on Farmer's Market day. We can splurge a little here and there but love the bargains.

What do you suggest with kids, 7 through 13?

What can I tell you about our tastes? We like cheese, bread, ethnic, garlicky, sweets, and quirky local. My husband loves great beer, especially darker, and dry red wine. A logical path to follow, stops to make, single or multiple suggestions would be much appreciated.

Afterwards, I think we will take the ferry to Sausalito to walk around!

Jul 28, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

Portsmouth Square, Fast, great, reasonable, kids


I am an Easterner coming with the family in early August, with teenager, tweener, & youngster.

I'm trying to run from Pier 33 after the early boat to Alcatraz and catch a bite before we join the free SFcityguides for the only walking tour of Chinatown available during my stay.

I was discouraged, by experts here and tripadvisor, from eating at the Wharf so I'm looking for recommendation near the point where the guide is supposed to meet the group.

I think I'm going to MUNI it from the pier, and I see from (nice tool) that we'll be dropped at Pacific and Kearny.

So, you got any suggestions for good, fast, cheap eats or other near Portsmouth Square?

We love Chinese food. We love the soup dumplings at Joe's of Shanghai in NY and the kids can be a tad adventurous.

Other cuisine would be fine too.

Thank you chowhound!

Jul 26, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

Tasting walk book/ideas for SF and kids?

wow thank you all!

Jul 26, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

Tasting walk book/ideas for SF and kids?

Thanks for the tip! I've ordered the book. Don't know what PU book is...

Jul 16, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

Portland and/or Seattle tasting tour with kids: ideas or book

Hi. Would love to hear your ideas or book suggestions for a detailed guide to a morning or afternoon's walk in August for Portland and/or Seattle. In Portland, my tween kids want to check out Voodoo Donut and another place featured in Man Vs Food.

Jul 14, 2009
sky19 in Pacific Northwest

Tasting walk book/ideas for SF and kids?

I would love to hear your ideas for a walk to visit great bakeries, SF treats and markets or if you know of a book that's great that's been written, if you'd let me know the name.

Jul 14, 2009
sky19 in San Francisco Bay Area

MOLINILLO in Balto-Annapolis area- a chocolate frother

Looks like I will have to import from NYC. I'm having my mom check out Jackson Heights, Queens.

NORFOLK VA Great takeout/delivery/epicurean lunch

Thank you. I hope some Chowhound natives can write and let me know they disagree.

Still, nothing is like NYC, in my opinion. While I've enjoyed living in the DC/Balto/Annapolis area, there is no great deli or bakery around here!

Dec 16, 2008
sky19 in General South Archive

NORFOLK VA Great takeout/delivery/epicurean lunch

Hello. Any Norfolk foodies out there? I have a small office in Norfolk, and I live in MD. We've had a bad year and I couldn't get the nice Christmas outing we've done the last two years. I still want to do something for the staff of 4-6 (we have a couple of telecommuters.) I recall with fond memory my boss ordering in from Balducci's in NYC, and I wondered if I could provide the same experience for reasonable cost, a great sandwich lunch that's not chain-generated. I saw elsewhere in Chowhound re Jewish Mother's, but they don't deliver to Norfolk and they may consider our staff size too small to "cater." We are on Butte Street. Any ideas, kind CHs?

Thanks in advance.

Dec 15, 2008
sky19 in General South Archive

MOLINILLO in Balto-Annapolis area- a chocolate frother

Hello. Where can I buy good quality latino goods? I live near Glen Burnie, Baltimore, and Annapolis. I am particularly interested in Colombian or Mexican sweetened hot chocolate bars and the special wooden whisk called molinillo. It would be great to also find the special pot, which is tall and pitcher-shaped, but the name of which I don't know.

I am hoping to assemble some reasonably priced, but amazing, gift baskets.