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What's for Dinner #334 - the Veteran's Day Edition [Through November 17, 2014]

This looks fabulous!

Nov 15, 2014
stefstef in Home Cooking

What are you baking these days? November 2014 edition (part one)! [old]

Me too!

Nov 15, 2014
stefstef in Home Cooking

Why did my weekly Home Cooking newsletter stop coming?

Why did I suddenly stop receiving the weekly newsletter? I have checked the junk bin and no emails from chowhound

Nov 15, 2014
stefstef in Site Talk

My Too Many Tomatoes Cookbook

Your timing on tomatoes is perfect! Thanks for sharing and your photos are beautiful

Aug 24, 2014
stefstef in Home Cooking

Growing Up In D.C./Balt: Who Else Remembers....

I grew up north of Baltimore and my father was one of the partners, Maria the other, of the original Marias 300. Philips,Buddy Deane, Ameche s and yes the Gayety,which wasn t far from Little Italy. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

2014 State Fair Food -- report the hits and misses!

Sorry I haven t been to the State Fair for,about 10 years so I am as curious as you are!

Aug 22, 2014
stefstef in Minneapolis-St. Paul

My Chowhound Wedding

Beautiful and love the uniqueness!

Aug 01, 2014
stefstef in Home Cooking

Best store for birthday cake?

The few bakery cakes that I have purchased, Wegmans was always the best

Best brand of "slice and bake" cookies?

The world s easiest cookies to make and they actually taste great are the 3 ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies.....1 c Peanut Butter(Creamy) 1 c Sugar 1 Egg Blend all together Roll each cookie into a ball then flatten with a fork that has been dipped in sugar so it doesn t stick Bake at 350 10-13 minutes......That s can double ,triple, absolutely no flour! Gluten free for added bonus

Jun 01, 2012
stefstef in General Topics

Seabrook frozen creamed spinach?

Grauls Market...I think the closest to you would be the Annapolis location

Foods that make you happy

Creamy Mac and cheese made with extra sharp cheddar cheese and a crunchy topping....bliss

May 22, 2011
stefstef in General Topics

Your favourite recipes that use canned pineapple?

I mix a can of drained,crushed pineapple with skinned baked sweet potatoes, touch of cinnamon and whip it all up, then mix in some chopped walnuts......quick, delicious and healthy

Feb 25, 2011
stefstef in Home Cooking

How to make cucumber sandwiches?

I use a soft goat cheese mixed with a little soft butter,salt and pepper with the thinly shaved cucumbers on thin white bread with the crust trimmed off. The goat cheese gives it a little tang

Feb 06, 2010
stefstef in Home Cooking