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Are Forged Woks Better?

If you plan to stir fry the Chinese way a cast wok may not be ideal. Most people would call the fire department if they saw how hot (and fast) the process is.

It should be smoking hot before oil is added and there is also a thermal shock to the pan adding a tiny quantity of stock to instantly scald the vegetables. The center of the wok should concentrate heat while the sides keep ingredients with longer cooking times warm. The food has to be removed immediately from a hot carbon steel pan to avoid a metallic taste as it cools. I like the look of the cast pan though!

Apr 23, 2013
rabbithash in Features

Dallah coffee pot

I have been looking for a high quality arabic coffee pot for years. I have one with the usual file marks, lead solder, etc. Any suggestions where I might buy a fine quality pot?

Jan 06, 2013
rabbithash in Cookware

Truffles in Calgary?

Try the Farmers Market off Heritage. "fresh DELIcious" is a bit of a sleeper with a lot of high end French ingredients. truffles, foie gras, fine oils, etc.

Jul 29, 2012
rabbithash in Prairie Provinces

Dim sum ettiquite question

Best to get it to your plate before you pick it up with your hands. Whether you pick it up or push it out of the steamer by fork, spoon or x sticks doesn't matter so much. Nobody expects you to miss out.
It can be hard to tell in a Chinese restaurant but there is an unwritten etiquette. Sometimes there are extra sets of chopsticks (occasionally longer than normal) like serving forks that are for reaching into communal dishes. Otherwise, if you need to pick up food for someone else or want to cut a portion, flip your chopsticks over and use the unused end. Never dip your own chopsticks into the communal soup bowl and never touch food without taking it!

Jan 31, 2010
rabbithash in General Topics

What can I wrap fish in to bake it that is natural?

If you have white fleshed fillets sometime, brush the inside of a banana leaf with oil, sprinkle with chopped garlic, red & green chilies, maybe lemon grass, and fold it all up in a flat packet. You can quickly grill or even fry it in a dry pan. If you get the heat right the fish and garlic will crisp and steam at the same time. The leaves also cook and scent the fish. Cut the packet open at the table to serve this very aromatic dish. I had it in a Singapore street stall but you can get frozen banana leaves in asian markets.

May 29, 2009
rabbithash in Home Cooking

Xiaolongbao aka Soup Dumplings in Calgary

I agree, the wrapper is the main problem in most commercial dumplings, even frozen ones. Finding ones full of soup isn't as difficult if you are willing to dine in rush hour. The soup gets absorbed by the wrapper or seeps out the bottom if they aren't served promptly. Seew long bao is the Cantonese name.

Dec 05, 2008
rabbithash in Prairie Provinces