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Tonic syrup -- your favorite, and places to buy?

Good to know, thanks. I make all my drinks after I carbonate the water, but thanks -- I'll try to avoid the temptation of making a volcano in my kitchen.

Tonic syrup -- your favorite, and places to buy?

Title says it all: I'm looking for somewhere within a quick drive of Coolidge Corner so that my soda stream and I can make g&ts for summer.

Destination: Donuts

I've promised my 6 year-old daughter a special vacation week trip to Dunkin' Donuts. And yes, there are probably half a dozen outlets within walking distance of our Coolidge Corner home. But I'm looking to make an expedition of it -- she hasn't had a donut for a couple of years, she tells me -- and would appreciate nominations for Boston's most exciting donut shop. Please keep in mind that exciting, for a kindergartener, might be any of the following: bar stools, fancy lighting, views of donut-making or other activity. I've thought about Union Sq. Donuts, but it looks like there is no seating(?).

Cheese Plates for Office Party NOT from Formaggio Kitchen?

Dave's Fresh Pasta has done a great job for us, reasonable prices and lovely selection!

Globe article on local chocolate

The Globe just posted a useful article about local chocolate-makers, but forgot to get impassioned about the taste. So, chowhounders, which one, two, or three should I pick for gift-giving? I know the recipient likes Burdicks; I haven't leaped on the Taza train yet. Thanks!


Cookies are an ANYTIME FOOD

Little chick pea cookies from Tabrizi in Watertown! http://www.tabrizibakery.com/cookies.htm

Meal delivery service in Bethesda/Potomac?

I'd like to sign my retired parents up for a few meal deliveries a week. Can anyone recommend a good service which would deliver to the Bethesda/Potomac line? Thanks in advance!

Acoustics! I'm only 40.....

.... but I can't hear myself think, much less converse with others, at places I would otherwise enjoy. I'd like to set a list of new destinations for date night. What are your favorite places which are a) quiet but b) not deserted? For the record, I like Barcelona, but find it too noisy, ditto Ribelle; have been meaning to try Sarma and Bronwyn; our most regular destination is Shanghai Gate.

Late lunch options near Coolidge Corner (Today)?

I promised an out-of-town friend the joys of ICOB, but forgot that they are closed for lunch! Looking for a replacement venue, ideally not too far from Coolidge Corner. I'm thinking of Strip-Ts (Ribelle also closed for lunch); Eastern Standard; Alive-and-Kicking. Any further thoughts? Needs to be open around 2pm.

Meal delivery service

Any suggestions or recommendations about any of the meal delivery services in Portland? Between work and young kids, my brother and his wife are finding dinnertime to be stressful these days. He's got a birthday coming up and I thought it might make a nice gift to order him a few meals through one of these services. If I could manage to find someone that would reliably deliver reasonably healthy, reasonably tasty meals to their home, I'd be thrilled. If it's not going to be anything more than gussied-up airline food -- well, then, maybe heating up things from Trader Joe's wouldn't be the worst thing.


Aug 16, 2014
WilderPenfield in Metro Portland

Caterer for 70th Birthday?

Hi Hounds, I'm looking for a caterer for a small birthday party at my parents' house on the Bethesda/Potomac line. Their favorite restaurant is Zatinya, whom I have just contacted for prices. I'd be very grateful for any recommendations, ideally for someone who could do a could job with the cake, too.

Mid-cape, Mondays?

Enjoying an empty inn, but where to eat? We are in Harwich, can travel. Recs appreciated. Is Maison Villatte worth the drive, or should we just wait it out and get pastry in Boston?

Help me decide where to cry about my advanced age.

The food at Ribelle is certainly delicious, but it will only be a birthday treat if your hearing has kept its youthful perfection. Shortly after opening at least, the acoustics were awful and I left feeling decidedly ancient because I couldn't hear my partner. Does anyone know if they have made any changes to the ambient sound?

Lunch between Montreal and Stowe, VT?

The Owls's Bread in Mansonville QC was excellent when we stopped there some years ago, but I haven't been there for a long time. It seems they have now opened a second branch in Magog.

Enjoy the ride and the PDC!

Kid-friendly in the Northeast Kingdom?

The title says it all. We're heading to Sheffield VT with a 2 and 4 year-old. Claire's is on our radar; new ideas for St. Johnsbury would be great.

Quiet spicy work spot at Longwood?

Thanks for the tips. I know and like several of the Brookline places, and am looking forward to expanding my forays in other directions.

