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Cafe Nicholson

Are you interested because of Edna Lewis? There is something mentioned about the restaurant at this link. The restaurant has been closed for some years.

Apr 22, 2008
Amy L in Manhattan

What to Eat at Po

Grilled guinea hen. It has the perfect ratio of meat/fat/crispy skin.

Feb 04, 2008
Amy L in Manhattan

Joe's Shanghai

The pork shoulders are always pre-made and they do not cook their pork shoulder long enough such that they should be fork tender. If the cook responsible for these dishes had taken pride in his work, the quality should be consistent from day to day.

Ditto for the pork belly, and fried too long before braising. Additionally, it is too sweet. Skyway does a better job.

For the lion head meatball, if made properly the interior should be light and not just a mere lump of ground meat.

Jan 11, 2008
Amy L in Manhattan

Joe's Shanghai

Their soup buns, turnip cake and onion pancake are good. In terms of main dishes, their cooks make pretty good quick stir fries dishes (sauteed minced pork and squid, eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, shanghai flat noodles) , but none of their braised dishes (e.g. pork shoulder, pork belly, Lion's head) are good at all.

Jan 10, 2008
Amy L in Manhattan

UES Business Dinner

Maya is good, but it is very noisy, not the best place for a business dinner. A few doors down is the Japanese place Tori Shin that specializes in chicken on skewers (no sushi at all). The food is good but pricy, and it reminded me of what Japanese food taste like in Japan. The shinto leave granita served at the end of the meal is outstanding. For Italian, I would recommend Teodora on 57 near Lex. Their pasta dishes are very good. Lastly, Jojo is always nice and pleasant.

Oct 25, 2007
Amy L in Manhattan

Best place to buy apple streudel in New York?


Oct 17, 2007
Amy L in Manhattan

A Great Baked here:

My vote goes to espresso pignoli cookies from Caffe Roma in Little Italy.

Jun 25, 2007
Amy L in Manhattan

Lobster Dinners or Lobster Rolls in Manhattan

About a year ago, I ordered the lobster roll at the Chelsea Market. It was cheap by New York standard. But the meat was from the claws and knuckles only, so the meat texture is quite different from the tail portion. To their credit, it was from a big lobster, so it was not just the undeveloped pinkish ends. The tail portion is sold by the pound separately. Economically, I understood their reasoning, but it is not exactly what I wanted in a lobster roll.

Aug 09, 2006
Amy L in Manhattan