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I am doubting that there is such an animal. I do understand that Mr. Ing is still around in Windsor. I fear the only way you are going to find these eggrolls is to find him and ask for the recipe :-)

Oct 20, 2011
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Egg Rolls

Hi-sorry I didn't see your message until now-you know I have been searching for those types of egg rolls for ever with absolutely no luck. I no longer live in Windsor but I have family that does and they have not been able to find anything,,,I don't know why that particular restaurant made them that way, or why there has not been anything similar. Its actually pretty sad....

Sep 11, 2011
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Chinese food delivery to Bathurst and Eglinton

Anyone have any ideas?-wouldn't hurt if they had great eggrolls......

Oct 29, 2009
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


My two cents-I went there on Saturday just to check it out and again on Sunday with my wife as she was curious. I too saw Mcewan there on both days-looking very intense

The thing that struck me was that the prepared food section is wonderful while the rest of the store, frankly was just ok-certainly pusateries has a much wider selection and even Brunos seems to have as much if not more

The place was really busy around the prepared foods and the sushi. I went ,on both days around the middle of the day so people were eating

But as I wandered around the prepared foods I kept hearing the same thing...

"Its not cheap."

As well, and this struck me, while the place was very busy, the check out lines were not. They had quite a few open but still there were cashiers with absolutely no one in front of them.

Finally, most of the people I saw were eating the EDO sushi not the prepared foods

Anyway this is what I saw-I guess we will see....

Jun 22, 2009
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Coleman's No More

you mean where they are now?-did they not close but move?

Feb 02, 2009
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Coleman's No More

Taste T.O is reporting that Colemans has closed-does anyone know why?-you would think that even in this economy places like that have somewhat of a chance. It has survived for so long in similar situations.....

Feb 02, 2009
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What was your favourite restaurant that went downhill after they solidified their status

You know-I was just thinking about Lonestar-they actually had at one time decent smoked side ribs-actually pretty tasty-the kids loved going and I liked the ribs and nachos.

The family went recently and the ribs are oversauced non smoked back ribs and the nachos went from not a bad imitation of the kind you find in Texas to the bland pre fab pile you find in lower end road houses here,The place now is on the Montana's level

The waitress said most customers prefer the food cooked this new way. In other words they have been dumbed down to our generic tastes. The restaurant, judging by the comments of the waitress, is being rewarded for this.

One word...ARGHHHHHH!!!!

Oct 15, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Brick BBQ Yard

yeah, I love good ribs,especially a spicy dry rub on side ribs but it is getting harder and harder to find. My kids love The Lonestar and I never minded going as they had ok immitation Texas style side ribs with a kind of tasty dry type rub. I had to take the kids there recently and without looking at the menu ordered the ribs.

They have switched to back ribs and they are no longer even pretend smoked. \\they are now covered in a thick sauce that you can get sick of pretty quickly. The waitress said people prefer them. I pointed out there is nothing "Texas" about them and the sauce was right from Montana's and there was a whole lot of it....oh well maybe something else will come up.....

Aug 13, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Lumberjack restaurant in Windsor

anyone have ever been there?-have to go to Windsor and that is where I am being taken to eat-I don't suppose anyone has any thoughts?

Aug 09, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Right In The Breadbasket

One thing I love is a good breadbasket. Sadly it is becoming harder and harder to find restaurants that take the time and make the effort to come up with a diverse tasty,tempting basket.

Even fancier restaurants now are planting down a a few dry pieces of bread with a bit of oil and alot of places including some better chains give you nothing at all.

I was wondering if anyone has places where they serve great bread as a starter. I was at the Miller Tavern and while the meal generally was meh and way overpriced, I have to say I was impressed with the basket.

Any other suggestions?

Aug 01, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

1055-now 1055 Plakutta

I understand that Brian Vallipuram sold 1055 and it is now called 1055 Plakutta restaurant

Pardon my ignorance if it is obvious but does anyone know what the new name means. I also note from Dine TO that the menue is still the same.