Quiet spicy work spot at Longwood?

I've been using the various Starbucks and Brueggers-type spots along Longwood Ave as my mobile office recently, and while the coffee is passable and the wifi functional, I'm really craving some culinary options beyond a cake pop. Does anyone know of a nearby spot with interesting food (any cuisine, other than American-corporate) that I'm missing? I'm really pining for food court Morrocan with the a la menthe from Montreal days, but perhaps that will remain a pipe dream...

Need to find a private baker/culinary student for wedding favors

This is a bit late, but I'd recommend contacting Sweet Mandel Bakery in Newton. http://www.sweetmandel.com/about_us
They are a home-based German partnership, and their work is absolutely delicious!

If it's too late for the wedding favors, perhaps the link will be useful for a later gift to the couple -- they will deliver to surrounding areas.

Dwelltime Cambridge -- Anyone been?

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, even though it's next to Gather Here. Anyone been there yet?

Iceland, Istanbul, New Mexico or... Plainfield NH?

Your review is one of the links that drew me to the inn -- thanks!

"Relaxing weekend with food by a pond? Suggestions for accommodations near good food?" has been moved

Iceland, Istanbul, New Mexico or... Plainfield NH?

Seeking an anniversary getaway destination within 1-2 hrs of Boston, Previous culinary adventures have taken us farther afield (hence the title of thread), but now we're limited by the expiration of babysitting time. I'm ideally looking for an inn where we can check in, eat, and relax in a quiet setting for 24-48hrs, and have shortlisted Home Hill Inn in Plainfield NH as a possibility. Would love to find smoked fish and new cheeses adjacent to a modernist hotel on lovely lagoon, open to other suggestions. Thanks for your ideas!

Chow-worthy in Nonantum?

Seconding brunch at Chung Shin Yuan, and adding take-out from Fiouna Catering (also on California Street, on the way to Russo's). The family who run Fiouna's are super-nice, and the food is great -- got us through a rough period of no cooking at home -- very fond memories!

"Relaxing weekend with food by a pond? Suggestions for accommodations near good food?" has been moved

Ooof! I'm now thinking of heading towards VT or Portland ME, but Chowhound is sending me South... Seriously, though: decor+food+natural amenities/view; is is possible to combine these sensory pleasures at once, or is it necessary to prioritize?

Relaxing weekend with food by a pond? Suggestions for accommodations near good food? [moved from Greater Boston Bd]

Thanks for the tips and links everyone! I think my original post wasn't entirely clear: our regular Saturday outings include Sofra/Arax/taco/Clear Flour picnics at the DeCordova, East Boston Piers Park and various ponds. What I am daydreaming about -- which may not exist -- is water-adjacent inn for a weekend escape, where we could roll out of bed and enjoy scenery, pastries and coffee without doing the packing and schlepping.

Relaxing weekend with food by a pond? Suggestions for accommodations near good food? [moved from Greater Boston Bd]

I'm looking for an anniversary getaway, thinking about eating Sofra-caliber goodies while lounging by pool, pond or shore. Is this possible within 90 or so minutes of Coolidge Corner? Downtown is a possibility too, but I'd prefer a change of scenery. Thanks!

Otto's Pizza coming to Coolidge Corner

Good news! The new Ecco Pizza on Comm Ave in Allston is also a notable improvement to the neighborhood pizza scene, which I agree, has been dire for some time.

Is there a low cost source for high quality party plastic/paper goods Cambridge and inner suburbs.

The Needham Street China Fair has enough inexpensive dishes that you might not need paper at all; plus the adjoining Paper Fair and New England Book Fair make it into an all-day outing.

Best of Brookline - 2011 Edition

T. Anthony's is ok, but really no more than edible. Can anyone else clarify the Inbound Pizza situation? -It has horrible yelp reviews, and that's not usually a picky crowd. Has the management changed recently?

Best of Brookline - 2011 Edition

Another Coolidge Corner pedestrian checking in:
-Tastiest Chinese/Inexpensive: Shanghai Gate on Harvard St, just over the Allston line
-Best Japanese/More expensive: Shiki (quality of fish and elegance of presentation has consistently been excellent over the years, service is pleasant).
-Excellent grocery source (though you didn't ask): Cyndi the Fish Lady has fantastic fresh fish at When Pigs Fly on Beacon Street on Tuesdays.

I also like Cutty's in B. Village for sandwiches, live on Clear Flour Bread and wish I could find decent pizza.