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Storing Hothouse Cucumbers

I prefer hothouse cucumbers and the least expensive way to buy them is in a three-pack at Costco for around $3.49, it seems. I try to make use of them, but occasionally I forget there is one left and it goes bad on me. I'm still ahead, given that they go for $1.99+ each singly, even if one does goes bad. Does anyone know if it's better to store them wrapped in their plastic shrink-wrapped sleeve or outside the sleeve?

Mar 01, 2011
jcatlike in General Topics

Swad Coriander Chutney in SF or the peninsula?

Since I've moved to SF, I've hit a bunch of the Indian grocers in the area, but only one of them had the Swad brand of coriander chutney (and it was the last jar, so I grabbed it). I didn't realize it was so difficult to find (and pricey...$4 vs. the $2 I was paying in Atlanta). I *think* the place I picked it up was at Patel Foods in San Bruno (I went on a spree when I first moved here, so I don't remember what came from where). Mirch Masala brand seems to be the most-carried brand, which is not bad, but a little spicier than I want and not as tangy as Swad. Anyone know for certain where it is carried? I've been to the Indian grocers in the Tenderloin and Western Addition, as well as a couple of places in Sunnyvale, too.

Charlotte for Christmas Dinner?

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll check her blog for updates.

Dec 11, 2009
jcatlike in Southeast

Charlotte for Christmas Dinner?

My husband and I will be heading north to visit family for the holidays the week of New Year's. We had planned on leaving to drive up the day after Christmas, but now we're thinking that if nothing is going on in our social circle, we might just start driving on Christmas Day and stay overnight in Charlotte. I've checked Open Table for reservations and they list BLT Steak, McCormick & Schmick's, MeZ and a couple of other places. Does anyone know of any other restaurants in the Uptown area that are open for the holiday or have any recommendations?


Dec 10, 2009
jcatlike in Southeast