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Lavanderia - Westmount

Can I ask you where you got the information from? I'm from Uruguay and my family is in the farming business and my state which is one of the largest exporters of beef is almost 100% pastured beef.

Jan 17, 2015
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

L'Atelier d'Argentine

Hello, I'm the original poster :)
I went back to L'Atelier d'Argentine a month or so ago. I wanted to see how things had changed with Machado being on the kitchen.
We had made a reservation 2 weeks before and when we first got there we were showed a table awkwardly placed in a very narrow hallway. I couldn't believe they would actually put a table there. I huffed and puffed a bit and we were given a better table thankfully.
The service was great, it was not slow at all anymore and the waiter was helpful with his suggestions.
The bad news is that the food was not really good.
For appetizers we had the empanadas and the provoleta.
I agree with the poster that said that the empanadas were very well fried and not oily. I find fried empanadas too heavy to be an appetizer but that's just my opinion. The corn one was the best. The beef one was a bit dry and not as tasty as I'm used to.
I don't know what happened with the provoleta but it was not gooey and rich as the provoletas I'm used to having. I also think that they put the sun-dried tomato paste on top to give it a bit of flavor because the cheese is not that great quality.

For main course we ordered the milanesa de pollo which was horribly dry and the biggest disappointment of the night. I remember it was much better the first time we went. We also ordered the bife the chorizo which was just OK. We have had much better beef elsewhere in Montreal.

The were out of many of the desserts and we ended up ordering the Terere. It was very well done but I don't really like mate dulce so I don't know why I ordered it! So... my fault, not theirs.

We had a nice bottle of Catena Malbec and some other wine that was not as good and thus can't remember its name (I wasn't the one who ordered it).

In sum... I'm not going to go back again. The restaurant reminded me now a bit of buonanotte, with a club-ish atmosphere and food that just doesn't cut it.

Jul 03, 2013
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

L'Atelier d'Argentine

I don't think they import their beef from Argentina. I spoke to them about the meat and where they got their mollejas from and they did not mention that their beef was from Argentina. Given the fact that I told them I grew up in Argentina, etc. I'm pretty sure they would have said something.

Aug 26, 2012
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Boulud at the Ritz

I meant "I will probably stick to going for brunch WHILE the garden is open but I'm not too keen on going back for dinner"

Aug 19, 2012
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

L'Atelier d'Argentine

This new restaurant is located where DNA was, in the Old Port. Having grown up in Argentina, I'm always up for trying new Argentinian restaurants!

I had the empanadas for appetizer. They were very good though fried (I loved fried empanadas so this was not an issue for me). They were not overly heavy and they were dry and crisp. The meat one was very good but I tend to like it a bit more spicy.

For main dish I had the mollejas (sweetbreads) and boy those were great! My boyfriend had the Vacio, his father had the milanesa de pollo (very authentic-tasting!) and his mom had the trout (just average but again that's not an Argentinian dish).

The wine list was not as good as I had hoped for (no Achaval Ferrer, they were out of Alta Catena and didn't have any of the really good Argentinian wines).

The worst part of it all... the service; it was SUPER slow! We went there at 7 and left at 9:47 and this is with no dessert or coffee or anything. In fact I would have loved to have dessert but the thought of waiting any longer for food made me forget about the whole thing. And mind you the restaurant was not full or anything.
So I would say that food was good enough to go back for, but service was terrible. The environment and decor were nice though. I will go back again because there are many more dishes I want to try but again, I have a sweet spot for Argentinian food.

Aug 19, 2012
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Boulud at the Ritz

I went there a couple of weeks ago for dinner.
The outdoor garden was beautiful. It was nice to seat there and relax over our bottle of wine while we waited for the food. The wine list was good. The service was very good and not slow at all for us.
The food was very good but nothing amazing. I've eaten better for less money in Montreal. Something that I found funny was that I ordered the "seaweed bread crusted salmon" thinking it was a salmon with a crust of seaweed bread crumbs. I was wrong. It was just a pan-fried salmon with a crostini of seaweed bread on the side!
I will probably stick to going for brunch will the garden is open but not too keen on going back for dinner.

Aug 19, 2012
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Good and upscalish eating in Manhattan... suggestions please!

Thanks for the suggestions! Regarding drinks, I was thinking of going to a cocktail type place one day and to a wine bar another day, probably after the theater or something... not both together :)

Apr 08, 2012
Adrux in Manhattan

Good and upscalish eating in Manhattan... suggestions please!

I'm from Canada but thinking of taking a significant other for a weekend in NYC. I feel I want to splurge a bit and just have a good time eating and going around. I'll be going anywhere from mid to late May and I want to decide on the restaurants so I can make the reservations in time. We'll be staying close to Central Park & 5thAve but don't mind moving around for the right place. Budget is not a problem.

I'll be needing:

a. One place for breakfast
b. Two places for lunch
c. Two places for dinner: one will be Per Se, I would need another. I might go to Candle79 but I'd rather find something a bit nicer.
d. A wine bar or a fancy drinks type of bar.

I'm a vegetarian so it would have to be something that offers at least a few vegetarian dishes. If there was any great molecular cuisine restaurant I wouldn't mind trying it.

Thanks in advance!

Apr 08, 2012
Adrux in Manhattan

Where to buy Glucose in Montreal

I need to buy liquid glucose and I'd love it if I didn't have to go to Ares or France-Decor (both are quite far away from where I live). Pharmacies don't carry it.

Does anyone know where I could find it?


Dec 06, 2008
Adrux in Quebec (inc. Montreal)