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Reyhan Persian Resaturant...shhhhh

We tried this place this weekend and it was very good. To answer some of the questions in this thread: "no" they do not serve alcohol so we went to the nearby Albertsons and got some wine. The owner brought us some wine glasses which was very nice.

"Yes"-The eggplant dish is "kashk-e bademjan" and it is pureed eggplant with yogurt on top and was very good with the lavosh served (although not as spicy/garlicy as babganoush) We had various kabobs-beef, beef koobideh and chicken. I also had the "polo" (rice) with dried cherries and other spices which was excellent. Everything was excellent -the chicken mosit and flavorful and the beef very well marinated and tender. In my opinion it was as good or better than those place in the "Persian Corridor" on Westwood and around there (I also enjoy Raffis in Glendale very much but too far). We did not try the stews but will definitely be back. It is nice to have good Persian food near Westchester (Pars IS NOT good Persian)

Jan 19, 2009
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Nice Restaurant Near Carson to Meet Business Clients?

It doesn't have to be in Carson (I am unaware of any nice restaurants in Carson itself sad to say!) but as near as can be would be great. It is a business meeting so it does have to be nice.

Any suggestions?


Oct 14, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Biscuits, Biscuits, La la la!

I like the biscuits at the Serving Spoon restaurant in Inglewood (on Centinela, just west of La Brea). They are light and flaky and delicious. I also the biscuits at the Coffee Co. in Westchester on La Tijera, right off Sepulveda near LAX. Not the same consistency as the Serving Spoon (a little more dense) but still delicious. BTW, both of these place do outstanding breakfasts.

Jul 02, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Inglewood Spots-Little Belize and Rosalie's

I was driving back to Westchester from Torrance and took the streets rather than the freeway. Anyway, I drove by Rosalie's Carribbean which looks to be on Hawthorne Blvd. right where it becomes Market Street just south of Manchester. I also noticed "Little Belize" restaurant right off of Market Street. Does anyone have information on either of these? Worth trying?

May 29, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Javan-What else to order besides the kabobs?

Thanks for all the replies although I did not get them in time. Anyway, I had the chicken soltani which was very good (not as good as I have had elsewhere (Raffi's(?) off Brand Blvd. in Glendale) but very good). I had it with the Polo Shirin (orange zest and almonds in nice fluffy basmati rice) We did start with the appetizer sampler. I agree with those who raved about the dolmeh. Very nice with a sweetish, nuttiness to them. It also included Shirazi (Persian Salad-diced cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, parsely in lemon juice and vinegar), and nice spicy homemade pickles. This was accompanied by lavash, 1/2 a plate of fresh herbs, and yogurt sauce infused with mint and cucumber) Since we had a large party, I tried other's beef tenderloin and kobideh (spiced ground meat) kabobs. I heard the lamb was excellent although I didn't get around to it. I tried the rice with cherry bits which was also interesting. All in all, everyone liked it although only 1 or 2 were familiar at all with Persian food. Oh, I had the Persian ice cream-saffron and rosewater flavored-very strong. I liked it but others thought it was like eating a bar of soap.

I would definitely go back and try the stews and other appetizers. In fact I plan to.

Apr 07, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Javan-What else to order besides the kabobs?

I hear the kabobs are great but what else should not be missed?


Apr 05, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Pars (?) - Persian (Italian) in Westchester

I live in the area and drive by this place all the time. I beleive it is called Pars. I also receive a large amount of of mailers from them describing a huge menu. The menu has both persian (barg; soltani; polo) and italian (pizza, pasta, etc.) dishes.

Has anyone tried either or and are either the persian or italian items worth trying? Is this just another example of "jack of all trades; master of none"?

Mar 05, 2008
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Carribbean on Slauson

I drove downtown on Slauson from the westside the other day and noticed that between La Brea and Figueroa there were at least 3 Carribbean/Jamiacan places. I tried to make a mental note of the names but the only one I recall is "Carribbean Splash" (or something like that). Does anyone know anything of these places, whether they are any good or not, and if so, what is best to order? I especially amd a jerk chicken lover and have not had better in the U.S. than at Natrialart (near Adams/Arlington) but am always looking for new places to try.

Thanks for any info!

Mar 16, 2007
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Golden Bird vs. Popeye's vs. Church's?

I just noticed a Golden Bird right off Crenshaw near Stocker; I have seen Church's on La Brea and Popeye's abound. I don't eat much fried chicken but every now and then I like to indulge myself. Which is the best of these 3 and why?


Mar 14, 2007
Tiplow in Chains

Spiciest Restaurant on Westside?

I agree re Hogan's Heros' chili. I can stand spicy at a pretty high level-that stuff is beyond. We sampled a little cup of it after being warned by the counter guy. My girlfriend had to run next door to the convenience store to get some milk after just a little sample spoonful (she is Mexican) and although I finished it, it was pretty uncomfortable and kept burning. There must be pure chili oil in the stuff-it is like rocket fuel. That beat by far a green curry I had in Thailand in 1993 in Koh Samui at a little beach side market that had my nose running, eyes watering, and begging that they hurry up on my coconut shake . . .

Mar 01, 2007
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area

Recs for Petaluma/Sonoma area for a Special Dinner

I wanted to buy a gift certificate for dinner for 2 at a restaurant in the Petaluma/Sonoma area for my oldest friend's 40th Birthday. I do not know the area at all but would really appreciate some recs for a place that is above all, good, but also either chic, renowned, innovative (in a positive way), consistently high quality, nice atmoshpere, etc. Someplace that would be a special night.

Any recommedations are greatly appreciated!

Jan 31, 2007
Tiplow in San Francisco Bay Area

Rib Co. on La Tijera in Westchester

Does anybody know anything about this place? It never seems to be open.

Sep 20, 2006
Tiplow in Los Angeles Area