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Upscale restaurants of Queens

This thread has been very helpful, as I'm looking for a quiet place with good service to celebrate my second wedding anniversary. We tried Uncle Jack's in Bayside and I don't recommend it. We were stuck right next to the servers' bar, which would have been all right, except that they stood around talking to each other there throughout most of our meal. Also, my steak was disappointing. Too tough. I had ordered a smaller cut (I can't eat too much) and my husband ordered a larger cut and he said his was good. Must one order the biggest steak in order for it to be cooked properly? If others recommend this place, I WILL try it again but I'm wary.

We are thinking about trying Water's Edge, since it's getting nice reviews here. Anyone have negative experiences there?

I have a comment about the use of the word "hip" on food boards. Can I assume this means noisy and crowded? I think when I go out to eat, the service has to be as good as the food. I'm not as picky about "atmosphere," but I do feel that when you crowded in right next to other diners, it's not enjoyable. I get tense and can't relax and have a normal conversation with my husband. Must one settle for crowding if he or she wants good food?