Does anyone know anything more about all of this or has anyone eaten there since the sale or what Mr. Vallupiram is going to do next?-thx

May 21, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sea Hi Famous Chinese Restaurant

I remember reading your post. I found it very interesting. It is hard to believe that China House could be anything else but what it is now.But on occasion when I am walking by on a weekend during the afternoons I see large gatherings of Chinese people coming out of the restaurant presumably after some sort of function in a party room. I would imagine that they are not eating all the standard deep fried stuff that my kids love

May 14, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Sea Hi Famous Chinese Restaurant

Its funny-it seems that there are two of these places-China House on Eglington is almost the exact same place-old school North American Chinese food in a dated large space. Both serving the same type of food for many years in jewish neighbourhoods.When I came to toronto several years ago I was struck by the similarity even then

May 13, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

passover products in north Miami

My family will be spending passover in Florida-does anyone know where I can find decent passover baked goods(matzah bagels, muffins, cakes) in north Miami/Aventura-thanks!

Apr 15, 2008
alfie in Florida

open in Miami during passover

Hello-does anyone know if places such as Sarah's Tent or Prime will be open during passover?

We will be spending pesach in Miami and I am wondering if there is anywhere to get good food and kosher for passover bakery items(muffins, matzah bagels etc.)-thanks!

Apr 14, 2008
alfie in Kosher

miller tavern-a review

Last night four of us went for a casual dinner at the Miller Tavern on Yonge.Overall I would say that the meal was "functional" but overpriced.

We started with drinks and they were the standared fare from scotch to wine to ceasars.

The main issue that I can see there is the service. While ok, it struck me as distracted or disinterested. Nothing was especially wrong or rude but it did seem like every time we wanted something we had to ask. It was never anticipated. This ranged from asking for water to the bread basket to ordering dinner.Once we requested these things they were accomodated but with little enthusiasm.

Requesting suggestions or inquiring about certain dishes was met with noncommital answers or a shrug. As well it always seemed like the waiter was trying to get away and had something else to do. I do appreciate that they are busy and he had other tables to attend to, but isn't that his job? When I go out to a restaurant I want to think that my patronage is important and that the good money i am paying (and at this restaurant really good money) is appreciated. I don't want to feel like I am just being accomodated by being there.

That being said the restaurant is obviously not hurting for businass. It was packed so obviously enough people are very satified with the service and food.

Speaking of the food the reason I have not mentioned it thus far is that it was fine, neither great or bad,just overpriced.

We``started with appetizers of the surf and turf quesadilla, the fried calamari and a couple of salads. The quesadilla was very good the calamari seemed fresh and the salads were fine but a bit overdressed.

The mains included Pad thai, seared tuna and steak. The tuna was prepared as ordered but a bit bland. The pad thai was tasty and the steak was a bit oversauced but certainly respectable

Actually the warm cornbread in the breadbasket was excellent.

Dinner for four with four drinks came to about 150 dollars a couple including tip.

As stated the meal was ok, the service passable and for the experience and food given the price was, in my opinion too high. It is not a place I would avoid but I would'nt go running back.

Mar 16, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


its been years since I've been there but I am going back in a couple of days. I looked at their menu online and it looks great, especially the bar menu. Has anyone been lately?
Is there an issue with ordering the food they serve at the bar in the restaurant itself?

It certainly seems to have one of the more diverse, less "standardized" menus i've seen in this city.

Feb 27, 2008
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Who tried the little Italian spot...

there is a little plaza next to the petro Canada-there is a small roadhouse restaurant in there by the nams of "allens"-close to the name as the one on the Danforth-but it does not appear to be Italian -does any of this ring a bell?

Dec 02, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

About Egg Rolls (again) in Toronto

I know this has been discussed before but I am really longing for a good eggroll-you know the kind that is big, round and crispy without the pinched ends.

