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Great restaurant easy to get to from Baltimore beltway

Four of us ate at Hunan Taste last Saturday for lunch and it was a bit disappointing. It is a pretty place, and the servers are very nice although not always attentive. But this was my second lunch visit and the food disappointed. The crispy beef was very good; it was everyone's favorite. But the chicken used for the chicken dishes was pre-cooked and did not taste good. I liked the shrimp toast. I tried the tea tree mushrooms with pork in a hot pot and it was not to my taste. Again, the pork bits tasted old. I really want to like this place but am losing faith.

Houstons in Rockville Closing!!!

Tragedy! I worked in restaurants for more than 10 years and I pay attention to details. I have long been in awe of Houston's: it is amazing in its high-quality consistency from unit to unit. No other chain comes close to that level of food and service quality. The burgers have gotten expensive over the years but they are often even better than Rays Hell Burger. I live 45 minutes away but still I will really miss them.

Ping Pong Dim Sum

I ate at one in London in May (just off Carnaby Street) and it was decent food but I wasn't blown away. It was more style than substance, a little more P.F Chang's than Chinese.

Restaurants near The Homestead?

Yep. I've been to a convention there each spring. We found the Water Wheel restaurant a few miles north (in "downtown" Warm Springs I think) to be a wonderful experience at dinner and again on Sunday for brunch. Don't miss a trip down to their wine cellar.

We also ate at John's which was highly recommended, but it was only so-so and not a good value.

There is very little right in Hot Springs that is not hotel-owned. There was a burger joint across the road and a Subway deli.

Thanks for asking! We lost my wife in a car accident a couple of months ago and remembering good times at the Water Wheel brings back nice memories.

Ethel & Ramone's in Mt. Washington?

No, but I had it too at the market, and it was tasty but was mostly just rice. I wouldn't buy it again unless it had more meat.

Baltimore - best spot for dinner these days?

Woodberry Kitchen at Clipper Mill near Hampden stands out as consistently excellent service of outstanding food. Not particularly convenient to DC though. Closer to the Harbor I was very impressed by Meli as a good value.

Best Restaurants in Little Italy (Baltimore)?

Yep, Rocco's. Just great food and a wonderful experience that one would expect in Little Italy.

Amiccis is OK and a good value but I don't think they serve any meat dishes, just some seafood, maybe chicken.

Baltimore Artscape - What's the Food Like?

Had cookies and cream at Artscape today and wasn't blown away by it. Just OK. The cone was really stale.

Restaurants @ Hilton Head & Savannah

It's not downtown, but I had a very satisfying dinner at Geneva's Homeplate a couple weeks ago. It started with the best cornbread I've ever had, and just kept on going. Not hoity-toity, just solid Southern cooking.

Gonna be in Baltimore for 2 days.

+1 more on Woodberry Kitchen. Here are some things we particularly enjoyed over Valentine's Day weekend: the pears and the deviled eggs on the snacks menu; the chilled beets; poblano sausage and the hunter's sausage. Really, everything was excellent.

Antietam Battlefield

I don't have any recent dining experiences there to contribute, but Shepherdstown is definitely the closest place to the battlefield (maybe 5 miles or so) with any dining sophistication whatsoever. It is a somewhat Bohemian college town so there is life there.

Anything Chow-worthy west of Baltimore?

Diamondback has a very nice bar atmosphere, but on multiple visits the food has been just average. An exception is the house-made applesauce which was really good.

First Trip to Buenos Aires

You will have a great time! Don't miss the gelato at Freddo or Persicco or one of the other places. I agree with others that Cabana Las Lilas is not exceptional and not worth it. La Brigada is a good choice. El Desnivel in San Telmo is inexpensive and a great cultural experience. My very favorite parilla (grilled steak restaurant) of all is not in your neighborhood, but is near the Calle Florida shopping area. (I find it to be a horrid shopping experience; Palermo Viejo where you are staying is much more interesting.) Anyway the restaurant is El Establo at Paraguay 489. You only need to say 5 words: "bife de lomo a punto" and you'll get a perfect filet. In your Palermo Viejo neighborhood I am fascinated by some of the shops including the Sabater Hermanos soap boutique on Gurruchaga. Another wonderful side trip is to take the Tren de la Costa to Tigre where you can take boats into the river delta. I found the boat trip to Colonia in Uruguay to be boring. You will have a great time!

the Source vs. Corduroy (sp?)

