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Madrid Locals Tips

Hi - we'll be in Madrid for 3 nights in early July, traveling on a budget AND with a teenager. I've seen lots of listings for tapas tours but I really don't want to spend that much money for 3 of us to participate. Could you recommend the must have dishes (including what a teenager might eat) and perhaps a good street or area where we can make our own tapas tour? We have very rudimentary Spanish and we'll be staying near the center. We're fairly adventurous about finding our own way and have traveled quite a bit. Thanks so much!

May 20, 2015
infoseive in Spain/Portugal

Little Serow Line

Thanks for posting the details. We haven't tried to go yet. We did discover that the same situation exists for Toki Underground on H Street - we showed up at 7 on a Saturday night thinking we'd have to wait an hour or so for a seat only to learn that the line started before 5 and the restaurant was fully booked for the night. Sat at the bar at Granville Moore's without waiting (table wait was a couple of hours) and thoroughly enjoyed it although I'm still pining for ramen.

Little Serow Line

I want to try Little Serow and need some help understanding "the line." What time does one need to line-up on the weekend and how long does one wait? (ie - does the entire evening get "booked" by people arriving in line at 5pm - or earlier?).

Same ? for a weekday/not Friday.

Any tips on timing would be appreciated as this party of 2 is very flexible. We don't mind eating early or late.

Chocolate and cookies for diabetics

Trader Joe's has a pretty good sugar free dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars. The label is really ugly, but the dark choco is very good. Also - Cheesecake factory has sugar free cheesecake by the slice.