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Solo Dine in Brooklyn on Saturday Night

Another Williamsburg favorite of mine is Moto, right under the JM train at the Hewes stop. Small, dark, old-timey. If you go, you must absolutely get the date cake!!!

Solo Dine in Brooklyn on Saturday Night

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be fine to go alone. It's an informal atmosphere that is lots of groups of friends and conversations going on, so good people watching but also bustling enough that you can kind of just settle in without feeling like people are taking notice of the fact you're by yourself.

Solo Dine in Brooklyn on Saturday Night

Roberta's! I've not been there recently (over a year since I last went) but from everything I've heard it's continued to be totally awesome. Also conveniently located IN Bushwick, which is nice a) to support something really local to where you're staying and b) get to see some of the folks that live in the neighborhood... not to mention those who make the hike from other parts of the city because it's _that good_.

The pizzas are always super, but the plates are great too. They grow a lot of their own ingredients out back as well as locally sourcing things, so that's up your alley. You can also fit in a LOT of deliciousness for $100.

And they have a cool tumblr!

brooklyn vegetarian

In the Prospect Heights area, there is Dao Palate on Flatbush Ave and Park Place. It's vegan pan-Asian, owned by the same folks as Wild Ginger.

On the opposite end of the nabe is Rawstar, a raw vegan restaurant. Located on Washington Ave and Prospect Place. Also delicious.