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Kansas City Birthday Help

I love the Savoy Grill for a nice birthday dinner. Another good choice is the Majestic Steakhouse, which is just a few blocks away from the Savoy. Both offer great steaks and a nice atmosphere. The Savoy Grill catered to the likes of Harry Truman, and there is even a booth that has a plaque showing where he sat. It has a nice dated look that is like stepping into a time machine. Both are pricey, but are well worth the coin.

One night in Kansas City, MO and interested in BBQ

Another good place not too far from the Northland is Winslow's in the River Market. They have very good burnt ends. You can watch them cut one up right out of the oven. I think that Smokehouse has a "chain" feel; the BBQ is alright if you can't (or don't have time) to get downtown. You might also want to take into account sides, which I don't think anyone has mentioned. Bryant's is all good, while Rosedales, which hasn't been mentioned, has really great BBQ baked beans. Winslows has a very good corn casserole. Be sure to grab a Blvd Wheat beer (if you like beer) as it is imo one of the best unfiltered wheat beers in the nation and is made right here in KC.

Dec 07, 2008
lathem74 in Great Plains