We ate a Corduroy a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. While waiting for one of our friends before dinner, we sat at a bar table, and they said the tables were too small to serve and that if we wanted to eat in the bar area we needed to sit at the bar itself. They were very polite and it made sense. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. It is one of a very few somewhat-expensive places where I actually felt I got good value.

Catonsville Gourmet?

We went there for the first time last Saturday and had a wonderful grazing meal of appetizers, mostly seafood-based, at the bar. The food was wonderful, the service was friendly, and with our own bottle of white wine, the bill was incredibly reasonable. We'll definitely be back.

Baltimore Steak Wars....Who Ya Got?

At the Prime Rib when I took my jacket off and hung it on my chair, they asked me to put it back on. Never again. Jordan's in Ellicott City manages to have first class steak and atmosphere without being uptight.

Valentine's Day

We had a fantastic experience at Corduroy a couple weeks ago. Top-notch food and service, but I agree that the decor is modern and spare and not overly romantic. However, anywhere good is going to be taxed on Valentine's Day, and Corduroy is as likely as any to be able to pull off a great experience, and a semi-quiet one, that day. The crowd will make it feel warm, and no doubt the staff will do something special to decorate it.

Where I can purchase a skirt steak in B-more?

Yes, I saw big hunks of skirt steak at Lotte Plaza in Ellicott City yesterday.

I Misjudged Obama-He's Got Soul

Actually Obama didn't pay. They wouldn't take his money so he left a $20 tip. All according to the press, I wasn't there.

Fatburger's Comin' Ta Columbia!!

And I might vote for Ken if he can lure In-N-Out Burger to HoCo. If it's like the ones in Vegas, the local Fatburger will have an upstream swim against Five Guys.

Dinner Near Convention Center

Thanks everyone! We ended up spending the bucks on Corduroy and were very happy. Every dish was delicious, the service was outstanding, and it was'nt crowded or noisy even though they were busy.

Dinner Near Convention Center

Thanks. I want to keep it to about $30 to 40 a head if that helps.

Dinner Near Convention Center

Hey y'all, I need suggestions please for a tasty but not super-expensive dinner near the DC convention center tonight. I am entertaining visitors from Northern Cal so they are likely to have broad food horizons.

Old Bay seasoning?

There is NO substitute. But we can send it to you from here in Baltimore.

Casual in Columbia??

Maybe try Iron Bridge wine bar on 108 across from Clark's Farm. It's casual but serious about wine and excellent seasonal small plate and entree menu. They have a long, bar-height table in the newer room which might be perfect for your group.

Sheperdstown and/or Harpers Ferry WV?

Avoid Yellow Brick Bank. Once the best in town, it's now way past its prime. I ate at a really good place on the same side of the street, on the next block heading west, but I can't remember its name. It has 2 rooms, one the restaurant and the other the bar.

Best burger in D.C.?

It's not new, and it's (an incredibly well-run) chain, but Houston's on Rockville Pike, and its relative the Woodmont Grill in Bethesda, make one consistent perfectly-cooked and juicy burger after another. At something like $13 with fries or another side dish, it definitely falls into the gourmet category though.

I'm a Hell Burger fan, too, but Houston's is right up there with them. My best Houston's burger has been far better than my worst Hell Burger.

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

Golden West has a cool vibe but I have never had very good food there in at least 6 or 8 visits. Helen's Garden has pretty good food but the place is so narrow and claustrophobic. They are friendly there and will try hard to help you out though.

Your 2008 Best Meal Wash DC /B.More Area

Add me to the Ray's Hell Burger fan club. Otherwise this year had a whole lotta pretty good, nothing memorable.

Good sushi in Ellicott City?

Han Sung is OK but I really, really, really recommend Sushi Sono by the Lake in Columbia. It has the highest Zagat food rating in town, for those who believe in those ratings. Personally, I place more stock in my many wonderful meals there.