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Substitute for LightLife steak strips?

Can I get your recipe for that goulash?

best decaf coffee?

In Portland, I like Peets decf french roast

Baked Clams Oreganata

I love Manila clams, but they are so tiny. I might have to try them...Thank you!

Feb 27, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Sushi in Portland in 2015?


Feb 27, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Baked Clams Oreganata

I am craving Baked Clams. Does anyone know anyplace in Portland to get little neck, or cherrystone clams?

Feb 27, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Pok Pok and Food Carts

http://www.foodcartsportland.com will help a bit...I think the downtown pod SW 10th and Alder is worth a visit...Kargi GoGo for Georgian food, The Frying Scotsman, the Korean cart, if it's a nice day you can sit at the park, diagonally across.
Good Food Here@ SE Belmont has Viking Soul Food, one of the best carts IMHO.
Cartopia, SE 12th and Hawthorne, Potato Champion's Satay poutine is really amazing! and it is open late night, you can take it over to the High Dive and have it with a beer, perfect combo!
There is a pod at NW 19th and Quimby, next to the bar..I haven't been in a while, so I don't know what's good. There is also this cart.at NW 28th and Wison...http://www.foodcartsportland.com/cate...

Enjoy your visit!

Jan 28, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

The 11 Greatest Recipes to Ever Happen to Kimchi

The kimchee cream cheese @ Bowery Bagels in Portland, perfect on a pumpernickel bagel.

Jan 18, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Features

Grayelf seeking good eats for family and more on Feb trip from Vancouver, BC

For a low key place, the New Mexico breakfast taco's at Pepper Box on SE Morrison are the best...I especially love their red chili sauce. Their huevos rancheros are also fabulous! The place is small, so packed on the weekends, but easy during the week.

Jan 18, 2015
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Suggestions for a first-time visitor?

Skip voodoo, unless kitsch over delicious is what you want. Blue Star has delicious donuts. Check out some food cart pods, the latest Tidbit on Division,has some rally good carts and while you are there, you can do a Division stroll, Pok Pok, Bollywood Theater, Lincoln, Block and Tackle ( Roe, in the back) Pizza Maria, Roman Candle...all good! Kachka for Russian, Aviary and Ataula are also among my fave places to eat.

Italian Restaurant Recommendations

Nostrana has a late night happy hour 9:30 pm, and the pizza is $5, one of the best HH deals in Portland.

Oct 18, 2014
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

The Very Best Egg Sandwich

My fave is a fried egg over easy, yolk still runny, with mayo and muenster or swiss cheese on a poppy kaiser roll, or a large croissant.

Oct 18, 2014
cheeseisheaven in Home Cooking

How much do I tip on catering delivery?

Some companies do not pass those tips on to the employees, tip cash if you can.

Jun 01, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Not About Food

Portland in June

I second Tasty and Alder, or Tasy and Sons if you want to venture out of downtown...also, try the donuts at Blue Star...they are great!!! Departure has great views, good place for Happy Hour, but it gets crowded, so go early. The food carts are great for lunch during the week, the Frying Scotsman has beautiful fish and chips, and I just tried Kargi Gogo, food from the Republic of Georgia.

May 29, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Portland avec sprog: BC Hound seeks good grub with small person in tow

The line at Dove Vivi can be very long...Sok Sab Bai might be better... Las Primas has yucca fritters with savory and sweet sauce that will haunt you...so delicious!!!
Autentica..sure! The new Township and Range on Hawthorne seems very child friendly at all hours, but I haven't tried it. Are you going to take her to some food cart pods...I could see a child loving Viking Soul food.. Salt and Straw, and Bollywood Theater could be fun, too.

May 26, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

where to find a longevity peach bun or steamed red bean bun in PDX?

I was just at Uwajimaya in Beaverton, and they had a red bean bun and a sweet potato bun..www.uwajimaya.com. I didn't try them, but I had a veggie bun and it was delish!

May 18, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Food Trucks and other recommendations - July/August

Food cart rec's...There are some great food cart pods...good eats here on SE Belmont and Se 43rd has Viking Soul food...lefse wraps with house smoked salmon...(my fave)
9th -10th Sw Alder & SW Washington...one full block of food carts, mostly open for lunch during the week. SW Sark@5th, Tabor chech food...fried muenster for me, but most people love the schnitzelwich
foodcartsportland.com will tell you everything you need to know about food carts!
Also Blue Star Donuts!!!!! Dulce de leche donut, or chocolate ganache donut( have you ever had real chocolate on a donut?) if you want superb, delicious donuts..if you want kitch, Vodooo'll do you...
Pass on Tin Shed..food is sub par
I think you should try the POk POk wings...everyone loves them. Tasty's breakfast is amazing...but order carefully...
if you want Ambiance...go to the Pearl, after your visit to Powells....or Departure, happy hour for the view...