Since the last discussion has anyone stumbled on a place that makes these kind-almost like deep fried cabbage rolls or any kind that do not taste like they came out of your grocery freezer?

Oct 22, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

mezza luna on college

a few years ago this restaurant was one of our family's favourites. When it was good it was incredible. The service could be hit or miss and when they were busy they got overwhelmed too easily.

Still the food was rustic and hardy and it was a pleasant and warm place to go. It was run by two guys-Dave and Roberto. They closed, purportedly because of a flood on the premesis, but I think they just couldn't keep a customer base because of their uneven service.

They talked about re-opening somewhere else. I don't think they ever did. This is a long shot but does anyone know if they did anything else anywhere?

I realize there was another mezza luna on Eglinton before them but it is not the same owner

Aug 29, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

The Next Nacho Review-long

Ok-I have a few more reviews including a couple of places no one should really be eating them-but as I disclosed in my first post I simply can't help myself

1)Coleman's Deli-(yes ,,,coleman's-I know,I know)-ok so lets say you have a six year old and you let them make nachos. They put very little pre-shredded kraft cheese on doritos and possibly use watery store bought cheap salsa. They pop it in the microwave and don't manage to melt the small amount of cheese. They then serve it to you cold-...and voila!,you have the nachos at Coleman's-grade D

2) Pickle Barrel-(yes pickle barrel-see my mea culpa from above)-actually a bit like the above but.. THEY MELTED THE CHEESE!!!, and strangely they have these Asian nachos which are pretty interesting in a different way. The texture of the wontons they use as chips and the combination of the two cultures on a single trans fat plate is worth trying. Ask for extra cheese. grade C+

3)Hot House cafe-I understand they are now off the menu which is too bad as I thought they were great. They had plenty of cheese and lots of toppings. They were gooey in a good way.
They also had a hint of spice that made them compelling. They will be missed grade B+

4)Utopia-They took a great big pile of chips and melted on a tonne of cheese and then threw on a sinkfull of toppings. What's not to like? They taste like the kind of nachos you would make at home. In other words they are very good, honest nachos. It was like you went over to your friend's and the two of you spent an hour "creating" a nacho fiesta.grade B+

5)Casey's-I have always loved these nachos-They are very generous with the portion and they put on plenty of cheese. The toppings are fresh and the most interesting thing about them is the salsa. It has a bit of a different taste, not barbeque exactly but it enhances the nachos. It does not add spice but flavour. Warning-It can get soggy so eat quickly-grade A-

6)Chimichanga-just had these-I have no idea what they were going for. they were a bit of a cross between the authentic nacho experience( whatever that means) and tex mex style. They ended up soggy. Sometimes soggy is not so bad., but the texture of the chips did not lend itself to this. The flavour was ok but there was too much red sauce and it was a very average experience-grade C-

7)Hair Of The Dog-alot has been written about them-ie flour chips instead of corn chips. I can see the attraction but I think I hit them on a bad night. They were dry and the cheese was not that plentiful. Also I noticed that dry nachos are better with corn chips as the flour kind seem to feel fairly heavy after a while. As well you can sometimes forget you are eating fried corn chips. You are always aware that the flour ones are fried. I know it sounds odd but I felt fuller and sort of unhealthy after a plate of these. I usually don't feel this way with the usual cornchips-grade B-

Well that's the next bunch. There are many others and we will see what is next.It truly is an addiction that I have...

Jul 23, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

a nacho review- long

OMG-I think it would be easier to tell you where I have not been. Actually by doing this I have come to realize how pathetic I am...a slave to chips and cheese.

In my next post I was going to cover Hair of the Dog and Utopia and hot house cafe (BTW hungryabbey you are right, the nachos are the best thing on the menu).

Hair of the Dog has an interesting take with the fried flour chips but I kept thinking af a Taco Bell edible salad bowl.

