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Romantic restaurant in downtown TO on a student budget?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'm going to be going w/ Kalendar simply due to the combo of looking very nice + location (we're going to be staying @ the Delta Chelsea). I'll report on my experience afterwards!

Romantic restaurant in downtown TO on a student budget?

drinks aren't 100% needed.. we'll probably be skipping the alcohol @ dinner, maybe even the night due to other reasons!

i'll check out some of these places... knowing drinks isn't a 100% needed must, any other recommendations?

Romantic restaurant in downtown TO on a student budget?

Hey all,

Looking for a semi-romantic/romantic resto located in downtown TO on a student budget! GF is going away for a couple of months and we're looking to have a bit more fancy than usual night.. we're both very low maintenance/budget oriented - but willing to spend more for this night!

Ideally we are looking to spend no more than 30-35 per person, pre tax, pre drinks. Prix fare seems to probably fit the bill the best in this price range.

Food options - we pretty much like everything, but probably something besides Asian/Indian.

Le Select, Weezie's I've seen seemed interesting and decent choices.. but are there any more? We may consider Nota Bene and the likes (but that's obviously going out of our comfort zone!)

Not even sure if something like this exists.. but if it does awesome. Small restos/hidden gems are more than acceptable! I'll continue to search among threads here, but it would be great if you all could give me personal, recent recommendations. Thanks!!

flavoured coffee beans in Toronto?

How would you make something more conventional embee? Would you be using flavour extracts?

flavoured coffee beans in Toronto?

I had it once when I was in the U.S. visiting relatives, and as weird as it sounds, it was surprisingly delicious! Kind of like a peanut butter and cream cheese sandwich combo haha.

I'll check those locations out. Thanks.

flavoured coffee beans in Toronto?


anyone know where i could purchase flavoured coffee beans in toronto? I'm looking for peanut butter flavoured coffee beans.