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Prime Rib Christmas Dinner: Where to Buy the Prime Rib?

I had the same experience. I was in South Lake Tahoe and I went to the recommended butcher in the area. Normally I go to Safeway, they have their Choice Prime Rib for $5.99 around the holidays. But I wanted to support the local business and figured if it was twice as much as normal, that'd be fine. I too was shocked when my 5 rib roast came out to $250!!! (Normally, I pay 60-80). It came out great... perfect really. But, in all honesty, this Prime prime rib was a 9.5, the safeway one is an 8.5 or 9. I think for the value, I'm sticking with the supermarket.

Nov 15, 2011
ugolee in Los Angeles Area

Food Franchises That Don't Suck

I agree.... the breakfast here is great. We had a thick creamy crab bisque type soup with chunks of crab meat.... it was a special of the day. But definitely, breakfast here is very nice. Dinner's are nice here too.

Aug 06, 2010
ugolee in Chains

I'm looking for an Authentic Isaan Style Thai Restaurant

Having migrated here from San Diego, there is one restaurant that I truly truly miss. It's Sab-E-Lee, a little hole-in-the-wall Thai place with just the most delicious, authentic northern Thai food ever.

I'm looking for something similar here in the Bay Area. Even more specifically, I'm looking for a particular dish. It's Spicy Raw Beef, Koy Nua, ก้อยเนื้อ or as I like to call it, spicy heaven. I CRAVE it.

Can anyone help?


Jan 14, 2010
ugolee in San Francisco Bay Area

Choosing Baguette for Crostini - What am I doing wrong?

Wow, didn't expect to receive so many responses.... so, which is better, brushing olive oil and rubbing garlic before or after toasting?

Dec 11, 2008
ugolee in Home Cooking

Choosing Baguette for Crostini - What am I doing wrong?

I've made several attempts to made different crostini's for gatherings, dinners, etc. But everytime I prepare it, I feel like the baguette is too chewy and you have to muscle through the crust to get it to separate. I am jealous when I eat one where the toppings and the bread bite away with no effort.

I've tried the french breads at the big-chain supermarkets, Whole Foods and Henry's, but they all turn out generally the same.

What am I doing wrong?

Dec 10, 2008
ugolee in Home Cooking