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Lunch in Kingston...

When I was going to school at Queen's, my favorite place for a quick and delicious lunch was at the Swedish Fry Truck which is located on campus at very end of Division street. They have great sandwiches and their potato salad is very good. My favorite is the turkey sandwich with potato salad on top. As for distance from the 401, it's very close. Just take the Division street exit (I believe it's exit 617) and head all the way down Division Street to the end. The Swedish Fry truck should be there at the intersection.

ISO "Liang Pi" in Toronto

I'm looking for places that serve liang pi in Toronto. For those that don't know, liang pi is a dish from Shaanxi province in China. It's basically translucent wheat "pancakes" that are "steamed" in a vat of hot water then cut into noodles, then served with slivered cucumbers, stringy wheat gluten, and usually a spicy sauce.

If anyone knows where I can find these in Toronto, you'd be doing me a huge favor!

Need Asian Resto suggestions for weekend in T.O.

I had a few friends living in TO recommend me this place called "The Perfect Chinese Restaurant". I tried to eat there the last time I was in TO, but the parking lot was packed, as was inside the restaurant. I later learned that they also do not take reservations. Is this a place worth lining up for?

Need Asian Resto suggestions for weekend in T.O.

No, I will be driving, so anything in the GTA is fair game.

Need Asian Resto suggestions for weekend in T.O.

Hey all. I'm heading down to Toronto from Ottawa with a friend for a weekend to catch a Raptors game. While we're there, we want to experience some great Chinese food (since Ottawa sucks lol). I've already decided that we're definitely having hot pot once, and dumplings (xiaolong bao) once.

I just need some pointers on the best places to go for those foods, plus dim sum and any other can't miss Chinese restos. I don't want to spend TOO much money (I'm a student), but other than that, I'm open to any suggestions. Oh, and I also looooooove greasy spoons (no idea why).

My friend and I are also Chinese. Not sure if that makes a difference.....