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Tipping at Starbucks when buying bananas

Thanks for all the replies. I was wondering would it make any difference if I sat around the cafe taking up space and ate the banana(s)?

Mar 27, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in Not About Food

Tipping at Starbucks when buying bananas

I buy bananas from time to time from Starbucks for $1+sales tax each. How much tip should I leave?

Mar 25, 2015
Bottomless_Pit in Not About Food

Wholly wholesome Naturally Wholicious bake at home pies

How's the organic spelt crust? I was going gluten free for a bit, but never got around to messing with spelt.

"But ultimately I am a pie snob and I usually make my own crust, fillings for pies."

Care to tell us your recipe?

Wholly wholesome Naturally Wholicious bake at home pies

Has anyone tried these pies? I just tried the cherry and loved it, so I bought the blueberry and had the same experience. Now I'm preheating my oven for the apple. Only the pumpkin left. Seems like the best of three worlds healthy, tasty, and affordable.

V and V what's for dinner, autumnal edition

Apples and grapes in season here. Had some delicious green grapes this Friday. Got some apples for 99 cents a pound at Wegmans. The skin was so tough on one of the apples that my knife wouldn't cut until I sharpened it. Wouldn't you know the apple was delicious, tougher skin = taster apple.

For tonight I'm having a green smoothie with mint as the leafy green, cut up apples, and some raw organic hulled hemp seeds.

jules thin crust pizza

Just had some today in Doylestown, Vegetable #5, so good I had to order a 2nd slice. At $3.15 or so a slice its somewhat expensive. On the other hand your getting a lot of organic ingredients. I also tried one of the meats, not sure which number but it was stale.

One weakness with Jules thin crust is that they have too much selection. Just like the Salad Works and self serve salad/hot food tables, the unpopular items become stale. As long as you pick a popular item you should do great.

My favorite part about Jules is how light it is on the stomach. The average greasy pizza makes me feel heavy and lethargic.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

Yes, over in refrigerated produce, and no dressing included. So, I'm pretty sure we are talking about the same product.

Sep 22, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Chains

I'm Going Deaf Eating Out in LA

I don't live in LA, but around here the sound level is around the same as a decade ago. I do notice that certain restaurants really like to crank the music, or as the shift changes different volume levels.

Beyond meat?

If you disagree with Campbell's book there is plenty more. Avoiding Degenerative Disease by Don Bennett,DAS writes about a 80/10/10 diet. With 80% carbs/10% proteins/10% fats on page 53.

Beyond meat?

I'm sorry, I just wanted to point out all available options. Personally, I'm struggling to go 100% vegan. I just seem to lack the self discipline, so its hard to imagine someone who can achieve such a lofty goal.

As for Beyond Meat I looked up the ingredients:

"Ingredients:Water, non-GMO pea protein isolate, non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil, spices, beef flavor (yeast extract, maltodextrin, natural flavoring, salt, sunflower oil, onion powder), chicory root fiber, rice flour, tomato powder, caramel color, sugar, contains 0.5% or less of: calcium sulfate, potassium chloride, lime juice concentrate, citric acid, onion extract, chili pepper extract, garlic extract, paprika extract."


Vegetarian stuffed peppers

I love peppers and hate quinoa, so I'm interested in what the replies are. Good post.

As for ideas, how about eating the peppers with nothing in them? Sounds silly, but a lot of times I crave peppers and don't really need anything else. Or, how about tomatoes and white or jasmine rice?

Can you be a Vegan or Vegetarian without using Soy products?

I totally agree with you Chi_Guy. I forgot about Indian cuisine. One problem with Indian food is it tends to be spicy and the milder foods like tikki-masla chicken have meat in them.

I don't get why restaurants seem to think if your vegetarian you must want lots and lots of spice. I can't handle foods with any spicy hotness at all. In fact I haven't found anyone who prefers blander food in quite a while, and no before you ask I'm not one million years old. :)

Can you be a Vegan or Vegetarian without using Soy products?

Yes, its possible and I don't enjoy soy either, though I can tolerate a small amount of tofu. There is so many vegetables out there and different variants. Just because the supermarket doesn't offer that many, if you look at heirloom seeds you will see there is many more vegetables and fruits than you never heard of.

For example, there is over 10 varieties of bananas yet we only see a few in supermarkets. If anything attempting vegan has taught me we have more options available than I ever dreamed of. Just because supermarkets are full of soy or non-vegan products doesn't mean they don't exist. Its just for whatever reason people buy non-vegan products and soy. Therefore, the supermarkets supply even more of the bought products.

Don't let the non-vegans control you, go out there and try some veggie you never heard of. :)

Beyond meat?

