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Mashed Red Potatoes

I love mashed red potatoes!!! Yummy recipe.
I always add a little garlic too, just personal preference. And, I've never once had mashed reds that were ever waxy or gluey!!

Dec 17, 2008
asperblood in Recipes

Meat & Noodles

What is COOKING? Dumping green beans, cream of mushroom soup, some milk and canned,fried onions in a dish?
Isn't that Cooking? Cos I bet most people would call that a casserole,..which you COOK, in an oven.
Not trying to be a grinch, but seriously. This is cooking as much as a giant inflatable dog turd is ART.

Dec 13, 2008
asperblood in Recipes

A Healthy Gluten-Free Carrot Cake for Memorial Day

I think that what people think is healthy,..often times isnt. Actually, I know this....
And to be completely honest, from a nutritional perspective,..this recipe is MUCH more healthy than any other carrot cake recipe I have seen! And, from someone who also has a gluten allergy, it is MUCH appreciated.
I love how you use agave nectar instead of sugar. Sugar is what people SHOULD be avoiding rather than fat rich foods like avocadoes, nuts and eggs as these delicious and natural little gifts from God contain essential fatty acids, plus, they fill you up quite quickly preventing you from over eating.
(I try and try to eat a whole jar of peanut butter, but I always get full about half way down,.... :o( )
Thank you for posting an honest-to-goodness healthy recipe. Even if most may frown at the healthy fat content, there is one person who is in celebration!

Dec 08, 2008
asperblood in Recipes