In any event tnanks for the feedback and I will post my take on six or seven others soon

May 22, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

a nacho review- long

Like many of you who love food, there is a food I am genuinely addicted to...nachos. I cannot help myself. If I go to a restaurant and there are nachos on the menu, I have to order them.

That being the case I believe I have had nachos at more places in the GTA than any other human being. I have also tried to hit as many places as I can that have been mentioned on the board as having great nachos.

I have decided to run through a few and relay some thoughts. This list is incomplete as I have yet to go through them all, but I will keep going;

1) Sneaky Dees-I know alot has been written and it seems from reading the posts you either love em or hate em, I think they are very good but also very heavy, Usually i have to get them to go, and they seem quite adept at doing that. The restaurant is probably the best at packaging up nachos and treating them almost like pizza, given the variety and quantity of toppings that can be chosen. The toppings are very plentiful and fresh-check out the whole mushrooms, also very cheesy-grade -B+

2)Hernandos Hideaway--very good California style-not piled high, but more of a single layer. The chips are well covered with toppings and cheese and the different salsas you get on the side are interesting. The main objection here is the chips themselves. They sometimes appear too thick and almost stale. I don't know if they make their own or not. All in all a good experience-grade -B+

3)The Keg-the two establishments mentioned above make some attempt to be somewhat "south of the border". The keg nachos are just straight glorious bar food and sometimes that is way more than enough. They include plenty of toppings and cheese-with guac. and salsa on the side. They are very good. Interestingly alot of places that serve bar food nachos don't put salsa directly on the chips, which keeps them crispy. I actually think I prefer them this way. In any case these are very tasty-grade A-

4)The Lone Star-legend has it that some guy named Nacho started serving them as snacks in his bar in Texas, So realisically nachos are really not Mexican food but bar food from Texas. Tex-mex nachos seem to be different from other types in that each chip is individually covered with a layer of re-fried beans cheese and then a topping. Lone Star serves them this way. If you like them like this then these are very good. My kids for instance prefer the piled high type of nachos and don't particularly like these. Having travelled a great deal to that area of the US I have learned to like them alot-grade B+

5)Mitzi's Sister-Very good bar food nachos-lots of chips and toppings and the cheese is layered throughout the dish so you don't run out-grade B+

6)The Red Tomato-here we enter the realm of nachos as almost gourmet food. The chicken on these nachos is very well seasoned and it is presented well and tastes almost shi-shi. It has a certain style -grade-A

7)Philthy Mcnasty's-they totally sucked me in with that picture on their website, but then we went and ordered and they were....meh, There seemed to be enough toppings but the whole thing kind of tasted cheap and watery, for lack of a better term.They did not have alot of taste -grade-C

8)Montana's-actually pretty good-order them with extra cheese and if they decide to be ok with the portion they are worth it. The thing is at different Montanas they will sometimes not be very generous with the portion.It is a chain, but it does lap Philthys in terms of quality. Toppings are good and the beans are very tasty on the chips-grade-B(on a good day)

Okay-i could go on but I realize this is way too long already. I have been to several other establishments and in a week or so if anyone cares I can list a few more with thoughts,

May 22, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Debu Saha closing Biryani house

I just learned that Debu Saha's Biryani house is closing this weekend. I used to love the place but the last couple of times I was there the food was subpar and the general "ambiance" seemed lacking somehow.

From reading the board it appeared I was not alone in feeling this way, and i assume that the restaurant's customers becaqme somewhat dissatisfied.

Still he is an amazing chef and I will miss the place not being there

Apr 27, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


so I tried it-we had take out-ribs and a pulled pork sandwich

overall,,,,,just ok-certainly not great or even very good-memphis barbeque in Woodbridge is much better.

The ribs lacked flavour and were a bit tough and dry-which means they either smoked them for too long or at too high a temperature. Also their rub needs work. The pulled pork Sandwich was also lacking flavour and again was kind of dry.

