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Ping in Shirlington?

Does anyone have a review (good or bad) for Ping in Shirlington? My friends and I usually hit a restaurant in Shirlington (or that area) every other month. We are thinking of trying Ping.

Any thoughts?

Boba Tea in NoVA?

I'm dying to try Boba Tea or Bubble Tea. Does anyone know of some good places in Northern Virginia that serve it? I've heard there is a new place opening in Alexandria soon but I was hoping to try it before then. I've also heard the Eden Center has good tea but I can't find any mentions of specific restaurants or cafes. I'd especially like to try chai boba but I'd love to get suggestions for other flavors to try. THANKS!

Dive, DIVE!

Bob and Edith's in Arlington!!! They are the best for breakfast or a late night/after the bar munch. Greasy, yummy diner food is their specialty.

Best Crab Legs in Northern Virginia?

I'm looking for a great place for AYCE crab legs in NoVA. Chesapeake Bay Seafood was a good spot years ago but they are out of busines. Any suggestions?