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Costco Waltham Hot Dog

Mmm... Hot dogs.
Threw down a Speeds dog in the time it took my wife to run into Liquor Land and back. Once you pick one of those bad boys up, you can't put it down unless you have an entire paper towel roll handy. Took about 3 years off my life but worth it. Hot dogs are bad for you? who knew?
BTW - Pastrami sandwich they are serving now is money. Well worth a try if you have had the dog before.

Mar 24, 2010
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area


I was told a month behind schedule two nights ago due to structural issues in building that were unanticipated. Sounds expensive and could be awhile.

Sep 24, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Any recent take on Oleana

Had dinner there on Saturday night. No reservation and showed up when the doors opened to a line already 10 deep. The outdoor seating is really great - the falafel, sultans delight and little apps are must haves. I had the pork sausage with orange and cumin. It was ok...

But the highlight by far and the dish that made my week was the bread pudding. It is back for the fall and having eaten desserts all over boston, in my opinion this is one of the best. The consistency of the caramel/crunchy top and the warm, soft bready based is an experience. I am still thinking about it...

Oh yeah - my wife had the corn ice cream and that was pretty good as well.

Sep 23, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Source for pink curing salt in Boston area

I smoked a pastrami a couple months back and needed Morton's Tender Quick to cure the brisket. Long story short and after calling / visiting 30+ supermarkets or butchers (Christinia's included) I ended up having to order it. For some reason New England has not adopted the art of curing meats like some other areas of the country. Mmm.... cured meat.

Aug 07, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Best Lemon-based dessert

The lemon pudding cake with blueberry sauce at Hammersly's is one of my favorites.

May 05, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Who has the best fried calamari in the Boston area?

Eastern Standard also does a great calamari. Can't beat fried food with pickled peppers as well. Mmm.

Apr 06, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Ten best things to eat in Boston

All great dishes. Here are some pesonal favorites that were not listed previously.

- Pepperoni Pizza - Picco (Boston)
- Potato chip with black truffle sushi - O Ya (Boston)
- Cinnamon cream brioche - Flour (Boston)
- Pork Chop - Ten Tables (JP)
- Superbeef with sauce and mayo - Nick's Famous Roast Beef (Beverly)
- Pan Con Tomate and daily specials - Toro (Boston)
- Crab rangoon - House of Siam (Boston)
- Nasi goreng (Spicy Indonesian fried rice) - Myer's and Chang
- Pulled pork stuffed grilled banana with Inner Beauty sauce (Brunch only) - East Coast Grill (Cambridge)
- Sausage - Santarpio's (East Boston)

Apr 03, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Nick's roast beef in Beverly

I personally like the Super Beef with sauce and Mayo only. So jealous - best roast beef in MA hands down.

Mar 27, 2009
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Where's Your Favorite Place for Brunch?

My opinion is that most brunches SUCK. Every brunch menu has the exact five things on the menu - some from of scrambled eggs and omlet, french toast, pankakes, and the ever present eggs benedict. Oh and a burger for those who are already in the lunch mood.

With that said, there is one place for brunch that is the absolute BOMB - East Cost Grill.

They have tons of little tapas like items including hot links (XXX heat), simple grilled avacado halves, etc... Plus other carribean themed entress.

One of my all time favoirte dishes for any meal is the grilled bannana stuffed with pulled pork and topped with Inner Beauty hot sauce. This thing is incedible and only served on Sunday's. If you like spicy food - this is a must have. The cool of the bannana offsets the intense heat of the hot sauce. Ridiculous.

Dec 17, 2008
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

Best linguine and clams?

I'll have to second the Daily Catch. Defintley underated in the sea of mediocre italian restaurants in the north end. Pasta with squid sauce is also ridiculous.

Dec 11, 2008
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area

New Petit Robert Location ?

I have had most things on the menu and would have to say the porkchop is hands down my favorite. Excellent place and used to hit up the South End location on a weekly basis when I lived closer. You have to give credit to a place that is actaully authentic, has great service, actually serves good food and all at a reasonalble price. I wish there more more restaurants like this in the South End espeacially.

Dec 09, 2008
Dog Boy in Greater Boston Area