On the the plus side the baked beans were pretty good. I think because they just opened they have bugs to work out. Perhaps in a month or so they will get the cooking time and temperature down. Their sauce and rub though has to be improved.

I wouldn't run back, but I would probably give it some time to get organized and try again in a few weeks-if anyone else tries it, I would be interested in their thoughts.

Mar 30, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

High End Poutine? What's Next?

You know- an innovative chef could take nachos and make them fairly interesting by changing the types of cheese and puting unusual toppings on different types of seafood or seasoned meat. For some reason I just got a craving for nachos with tandoori chicken and salmon.....

Feb 11, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Avant Gout-a review

Avant Gout is a small Morroccan/French restaurant that recently moved to Yongue street, in the Rosedale area. Last night my wife and I and another couple,decided to try it based on a very favourable recomendation from a regular.

As I write this I count myself lucky that I am not still sitting there.The meal took approximately two and a half hours.

This is a small "neighbourhood restaurant" not a fine dining experience that one is supposed to enjoy over a few hours.

Now to be fair, the place was packed with what looked like regulars from Rosedale,well put together types who the wait staff seemed to know and greeted warmly.

For us it took fifteen minutes to get our drink order in

Our waiter was pleasant but somewhat uninterested and busy with his other tables.The food was tasty enough. I had grilled calamari and Steak Frites. Others at the table had halibut, Pasta,Salad,another type of fish and the soup of the day.

We literally waited thirty to forty five minutes between courses and this leads to another issue. The portions were very small.

The fellow that had tha agnolotti was literally given six pieces. It looked like a children's portion and if you saw the guy it was served to, you would know he ain't no kid. In fact he has a sizeable appetite.

So,you get a small course,become hungrier after eating it,wait forty minutes still getting hungrier, get another small course, eat that and leave unsatisfied.

The fellow mentioned above went home and had a bagel with cheese.

I don't think I would go back but I also don't think, judging by the crowd that they need my business.

As stated the food is fine but there are a whole lot of restaurants in the GTA with fine food that will not be unreasonable with the portions or service standards.

I understand the concept of the tasting experience and not necessarily going out to eat myself into a stupor(although I have no objection to this)but I do think it is fair to ask that if I pay well for a meal that I do not leave hungry. Perhaps I am just hopelessly plebian but if I am I do not think I'm alone.

Jan 05, 2007
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Egg Rolls

I grew up in Windsor and there was a restaurant called ING'S that served those exact type of eggrolls. The food there was amazing;just great north american chinese food,abolutely nothing authentic about it.

I really do miss those types of eggrolls and their distinct taste.Since that restaurant went out of business years ago,I don't think I have ever had anything like them.Its a shame....

Oct 20, 2006
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

A couple of restaurants that I have not seen mentioned

Like probably some of you I can go by a small place a thousand times and then all of a sudden I am struck by an almost overpowering urge to find out about them.

There are two or three that come to mind right away.

1) I think it is called ALLEN restaurant on Lawrence W.-right near Marlee and next to the gas station in a little strip mall.It is not the one on the Danforth. I have found this place odd as it is open it seems really late and has an outdoor patio in the parking lot. It looks pretty busy and has the kind of food I love(nachos,wings etc.)Anyone been?Is it any good?

2)Steve's Place steak and seafood on Merton- It looks just as good as the other sort of Greek style steakhouses but for instance doesn't seem to get the same play as a steak pit or seniors-Can anyone tell me if it is worth visiting?

3)Coleman's Deli-has a great looking huge menu with everything I could want on it (nachos, ribs, big deli sandwiches and hamburgers) as well as all the usual "deli" foods.Does anyone go?

Anyway if anyone knows anything, could they post?-thanks

Sep 27, 2006
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bracebridge Ribfest

this weekend,Fri. Sat. and Sunday

Aug 09, 2006
alfie in Ontario (inc. Toronto)