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Itinerary review please! Vegas Virgin

Ill be there Saturday-Wednesday. I will probably only make about half of these, but intend to eat smaller things at multiple places. If there is anything I should not miss, or choose to skip, let me know!

Off Strip:
Firefly (HH M-F 3-6)
Lotus of Siam
Kabob Korner (Fremont)
Rincon Criollo

The Strip:
Bouchon (Brunch)
La Cave
Mon Ami Gabi
Hash House a Go Go
Todd English PUB
BLT Burger
Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Mon Ami Gabi
3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Hash House
2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Kabob Korner
507 E Fremont St, LV, NV

Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Rincon Criollo
1145 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104

May 21, 2011
Adamsimpson in Las Vegas

Looking for FUN sashimi/omakase experience in SF

I really like Zushi Puzzle on Lombard. Chef Rodger is hilarious and VERY proud to show off his fish. Reservations highly suggested if you want a bar seat.

Local source for 500ml glass bottles

Brewcraft, Park Presidio at Clement.

Bottles and capping supplies.

NOPA, SEBO and one of Beretta, Flour & Water, A16

Beretta if your gonna drink lots and want an interesting cocktail list. Flour Water if you wanna stay out of the marina, which I avoid at most cost. A16 For REALLY good pizza.

Sebo is WAY overrated in my opinion. Its terribly expensive for what it is. The quality is there, but they seem to have a bit of attitude about themselves now. There are so many better sushi places around the city. I love Zushi Puzzle on Lombard. Sebo probably has the best ambiance, but thats only worth so much.

1st Time to Brenda's French Soul Food

Ive had nearly everything on the menu as well as most of the specials. All of the food is amazing and super cheep. Favorite mid-week brunch spot by far.

ABC Cafe (Hong Kong style cafe) in San Mateo opening Oct 3

Are those hours correct!? Open till 3?!!?

Finally a place in my town for late night drunken eating!

Spaetzle maker?

There is a German store on Broadway in RWC. I am not sure what they might have/not have, but I would imagine it would be a good place to start

Fresh Chardonnay grape juice ... not wine or soda?

Navarro does Pinot and Gewurtztraminer.

BIG Juicy Reds...Russian River or Dry Creek

Your in the wrong area for those varietals, but if you like the mourved/grenache go for the
Russian River as you will find big juicy Pinots with bright clean acidity. Dry Creek is known for their Zins.

What should I explore next in the Haight?

Rosamunds for a sausage and eat it next door at toronado with some delicious beer.

Bone Marrow Restaurant

I would like to bring up a semi tangent complaint/topic.

Why is Bone Marrow ALWAYS served with some sort of parsley salad. I personally, think it is unnecessary. Whenever I do it, I just like a decent amount of salt, and a squeeze of some sort of acid, likely lemon and serve with a nice spring mix to be eaten independently.

Anyone else believe its time to update to "necessary" parsley, or am I outta line?

ISO: Fried wonton skin strips

Wait, just reread and didnt notice you didnt want to make them. But whyyyyyyyy?!

Maybe just contact a local resto. that carries them and see if you can buy a bunch from them.

Or, as a part time back of the house employee, if a customer approached us with sliced wrappers, I would gladly fry those bad boys up. So if your good friends with any resto with a fryer, you can do that perhaps.

ISO: Fried wonton skin strips

Make them!

Sharp knife, eggroll/gyoza/wonton wrappers, hot oil, salt, sugar

What butcher shops have 75/25 ground chuck

Percentages dont matter, agreed that it should just look relatively fatty. Grab some chuck, cut it into pieces that will fit your grinder. Season with salt. Let sit in fridge overnight. Grind really cold meat and work quick enough so the fat doesn't melt away from the friction of the grinder and shape. Let come to approx room temp. Cook in cast iron with some butter. NEVER press, get a feel for your heat. Refrain from flipping too often, 3 should be a maximum.

Ame, or Boulevard?


Has anyone eaten at Vivace Ristorante or Piacere's in San Carlos, CA?

