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Where to buy bulk sugar-free chocolate in Toronto?

Hello, everyone,

I've been making chocolate truffles for the last year or so (the fancy ones, not the admittedly-still-tasty-but ugly, lumpy nuggets), and now that I think I'm mastering it, I'm trying to source some sugar-free chocolate for some diabetic friends/relatives who can only drool in envy when I bring a batch to a party.

Any suggestions? I'd like to find a single source that can supply white, milk and dark. I'd also prefer it if it was high-quality couverture (so I don't have to do somersaults to temper it properly - I like to melt and go), but at this point, I'd settle for anything that tastes good.

Thank you in advance!

Jul 18, 2011
Nox in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best place for A-5 Kobe in Las Vegas...

Thanks for the replies thus far - I guess I'm throwing the Kobe name out too freely, I just kind of assumed that if a restaurant of that calibre puts "Kobe" on the menu that it is. Live and learn.

CUT's menu lists a significantly lower price for their highest-end wagyu (about $100 less than the comparable servings at both Craftsteak and Michael Mina's Stripsteak). The menu also doesn't state what grade of meat this is, so I'm assuming they don't serve A5. Does anyone know what grade they do serve?

Interested in knowing if any of you have tried the wagyu at all of these places and can offer up a comparison? I've read some not-so-flattering things about Puck's various LV restos lately, so I was a bit wary of choosing CUT. I'll reconsider now.

Also, do any of these places outshine the others when it comes to sides? We're suckers for great steakhouse side dishes.

Apr 02, 2009
Nox in Southwest

Best place for A-5 Kobe in Las Vegas...

Hi, everyone,

The two of us are going to be in Las Vegas the first week of May, and my partner and I are hankering to have our very first experience with A-5 grade Kobe steak. We've done some research, but I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for the best place for this? So far, Craftsteak and Stripsteak are frontrunners, but we're only basing this on reviews of other food at each. Obviously, we're expecting to shill out a quite a bit but if there are some comparable places, I wouldn't mind knowing where we'd get the most bang for our buck.


Apr 01, 2009
Nox in Southwest

Where to buy saffron in Madrid

Hi, all,

I'm going to be in Madrid for the first time later this month. Although I've already planned out my gastronomic agenda, I need some help when it comes to procuring gifts for back home. I'd like to to buy some saffron, probably a lot of it, since I have heard it is still less expensive to buy it there than in North America.

My question is where can I go to do this? I'm assuming a supermercado like in El Corte Ingles would carry this, but are there better places to go? Also, if any Madrilenos are reading this, how much would I expect to pay for varying grades of the spice right now?

Thank you very much!

Jun 06, 2008
Nox in Spain/Portugal

Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

I'll be going to Hong Kong for the first time in the fall, and am hoping someone might point me in the direction of one of the better (best?) dim sum restaurants in the city. I'm particularly interested in knowing if there is a restaurant that offers an extremely wide selection of dishes, since I'd ideally like to sample things I can't easily get anywhere else (I like har gow, siu mai, etc., but I want to find new and creative offerings).

I don't care a jot about ambiance, old world charm, language issues, cleanliness of the washrooms, or service (as long as it's not so atrocious, it gets in the way of enjoyment) - it's all about the food for me.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Aug 17, 2006
Nox in China & Southeast Asia

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

Siddhartha now has a location at the corner of King and Bathurst (right beside the Banknote on the southeast corner, if you know where that is). And it's a very good dinner buffet, though my significant other feels there is better butter chicken to be had elsewhere. As a sidenote, strangely, I found their delivery service for dinner is really awful (the food, not the delivery people), very watery and bland - not at all representative of the meal you could have in person.

I don't think anyone's mentioned Kama yet, either. They've got a decent dinner buffet as well. They're on King St W, near University Ave.

The previously mentioned Indian Flavour in the Atrium on Bay is probably my favourite Indian dinner buffet, though. Someone else mentioned their eggplant - deeelicious! Just steer clear of their pathetic creme caramel dessert.

I feel your pain about there not being a whole lot of choice when it comes to Indian dinner buffets, and unfortunately, the truth is that the options that do exist pale in comparison to the quality and selection available at lunchtime.

I'm a sucker for all-you-can-eat buffets (something to do with my value-minded upbringing, I'm sure), and to me, they reach their zenith in Indian buffets, but, after much gentle persuasion, I've begun diving full force into the world of ordering Indian dinner a la carte, and I have to say, it's worth it. Try any of the places around Babur on Queen West (my last count puts that at about eight restaurants within a five minute walk). Fave right now is India Palace, one of the newest ones. One order of naan is enough for three people, and it's like buttery pastry (rivaled only by Babur's when it's just come from the Tandoor). Mmmm.

Aug 09, 2006
Nox in Ontario (inc. Toronto)