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Fast Food’s Big Challenge: Fresh Ingredients

I hope the salad goes through. I enjoy chewing a lot. I don't really understand the appeal of burgers. You can inhale them so quickly you barely even notice the meal.

Aug 18, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in Chains

Aesthetic vegetarian dishes

oh, wow those pictures are perfect. You really went out of your way to find good looking food. To my understanding is we see and smell our food before we eat it.

Aesthetic vegetarian dishes

Aesthetic vegetarian dishes

One of my first experiences trying to get people to eat a vegetarian dish was a green smoothie. I learned quickly that eye appeal or aesthetics is vital when feeding people. Hardly anyone would drink the smoothie. I know there is a Burger King commercial where the guy is dreaming about a horrid looking sprout smoothie.

I'm going to try preparing vegetarian dishes once more. This time with a focus on how it looks. I'm sick of my friends always eating chicken nuggets of one form or another. I want to show my friends that becoming vegetarian isn't this great sacrifice that depraves the individual of joy and life. That vegetarians aren't some sort of dementor from Harry Potter trying to suck all the fun out of life.

So, I'm asking my fellow hounds to help me find some good looking vegetarian dishes please. Thanks in advance.

Something ate all my lettuce...

My best guess would be a deer. Would have to be something large I think.

Aug 04, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in Gardening

Milk fractures and mortality

Is the study we are referring to. You are right in that subjectivity is huge. The study was good on obtaining objectivity in the effect, measuring mortality.

The problem is that the cause, intake of dairy was subjective. The subject were asked to fill out questionnaires based upon memory. I'm saying that nutrition really is a soft science. Its hard to achieve objective results.

I. Questionnaires
II. Instructing subjects to change diet problem: Non-compliance
III. Animals
problem: Animals have key DNA differences from humans.
IV. Populace that naturally eats diet
problem: observational in nature and said populace may not exist. For example, there is no vegan nor raw vegan populaces.

So, how would one design an objective nutritional study?

Milk fractures and mortality

The article is peer reviewed:

"The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) is an international peer reviewed medical journal and a fully “online first” publication."

Yes, you are right I should have used you're or you are instead of your. Thank you for pointing that out Bookwich.

Milk fractures and mortality

I think your right, I read awhile back people do lie on self reporting exams to make their selves look/feel better. What would be a better study? Can you give an example please?

Milk fractures and mortality

I understand what your saying, but I'm a sample size of 1. The study in question had a sample size of over 100k.

"Two large Swedish cohorts, one with 61 433 women (39-74 years at baseline 1987-90) and one with 45 339 men (45-79 years at baseline 1997),"

Milk fractures and mortality

Why are observational studies that rely on the memories of participants for food intake next to useless?

Milk fractures and mortality

I had no idea what I would find. Here's my exact search:

I saw the awards and figured sciencedaily was a good site. Apparently I was wrong.

Milk fractures and mortality

I think what your typing is that experimental studies are superior to observational studies.

"residual confounding and reverse causation phenomena"

I wouldn't exactly call that plain English.

Milk fractures and mortality

I read the part you quoted, and it confused me. Then, I looked up the reputation of

Since the site got good reviews, I concluded that the study must be worthwhile or else sciencedaily would have never have published.

Milk fractures and mortality

Hmmm, in college professors were so happy that students actually used a peer reviewed scholarly journal that I would have gotten an A or B if I used this source in a term paper.

Perhaps my teachers failed me by allowing me cite sources from observational studies. Your expecting more of me than my college professors did on term papers.

Milk fractures and mortality

Lactose doesn't seem the fastest acting sugar:

Glycemic index: 46

Glycemic load: 5

Glycemic load is index, 46 * (carbohydrates per serving - fiber) /100 = 46 * 13/100 = 5.98Glycemic load.

I got the 13g per serving from:

Here's a more reputable source:

"Milk, full fat 41 250mL 5"

An Inconvenient Truth and environmentally friendly food choices

I tried that, I got too many trees and heavy clay soil. Need something that can take the shade. I forage dandelion leaves.

Aug 03, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in General Topics

Milk fractures and mortality

Tell me more, I'm still learning.

Milk fractures and mortality

"but 3X does not mean 3X the benefit." JTPhilly

I like the way you think. A lot of people seem to think the more milk the better. I know somebody's livejournal I was reading who was drinking a gallon of milk per day, and then had a heart attack.

I think some people feel milk was the perfect food and you should drink as much as possible. My college nutrition professor encouraged me to drink more milk.

If you look at the above link you'll find D-galactose is likely the culprit.

Whole milk has a good amount of saturated fat and sugar. Nearly half the calories are from fat. Lactose is a sugar.

White House Lunch Features Healthy Recipes by Young Chefs

"14% of american men will be diagnosed with this cancer" hotoynoodle

Source of information please.

"Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer: Approximately 14.0 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime, based on 2010-2012 data."


incident case definition:

Here's my perception: 14% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer over the entire course of their lives.

Incident case means new cases, during the study 1012 incident cases. Meaning new cases. The study was done for 11 years not an entire lifetime in my eyes this matches up.

Another note, look at the full text and the sources for the study:

full text:
interesting source:

Milk fractures and mortality

Milk doesn't help with hip fractures.

White House Lunch Features Healthy Recipes by Young Chefs

Its still a peer reviewed journal. The sample size is huge, almost 21k, and 11 years adds credibility.

Basically what I'm understanding is IGF-1 significantly increases cancer risk and IGF-1 is present in rBGH cows. The million dollar question is does consuming rBGH cow's milk increase blood IGF-1? Also, what foods raise or lower IGF-1?

McDougall claims he has the answers:

"Some studies have shown that adults who drink milk have about 10% higher levels of IGF-1 in their blood than those who drink little or no milk. But this same finding has also been reported in people who drink soy milk."

Eating Right for Cancer Survival DVD

U.S. House Passes a Bill Banning GMO Labeling

I'm thinking more of the "zero tolerance" for GM of the European Union. Here's more info on GMOs and the EU.

oh yeah real quick searched and came up with this:

White House Lunch Features Healthy Recipes by Young Chefs

Dairy and prostate cancer.

Washington Post: Former peanut plant executive faces life sentence for lethal salmonella coverup

Wow, it cases like this that remind me there really is malevolence in the world. It would be pretty to think that ignorance was the only cause of suffering. Really sad 700 some were effected.

Eating Right for Cancer Survival DVD

I haven't gotten that far, so far I've had to rely upon word of mouth and people most consider quacks.

Salt: not yet
Fat: yes see above
sugar: not yet
chemicals: not yet
boiled/fried/irradiated: not yet

Eating Right for Cancer Survival DVD

An Inconvenient Truth and environmentally friendly food choices

Here's a quiz on no idea how accurate it is:

According to the quiz local food matters.

Aug 01, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in General Topics

Eating Right for Cancer Survival DVD

I am finding out where science stands on diet, health, and cancer.

I have a long list of scientifically supported facts. I am constantly adding to the list.

I. Antioxidants
A. Lycopene
B. Beta-carotene

II. Fiber

III. fat, obesity, and cancer


V. Nutritional density

I wouldn't expect you to take on my beliefs nor want you to just based on my opinion. Yet, I would like it if you considered the scientific facts. Give the above scientific evidence I think its clear that diet plays a major part in the prevention of cancer. We don't have to be helpless victims.

An Inconvenient Truth and environmentally friendly food choices

I haven't yet, will read this later:

Aug 01, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in General Topics