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Joe Boo's Cookoo's?

I saw that episode yesterday aswell and decided to check it out. I made my way up Bathurst with address in hand, I found the place when the aroma of burning wood hit me. I ended up getting a whole cut-up chicken, it was cooked well with alot of flavour. The price was a bit of a concern, as I wasn't sure how much I would end up paying for a whole chicken. They charge $1.69/100 g, I paid $15.12 (including tax) for a decent sized bird.

Best 'bad' meal before New Year's?

As 2009 approaches, many people, including myself, will be cutting out the ‘bad’ things they have been eating the past few months and focus on eating healthy once again. You know, ‘bad’ things, anything that tastes great, unhealthy for you, and usually causes some guilt right after consumption.

I'm planning a bad meal just before New Year’s which will probably consist of a cheeseburger with the works, poutine, and a Coke, followed by some kind of wicked dessert. If calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc. weren't an issue, what would your best 'bad' meal be?

Dec 29, 2008
Harry Singh in General Topics

Asking for water at restaurants

When I go to a restaurant, I usually ask for water before ordering placing an order for drinks and food. I remember my first time when given the option of sparkling or still water, not knowing any better, I said, “still water is fine.” After having disappointing food, bad service, and an ass of a server, I saw a $9 charge for my lovely Italian Alps spring water. Being a student at the time and on a tight budget, I wasn’t too happy paying the bill. At another restaurant when my gf and I were given the option (remembering my first experience), I said, “I will have regular water.” The server gave me this condescending look and said, “Oh, ok.” His comments totally made me feel that I didn’t “belong” in the restaurant and just made me feel bad. Now if I were with someone on a first date or recently started seeing, I probably would have felt compelled to get the fancy water in order to make a good first impression. Regardless, my gf and I can no laugh about this, and now know to ask for “ice water” (sounds better than regular or tap water). I really don’t care to drop $7-10 on water personally. Has anyone been stuck ordering an expensive bottle of water? What are your thoughts?

Feb 15, 2007
Harry Singh in Not About Food

Authentic Cannoli in Toronto?

If you are willing to drive to or are in Scarborough (north of 401& McCowan), visit Francesca's Bakery. They make a mean Cannoli and many other great desserts. Ask them to make them fresh...definitely worth the extra few minutes.

Francesca Italian Bakery
2 Invergordon Avenue (Invergordon Ave and McCowan Rd)
Scarborough, ON M1S 2Y8

Fish Sauce

I have had a bottle of fish sauce sitting in the fridge for a few months now (approx. 4), it smells pretty much the same. Do you think it is ok to use, or has it gone bad?

Jan 29, 2007
Harry Singh in General Topics

Downtown Ottawa - Lebanese/Mediterranean Restaurants

Can anyone recommend a casual (fun/relaxed atmosphere) Lebanese or Mediterranean restaurant in the downtown Ottawa area? Looking for a place to have dinner and drinks with a group of 7-8 people tonight. Thanks in advance!

Leaving a Restaurant/Wasting Food

You go to a restaurant and order some food, after 2-3 bites you realize the food is quite lousy (edible though). Would you stop eating, pay your bill, and then go somewhere else to eat?

Jan 18, 2007
Harry Singh in General Topics

Chocolate Tempering Thermometer

Thanks guys for the help. Gnuf, this chocolate class you are taking, is it part of a larger program? I would like to take some classes myself; if you can give me some info it would be great.

Chocolate Tempering Thermometer

Can anyone suggest a store in the Scarborough/Markham area where they sell chocolate tempering thermometers? If not, the GTA? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Cast Iron Platter w/ Wood Under Liner - Where to Buy?


Any suggestions as to where I can purchase a cast iron serving platter with a wood under liner? A location in the Markham/Scarborough area is preferred, but I don't mind heading to surrounding areas in the GTA.

Buffalo Mozzarella?

Does anyone know where I can find Buffalo Mozzarella in the Markham/Scarborough area? If not, the GTA?

Espresso Machine?

Thanks for the help!

Espresso Machine?


Can someone recommend a store where I can buy a good quality espresso machine in the Markham/Scarborough area?

Ottawa - Vittoria Trattoria

I’ll be visiting Ottawa this weekend for a few nights. I am thinking about going to Vittoria Trattoria Saturday evening. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions regarding the food or the ambience at this restaurant? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Chocolate in Ottawa?

Last time I was in Ottawa, went to Truffle Treasures on Richmond, awesome place! You should definitely check it out.

Truffle Treasures - Westboro (Ottawa)
348A Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0E8

Tel: 613-761-3859
Tel: 1-866-582-2773 (toll free)

Chipotles in Adobo Sauce - Where to Buy?


Any suggestions on where to buy chipotles in adobo sauce in the Markham/Scarborough area?