Spasso's menu looks like a TGIFridays barfed all over a crappy Italian menu. Completely boring, uninspired, and nontraditional. And the wine list, blah. Such a poor excuse for a wine list. All large producers and big names. To their credit, the mark up isnt terribly high, then again, the Beringer White Zin is marked up from 4 dollars retail to 22.

Theres a really nice new place thats opened called 888 Ristorante Italiano. Its very traditional, and relatively straightforward, but delicious. Entree prices are from 15-20. The wine list is pretty crappy as well, and corkage is 15, but if you use the "have a glass yourself trick" with your waiter, its normally a fail safe way to get out of it.

A16 Recommendations?

You could wear jeans at GD, if you wanted. I enjoy dressing up occasionally, so I would, but if you feel like jeans you wouldnt be out of place.

Looking for Barley Malt Powder in SF

What the crap do you use barley malt for? Same application as Malted Milk?

Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Millbrae?

Check out Dumpling Dumpling in millbrae. It just opened on El Co accros the street from hong kong flower. Its pretty good if your only after dumpling items.

Neopolitan-style pizza in peninsula?


Tipsy pig? Always this loud?

I still have a big bone to pick with this place. Proclaiming the title/label of a "gastropub," I feel that you better have a damn interesting beer list. Maybe this is just an opinion, but their tap list is terribly boring and their bottle list is good at best. I feel like I could stumble into nearly any bar in SF and grab a pint of any of the beers they have available on tap. In their defense, the wine list is pretty legit. Though visually organized poorly, there are some really interesting, and not terribly overly marked up wines

Wood Fire Woodie Pizza San Mateo

an overly enthusiastic "nope" or "no"

Wood Fire Woodie Pizza San Mateo

Whats up with the weird hours. i think I recall seeing 8AM-11AM, then reopening at 4PM-8PM. I tried to stop by for lunch, but NAWOP.

LA hound headin' up to what are you folks "hella" good at?

Make sure you dont go to "tartine cafe" you want "Bar Tartine" or "Tartine Bakery." Falafel Drive in is just ok for how out of the way it is. Top dog is not worth it considering its all the way in Oakland. Try and stay closer. Your itinerary sounds a little overly ambitious for things that are just ok.

Since your staying in Redwood Shores, there is The Refuge right across the highway (like 1/2 mile) that has the best Pastrami on the west coast and an amazing, predominantly Belgian beer list. If your heading to the city, I would say a mission burrito, Zuni chicken, Humphry Slocombe ice cream, XLB @ SDKing, are all relatively quintessential eats.

Trendiest places and best eats

#1 Dont do a Napa Tour. DIY! Those things are a joke. Just rent a car for a day and drive up your self. It is easy to just wing it if your just doing napa and probably the same cost.
#2 95% of people could give a damn about the trend factor. In fact, most people think trend equates to lesser quality food. Im in my early 20s, and good food, is good food regardless of the setting.

Top Craft Cocktails/Mixology in San Francisco?

Def hit The Alembic.

Check out Bourbon and Branch, youll go apeshit.

I like Rye, but its slightly trendy for some.

NOPA has great drinks with some great small plates as well.

Jack's Prime, San Mateo

Ive been three times. I had a shake the first time which was not very good, but the burgers and fries were excellent. The second was right before closing, they only had wheat buns, which were good, but not what we wanted, and the fries werent nearly as crispy as they had been or should have been. I think they turned the oil off and were using residual heat. The third was perfect. Burgers cooked perfect, fries crispy and hot, service as you would expect from a place of the sort. Im happy with the place. I think it is apparent that they didnt deliver because of going in so late, which is not so great, but I forgive this easily. Im in the food and beverage industry, and if you have been at work since 12, and want to try to clean up a little early, its relatively excusable. I think its rude to go in 15 mins. before closing in the first place, but I didnt realize they were closing.

live uni or sea urchin in SF? and food crawl recs...

I had some at Zushi Puzzle about 6 months ago. Probably not a WHOLE lot of help, but at least some sort of lead.

Best pork sisig?

Whats wrong with brain?

Best pork sisig?

Ive heard good things about Ihaw Ihaw in San Bruno. I think Im gonna go there right now. Ill report later today or tomorrow.