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Charged more than menu price [moved from New York State]

The server did nothing? The server should know about the $2.50 price difference on a popular item and should inform the customer about the price difference. If not, the server is also guilty. it is not just common courtesy or decency, it is fraud.

Charged more than menu price [moved from New York State]

Pay the increased price. Leave no Tip.

Jul 14, 2013
lucasboden in Not About Food

If one HAD to pick a buffet in Vegas...

I have food sensitivities (gluten and crab) and eat mostly veggies and meats and my favorite buffet in order:

M Resort
Here are some $$$ saving tips on Vegas Buffets:

Most buffets allows you to pay breakfast prices if you pay before 11am. (10:30 am at M Resort)
The Wynn is pretty expensive so I take advantage of this and always come before 11am if eating at the Wynn.
If you go to M Resort before 10:30am, you can essentially eat lunch for $9.99 instead if $14.99. If you go on a Wed with an over 50-Senior, it is buy one get one free. (I went with my both my parents for dinner on a Wed. My dad was regular price. Mine was free. My mom's was 1/2 off. Dinner for 3 ended up being less than $40)

Harrah's Buffet of Buffet allows you to pay $45 for 24 hour access to 7 different Harrah property buffets (including Spice Market at PH). This is great for weekends since single Brunch prices are pricey. (Buffets are not open 24 hours and usually close at 10pm, but if you eat your 1st meal at 8pm you can essentially eat again the next day as much as you want until 8pm)

Aug 13, 2011
lucasboden in Las Vegas

Answer me something ... about chopsticks and Asian food?

I would never go to a Japanese restaurant and eat sushi or sashimi with a fork. Even though it is probably easier to eat with a fork, there is a certain enjoyment that would be missing if I ate sushi with a fork.

However, I do use fork, spoon, and chopsticks in Chinese or Korean restaurants.

Dec 10, 2008
lucasboden in Not About Food