I admit I haven't tried the product. Though I wish to look at the packaging, where do you buy? Here are some alternatives:

1. Do with less protein, protein is overrated. If you ever read a book called "The China study" by T. Colin Campbell you will realize the meat industry has lied to us, and convinced the government and even our public education system that protein is awesome.

2. Nuts and legumes have high amounts of protein.

3. Just eat a little bit of real meat, like fish. I don't think there's much of a difference between 99% vegan and 100%.

Recipes for better beans

I know you said you can't freeze them, but that's what I do, lol. The problem is that one bag of beans can make so much food. How about only making 1/2 bag or 1/3 a bag of the beans? Then, you wouldn't waste so much. I assume palate fatigue is the main problem.

Vegan Product You Wish Existed

I agree, there is so many more vegetables and fruits than meats. More options would be nice. Thanks for the reply about gummy bears.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEY/NAY - September 2014 [OLD]

Yay: Healthy 8 chopped veggie mix

Value: First I got to say is this salad has a deceptively high value. At first glance you think its only a few bites of salad. After a few bites you realize you only went through about 10% of the mix. At $3 this is a bargain.

Crunchy: I love crunchy and this salad has crunchy with all the carrots. I used to love all things crunchy, and I still do! You can chew and chew and chew, its like bubble gum, but healthy.

Plaque control: One thing I love about most salads is how they make your mouth feel. There is something about slowly chewing on this salad that makes your mouth just feel good. I noticed less plaque on my teeth and my gums feel cooler after eating this salad.

Tangy: Nothing like radish to bring some tang to the party.

Convince: You can eat this salad with your hands. Not only that but the food is sliced fine enough you can grab just a little bit.

Meh: Pumpkin bagels

I toasted one with cream cheese. Its okay, going to try butter instead next. The pumpkin bagels seem better last year. TJ's regular bagels seem better than pumpkin.

Sep 19, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Chains

Vegan Product You Wish Existed

I wish there was more vegan products both food and non-food on the market. I think my first true vegan experience began when I was still in Elementary school. As a rare treat my family was having lobster, and the live lobsters were on the floor roaming around. I went to pick one up, and it got upset. Water came out and it made some noise I never heard before, and thankfully since.

The lobster was still alive, but its a powerful memory. I just didn't realize that a shellfish could have feelings, like surprise. I've had more respect for all kinds of fish since then.

I know I'm rambling a little, my point is if I had my way every product would be vegan. If a product wasn't vegan it would have to have a v with a cancel sign over it, and it would be rare.

One product in particular I would like is vegan gummy bears/treats. As you probably know animal gelatin comes from animals, most likely from a factory farm.

Need Easy Vegan Snack for Casual Cocktail Party

KISS, Keep it simple stupid, just pick one vegetable or fruit chop, put on a tray or paper plate and surround in Saran wrap, or aluminum foil.


A. Melons

water melon chunks
honey dew chunks

B. Fruit

Apple slices
bananas sliced into quarter size

c. Vegetable


Gee, now you made me hungry. I could really use apple slices dipped in peanut butter. Make sure nobody is allergic to tree nuts if use this.

Soy Curls

I forced myself to eat a few soy products under the delusion soy was good for me. I myself now avoid all products with soy. Soy is unhealthy, I hate the texture, and the taste makes me want to stop eating.

Sweet Jesus: Whole Foods No Longer Getting Brillat-Savarin Due to FDA?!

Personally I think the world would be a better place without the FDA.

Sep 19, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Cheese

Green Food Drink

I get tired quickly spending a lot of time on food prep. So, I'll give you my favorite health drink.

Strawberries + water in a high quality blender for 30 seconds. The strawberry top is a leafy green loaded with vitamins and minerals. The bottom of the strawberry is tasty. You can't lose. This is a lot simpler than digging around in the fridge for multiple ingredients for a smoothie.

Personally I hate juicing its way too much work. I've tried a product called spirulina that works in smoothies too. Though I wouldn't drink a pure spirulina + water drink.

"I think it would go with any juice, but have only tried OJ. "

Was the orange juice fresh squeezed or pasteurized? I used to drink pasteurized juice a lot. Now I only drink as a rare treat, because its empty carbs in my opinion. The pasteurization process is so intense the nutrients and enzymes are killed. Pasteurized juice will also spike your blood sugar which is bad even if your perfectly healthy.

If your pressed for time I personally recommend eating raw fruit and nuts. It has high calories and you can take it anywhere. You can only drink calories so fast, but boy can I pack in the calories when I have a rough day ahead with nuts.

