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Rockville, A&J, Bob's Noodle 66, or Joe's Noodle House?

I was last there about a month and half ago and they seemed the same. Going tonight actually so I'll let you know tomorrow if they're still good. :)

Suggestions for 30th Wedding Anniversary Gathering in Annapolis

I'm helping my boyfriend organize a family gathering for his parents' 30th wedding anniversary at the end of July, but we are having trouble finding a restaurant because the guests of honor are older (70+) and NOT adventurous eaters. We are looking for a casual but nice restaurant in the Annapolis area that will take reservations for a party of 11 for Sunday brunch or dinner. Their regular go-to restaurants are Romilos in Severna Park and Red Lobster. They don't seem to like any other restaurant we suggest in the Annapolis area. The only other example we can work off of is that they liked the brunch buffet at Whitlow's in Arlington, VA we took them to once. Examples of restaurants they do not like include Ted's Montana Grill and Vapiano. So I think we're basically limited to standard American fares that is not too expensive but still decent.

Someone has suggested Middleton Tavern but we have never been there ourselves. Anyone have other ideas?

1800 M St NW, Washington, DC

478 Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park, MD 21146

Ted's Montana Grill
2200 Crystal Dr Ste A, Arlington, VA 22202

Middleton Tavern
2 Market Space, Annapolis, MD 21401

Rockville, A&J, Bob's Noodle 66, or Joe's Noodle House?

Personally I like Bob's Noodle over A&Js. They serve a much larger variety of Taiwanese food. It's good for both the adventurous and the hesitant. A&J does have great homemade wide noodles as Steve said. Never been to Joe's myself so I can't speak to that.

Semi-romantic dinner in northern Virginia/DC

I am going with my original choice of Tabard Inn. Not because any of the other places did not sound good or meet the requirements, but rather that I think venturing into DC for a special meal is a good idea. We usually stick to northern Virginia (mainly Arlington) and have been to several of the suggested restaurants so doing something a little different than usual sounds like fun. Plus I think we'll both want to splurge a bit and have a few more drinks than usual so driving to Georgetown or Old Town doesn't seem like such a good idea. I'll just have to make sure he doesn't wear shorts to Tabard Inn. :)

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! I will keep them in mind for other occasions.

Sushi Restaurant for husband's birthday?

Tachibana in McLean is probably the best Japanese in the area. It is actually owned and run by Japanese people. I have never had a bad meal there and the sushi is very fresh. It is pricier than some other Japanese restaurants but I think it's worth it, especially for a special event. The lunch prices are a bargain for what you get ($12-18 for bento boxes and $12 for chirashi if I remember correctly). Entrees are about $10-15 more for dinner. I work right across the street so I have had a variety of dishes there in the past ten years. Can't say I've ever complained about any of them. I prefer getting sushi but the hot dishes are very good too. The portions are a decent size. In fact, I usually overeat when I'm there. I would recommend making reservations as they get very busy even when they first open at 11:30am/12pm. They get a good number of Japanese patrons and my friends of Japanese descent also say their families believe this to be the best in the area. The parking lot is small but you can basically park anywhere on the street or nearby lots.

Semi-romantic dinner in northern Virginia/DC

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up on Monday and I'm looking for a semi-romantic but not formal restaurant that is metro-able/walking distance from Ballston. We're foodies and eat all cuisine. The only catch is he is very casual so somewhere that is not very expensive and he can wear khakis/jeans or even shorts too would be ideal. I'm thinking something along the lines of Ray's the Steaks. (We have been there many times and would like to go somewhere new since it's his birthday.) I've read that Tabard Inn is very good, not overly priced and semi-romantic but I don't know what the dress code there is for dinner. Can someone let me know? Does anyone have other suggestions for restaurants?

I would also consider somewhere in Old Town Alexandria if it's near the Water Front for a romantic stroll before or after dinner. :)

Looking for best Belgian beer for holiday gifts

The Total Wine in McLean, Virginia has a pretty good selection. (I'm not a big beer drinker though so I don't know what a "big" selection would mean.) My boyfriend really enjoys Belgian beer though and likes what they have to offer. They let you mix and match individual bottles into a 6-pack so you can even do that as a sampler and let your recipients decide for themselves. I personally really enjoy Hoegaarden.

Looking for an inexpensive restaurant on the orange/blue line

Well, we live in Ballston and will be meeting some people that live near Eastern Market; hence the requirement for the restaurant to be in between those two stops. Location is really not an issue. We just want to enjoy some really good food and are interested in what people immediately think of as being the best bang for their buck anywhere on that line... that being said, we would prefer to be closer to the Virginia side. :)

Looking for an inexpensive restaurant on the orange/blue line

I'm looking for an inexpensive to expensive restaurant on the blue/orange line between Ballston and Eastern Market for Friday night. Price is really not that big an issue as long as it is not outrageous ($100/person) and the food is actually worth it. We would prefer casual but not loud. Does anyone have any recommendations? We would like to know what the dress code is, price range, whether or not we should make reservations, etc.

We enjoy ethnic food, including Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Irish and really everything you can think of. We have Ray's the Steaks and Taste of Morocco in mind but we have been to both restaurants and would like to try a new one.