Have a great time!!!

Recent day trip to PDX: mancakes, Salt & Straw, and Sesame Donuts

Yes, Blue Star!!!!!

Apr 26, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Suggestions for other nibbles around Nong's 10th & Alder?

Have you tried the Frying Scotsman? Altho more than a nibble, still very very good...it's on the other side of the pod ...on 8th...

Apr 26, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

I have a food crush on THIS U.S. city:

I love this thread!!!!I am so glad you have a crush on Portland, OR...we have some of the most ernest chef around!!!! Did you get to Blue Star Donuts while you were here? The dulse de leche donut is craveworthy!!!
I have a lobster crush on Provincetown, MA...the sweetest lobster I ever had was in Ptown.
After reading this thread, I may have to go visit my sister city in the summer...4$ a lb lobster....yummm!!!!

Apr 21, 2013
cheeseisheaven in General Topics

I have a food crush on THIS U.S. city:

at Heaven on Earth, they asked my g/f if she wanted the (gigantic) cinnamon roll heated up with butter on top...why yes, of course....OMG..it's crazy!!!!( in the best way)

Lardo, Roe and Evoe

Thanks for the review!!!! I need to try Roe soon!!!

Apr 21, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

A breakfast and a sandwich help, please

Bunk is a solid option...really good food...not a lot of vegetarian options, but great for carnivores!
I don't understand the lines for the tin shed....I have eaten there twice, and that is two times to many...that said, the Country cat is a great breakfast place on the way to the Gorge, and always delicious, and they are open Monday 9am
other options bijoux cafe, open at 7am, and has good breakfast
Imperial cafe opens 6:30 am and is Vitaly Paleys place( I haven't tried it, but I feel confident that you can get a good breakfast there) http://www.imperialpdx.com/

Have fun..the Gorge is breathtaking! I hope you are taking the old hwy thru troutdale, the views are magnificent!!!!

Apr 21, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

tasting menu - noisette or castagna?

I have sadly not yet been to Noisette, but a previous chowhound review made me drool...I have been to castagna and the food was gorgeous and delicious, each bite an adventure. The service was impeccable, and we had time to chat and enjoy and everything was delivered perfectly!

Apr 13, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Adult beverages

If you want to people watch and it's a nice day, Amnesia on N Mississippi is a great place, no frills and it's a local brewery..
If you are adventurous in your beer drinking Cascade Brewing has Sour beers, and the goat herd across the street are adorable!!!

Apr 13, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Van BC Hound planning return siege on Pdx in March

I will 2nd the biscuits and cherry pie @ Lauretta Jeans...go for brunch, no lines(yet)..just don't do the hollandaise, it tasted like mayo! At Las Primas, you must try the yuca fritters, sweet and savory, the sweet is with a lime simple syrup that is divine!!!
Just ate @ Hokusei and it was beyond...Tanuki is an entirely different experience...like day and night.
Blue Star donuts are addictive..the passionfruit with cocoa nibs, no, the dulce de leche...wait..the choc ganache...oh right, the lemon and lime curd filled....try them all!!!!

Feb 16, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Recipes with Saurkraut

Looking for a fun vegetarian recipe with saurkraut...I got it for the veggie hot dogs, but would love to try something else.

One night in Portland, from SF - Where to dine?

Castagna is amazing and looks to be very much like Atelier Crenn. Each dish is a visual and dining delight. Def for the unlimited budget!!! Aviary is also fantastic...not as high end, but the flavors that they put together dance on your tastebuds.
Roe, the spot behind Wafu has been getting good press, and the food looks amazing, but I haven't been, I did go to Fin, his previous restaurant and I loved it.

Be sure to try Salt and Straw, altho the lines, the lines!!!!

Enjoy, wherever you land!

Feb 03, 2013
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Chestnuts on fire

They were roasting chestnuts at Kruger's on Hawthorne, yesterday

Dec 15, 2012
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Friends w/new baby, any Zingerman's-like food delivery in Portland??

Maybe Elephants Deli...http://www.elephantsdeli.com..it looks like they cater and have lunches

Dec 15, 2012
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland

Alternative to closed Polish meat market?

I am sad to have just learned about this after they closed...but you could check with the lady @ the Polish food cart on 10th and Alder, or Bar Dobre that just opened on Hawthorne, but they might make their own...

Dec 13, 2012
cheeseisheaven in Metro Portland