Is it too soon to talk about Thanksgiving?

I've been planning Thanksgiving for a little while now. I've been thinking about cranberries, I bought a lot last year and finally used up the last of them. I love stocking up on cranberries after they go on sale and freezing them. Great for a little bit of tart. I love cranberries I cook on the stove top with walnuts. Cranberries are great in green smoothies also.

As for Thanksgiving itself I try to eat out if possible. Something about holidays make you want to be around others. Know any good restaurants for Thanksgiving?

Sep 19, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Home Cooking

Table salt free diet and eating out

"Its safe to say all three salt, flour, and sugar have been over processed and devoid of nutrition" - what does that even mean? All of those items have some amount of nutritional value, even if it's just simple carbohydrates in the case of white flour and sugar."

Wow, your really getting exact here. Its a common phrase throw around that junk food is devoid of nutrition. Now that you mention this phrase would be seen as imprecise to a Vulcan. Despite the in-precision the statement does get the point across. If I was on a desert isle I could get substance from such food.

I took a gym class a long time ago and the basic philosophy was the less processed a food was the better. How in any way does that lead to a raw vegan diet? That's like saying don't eat fast food is a statement leaning towards the Ornish diet.

Lets put this another way lets take a perfectly good piece of steak and process it and then process it more just for the heck of it. How is that going to make it better?

Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets

Table salt free diet and eating out

Fat cells can store more than just fat. In the below article it talks about how fat cells store toxins. Now think about this if salt is a toxin where would it be stored? Finally, salt absorbs water. So, the water is stored in the salt which is stored in the fat cell. Thanks for responding, your responses have lead me to further research the topic.


Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets

Table salt free diet and eating out

Seriously, that's why I stay the heck away from them now. Thanks for all the interesting comments. :)

Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets

Table salt free diet and eating out

I've seen plenty of animals live a long time w/o salt licks. Licking a rock makes more sense than all the manufacturing put into making a salt lick.

I think pet stores are profit motivated and the salt lick serves no purpose other than profit.

Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets

Table salt free diet and eating out

I read the article, and my opinion is unchanged. Both table salt and sea salt are processed. You don't think heavily processed foods like junk food are good. Yet, you think the processed so called food salt is healthy.

"In the Iron Age, the British evaporated salt by boiling seawater or brine from salt spriĀ­ngs in small clay pots over open fires. Roman salt-making entailed boiling the seawater in large lead-lined pans. Salt was used as currency in ancient Rome, and the roots of the words "soldier" and "salary" can be traced to Latin words related to giving or receiving salt. During the Middle Ages, salt was transported along roads built especially for that purpose. One of the most famous of these roads is the Old Salt Route in Northern Germany, which ran from the salt mines to shipping ports."

This is not natural. It is unnatural to boil salt water in order to extract its salt. Its well known that table sugar and flour aren't good for you, and salt looks very much the same. Its safe to say all three salt, flour, and sugar have been over processed and devoid of nutrition.

Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets

Table salt free diet and eating out

1. Personal information

2. Exactly you can get sodium from plants like tomatoes. That sodium is good for you, table salt isn't.

3. Understand that salt can absorb a lot of water. The water being retained is in the salt. This begs the question, where does the water come from? The answer, your muscles and internal organs. Consuming salt in its mineral form takes water from your muscles and organs and then is stored in your fat cells. This will dehydrate your muscles and organs, even if technically you have the same amount of water total in your body.

4. The water and salt in the fat cells takes up room causes you to expand.

5. Just because something is naturally occurring doesn't mean its a good idea to eat it. Yes, you are right celery grown in low fertility soil loaded with pesticides will have less nutrition.

It all breaks down to this:

I think your arguing table salt is good for you in the correct amounts, approx. 1500 mg a day. I'm arguing that table salt is never healthy for you not even 1mg. It seems your arguing that table salt can be used by the body, I'm saying it can't. Unless I'm misunderstanding your saying that plant based sodium is the same as mineral sodium.

I say mineral salt can't be used because your body doesn't want it and is attempting to expel it. I'm also saying your body can use vegetable based sodium because it is in a different form than the natural mineral form. I don't think I ever heard, "this celery is making me thirsty."

Sep 16, 2014
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Table salt free diet and eating out

I'm glad to hear your husband got his GERD under control. I've heard about vegans who don't understand about nutrition. Usually going on the diet for moral reasons as opposed to nutritional.

Personally I think a grass fed burger is better for you than a veggie burger. Also changing diets drastically in a short time span can cause hair to fall out. Happens a lot when people fast.

Sep 16, 2014
Bottomless_Pit in Special Diets