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Fin - Baltimore

Yes, I would like to see some more replies too. I only touched on the the food - I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on service, winelist and ambiance.

Fin - Baltimore

8 Thumbs Up. Not usually one to start a thread, however, I have seen many mixed reviews in various local sources over the past couple of months. Tonight four of us had an excellent experience and wanted to pass it along.

Grilled Calamari, Mushroom Tart, Mussels and a Chopped Salad started the meal - all were made to perfection.

Salmon, Sea Bass and Filet Mignon were the main courses, not one complaint was to be had. As an extra bonus, all entrees came with vegetables - we also ordered asparagus, brocolini and fries as extras - the only complaint were the fries - the flavor was there, but they were a bit too greasy.

Dessert was the Bananna Bread Pudding and it made for a great ending.

Fin is the closest thing I have found in the past few months to our dearly gone but not forgotten Nasu Blanca. Visit these guys and enjoy. We will be back.

Dreaded IAD overnight: where to eat nearby?

Sweetwater - you will not be dissapointed! If you can get to Reston Town Center, Sweetwater's brand new sister restaurant Jackson's is awsome. Also at Reston TC I would hit Mon Ami Gabi. Enjoy.