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Rallo's on Fort Ave - Recent Reviews?

Rallo's is a very steady very good neighborhood restaurant that has a very loyal following. I used to go there a few times a week when I lived there, and still try to go when possible when I am on the road. Here are my suggestions:
Monday-beef barley soup; Wednesday-The turkey dinner and the chicken noodle soup; Oh also the short ribs which are available on Tuesdays, maybe other days too...and the sandwich I like best is sliced chicken breast---I have eaten a whole ot of them!

found great red velvet cake but with a problem

OK....I got my cake! I spoke to the owner or one of the owners, its a family, and you were exactly right! He said it is shipped to them already cut with paper dividing the slices, and that what he would do would be to get me
one whole cake like that and take the paper out. I am going to do what he suggested which I think will be very pretty. He said that the cake is sturdy enough that if I keep it cold until I need to have it out it will stay together jut fine, but that he suggests taking one or two of the slices out and putting them on a plate near the cake so people can see exactly what the slices look like laying down next to the big cake standing up.
He also thought it was really funny that this was being discussed on the internet and would be glad to talk food with anyone who wants to give him a call or write him on their website. Oh, and I got a really good price too....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP ON THIS Coastie!

found great red velvet cake but with a problem

I will not wait until next week. I am going to call there tomorrow. They will remember me...I eat there at least three times a month. I couldnt believe when they had this cake...they just started selling it the day before I went there.
I think I would need them to set it up for me because I am afraid of pulling the papers you are talking about. I have never seen paper on any of their other cakes either so I dont know if that is what they do or not but I will ask them.

my 2nd post ever..both today! can you suggest.....

In the Baltimore area, particularly the east side of the county into Harford county to the inner harbor and downtown....
the perfect place to take a woman on our first date but a woman I have known for years..she is not a seafood lover, oh, and this part might be has to be good---I have waited a very very very long time for this.

found great red velvet cake but with a problem

I am going back down there next week for lunch anyway. I will ask them about what you brought up...Do you think they would take the papers out and make it look more like a cake or well, exactly how does this work? I am not familiar...

found great red velvet cake but with a problem

They say they get it from a baker in New York and that the cake already is presliced, and that they can not get a whole cake. They were very honest about it. They said that because it is already sliced they would sell it at a steep discount to the per slice price but could not sell it whole because it doesnt come that way. I asked if I could special order one not sliced and he said he was almost positive it only came sliced. They are huge pieces and the cake tastes great. I just wish they would sell it as one whole cake.

found great red velvet cake but with a problem

I want to buy a large Red Velvet Cake for a holiday get together. I found an amazingly good one in of all places the Captain harvey's Submarines the original owners opened on Merritt Boulevard in Dundalk near the beltway. So far so good....BUT!!! They wont sell me a whole cake!
I can not serve individual slices like that...I want it to stand as a decoration on the table as well as just a dessert. I was thinking of two of them actually. Their slices are enormous and the whole cake must be gorgeous, but they wont budge on this. Should I take them up on their offer to sell me the slices at a discount from the individual slice price and figure out a way to make it decorative, or should I keep looking?
This is for Sunday, December 28th, so I have at least a little time to make up my mind. Thank you in advance for your help