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Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi)?

Wow these prices are all over the map--Starsky shopper below is reporting sale for $2.99/lb. I called 2 locations of T&T and while their English was not great, neither location seemed to say they carry them. Called Galleria Yonge/Steeles and they quote $11.99/lb which is more than Nortown in Forest Hill at $10.99 and PAT on Bloor at $8.99

Large rugalah? (more like a big dense jam cookie)

I would like to find a recipe for this dessert item sold at Haymishe and is dense and can be sliced in bread slicer. At Haymishe they call it a large rugalah and also jam loaf but I can't seem to find any Google images of such a creation. It is verrrry tasty, and has a rolled layer of jam, cinnamon, and raisins trailing through it. Anyone have a proper name or recipe for this??? (photo is cut in get one guess at where the other half is)

Out of towners visiting Victoria - need some recs for MUST-EAT joints!

Cafe Ceylon is a must for foodies...great food, spice, colourful plating, worth traveling for...

F'Amelia - new pizza joint in Cabbagetown

tried it based on recommendations and i would not extend those to anyone else. the house red wine was the highlight of the meal. pizza was passable. bread w/ olive oil was so oversalted with sea salt it was almost inedible, until the zucchini soup came, which lacked both salt and pepper--which was at no point in the meal offered on any of the 4 mains or 2 appetizers. The saltbread went straight into the soup in place of the quickly ingested microscopic fontina croutons, about the size of a TTC ticket split in half.

pasta dishes were all terrible and terribly small portions for $20 and up.

Paris restaurant suggestions in 5th or 6th?

Went to Machon d'Henri based on chow rec's, found it inedibly bad...started off fine with nice wine and haricots verts as entree but then the plats were doused in cream/butter/ French food is nice, this was just gross. Pommes dauphinoise was insta-heart attack gag-reflex of butter and cheese. Salmon was swimming in cream. Side of crunchy endives was soaked through by the offending sauces. Duck confit was forgettable.

Overheard that current owner took over from his father, who I can only guess ran a tighter ship than the son.

Jul 27, 2011
nasdaddy in France

Chat' Bout jerk chicken rice n' peas

this is easily the best joint on the strip...jerk is ok but the best is the toonie tuesday ($2.50) small stewed chicken with rice/peas and coleslaw....a bit of heat, a bit of sweet, and a lot of soul in that 2 if you've got a big appetite, that's a whole lot of food for 5 bucks.

Bigabaldi's NY-style pizza

I am a bit biased since this place is local to me, on Marlee north of Eglinton, but I have to say this is probably my new favourite non-chain pie aside from Terroni.

The crust is thin, a bit crisp (I prefer crunchier but that's not NY-style) and I think there was a hint of basil which was nice-not overpowering.

The owner is from Coquine on Yonge, and seems quite capable in the kitchen. I look forward to other reviews and/or trying their sangwiches.

2075 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S2A4, CA

Randy's Patty - pics

I don't doubt Randy's patties are good, but what's up with the rest of their menu?

No Jerk, No Toonie Tuesday.

So I ordered Curry Goat but there was no Rice n Peas! WTF?

Fat man heading to the Big Easy next week.

I live in a big city that has a number of rough areas, but when I do a Google streetview of the area around Vaughn's, I have to say I am more than a little hesitant to venture here as a this area safe at night?

Nov 09, 2010
nasdaddy in New Orleans

Thai Shan Inn

Move has to be done by New Years since their lease is up then and current location has been rented to another lesee.

Still the best pad thai for the money ($9 and they usually throw in shrimp chips....crazy) but has definitely gotten more gloppy and oily over the years.

delux on ossington

Also tried for the first time recently with fairly high expectations, a little disappointed. Nothing bad but things in general were too rich, even avoiding the heavy meat stuff. Pumpkin soup was sweet and would be great with just chives (and wouldn't hurt to be offered fresh ground pepper for a $100+ meal) but instead was topped with sweet cream and croutons that were bordering on french toast cubes, seemed to be fried in butter and sugar. Chicken was juicy, large, but plain except for butteriness. Fish was small and swimming in cream sauce. Service from young waitress was a bit on the attitude side. Window could use some curtains to soften and warm the room, not only for atmosphere but the light from the street lamp shines in.....white street lighting is neither soft nor warm.....similar to the rest of the place which could benefit from candles at the tables.

Fresh-baked cookies almost made up for the otherwise unmemorable evening.