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NY Icy on Church Ave/Brklyn

since it hasn't been mentioned, there's one in hell's kitchen as well. the mango basil is amazing, as is the "icy tea" (ice tea poured over three scoops of lemon ice)!

Park Slope CSA (Windflower Farm) vs. Greenwood Heights CSA (Hearty Roots Farm)?

I've been a member of Hearty Roots' Gpt/Wbg csa for two seasons and the produce is consistently excellent! Really fresh and high-quality, and abundant--there were a couple pickups in the summer when I can remember lugging home seriously heavy bags full of vegetables. Standouts for me were the heirloom tomatoes, melons, garlic, and herbs, but the variety is always very good. The farmers are super nice and they host work weekends/parties on the farm in tivoli.

I'm Not Going To Renew Gourmet or Food & Wine

has the Art of Eating been mentioned here yet? it's a bit pricey for a quarterly, but totally worth it in my opinion.

What is the name and where are the new farmers markets in NYC started by the ex-greenmarket lady.

but it's intended to be a market for value-added goods, right? so that would explain no fruit/veg vendors. i'm not defending it b/c i haven't been, but this was my understanding of it.

Sep 18, 2006
youcannotbeserious in Manhattan

The Great Momofuku Debate (Long)

the kimchee stew is the best thing ive had at momofuku, other than the pork buns.

Sep 15, 2006
youcannotbeserious in Manhattan

korean bbq... confused

too late now, but fwiw, i find that there's a remarkable difference in taste between BBQ places that use real coals at the table rather than the standard gas grill. kang suh used to do this but they don't anymore (at least last time i checked, a few months ago). anyone know if there are any others in manhattan k-town that still do? im guessing flushing is probably a better bet.

Sep 13, 2006
youcannotbeserious in Manhattan

Where are the tomatoes???

Doesn't anyone here belong to a CSA?

Aug 16, 2006
youcannotbeserious in Manhattan