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5 best bites of 2008?

the shrimp kabob is great there too!

5 best bites of 2008?

ummmm love the chicken pot pie!

5 best bites of 2008?

i agree! The salmon is great!

Santa Monica dinners

Bar Pintxo is worth checking out!

5 best bites of 2008?

ummm Potato Balls from Portos are the best!

Anything Decent at Knott's Berry Farm?

You have to try the biscuits!

Great Martini Bars in LA?

Does anyone know of a great martini bar?

Best outdoor space in LA

the crabcakes are the best @ the Ivy.

Good hot dogs on west side?

Pinks hot dogs are the best! It may be alittle far but i think you should try it!

Coffeehouse open late in Los Angeles?

Im a student and i can never find a coffeespot open after midnight in LA. Does anyone know if it there even is such a place?