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Arepas Cafe Long Island City

If you guys love arepas.....and are not affraid to cook....let me tell you...it is the EASIEST things to do and super cheap. now....when it comes to the fillings...that's another story. I personally love my arepas more than any of the places around here...so what i do is go, get some of my favorite fillings (carne esmechada) and cheeses pretty much you can get good ones in any latin market around town.
So....if you are curious how to make them...let me know and I'll give you a recipe.
I am soooo happy people in NY are getting into them though....I have them for breakfast every day when I'm in Venezuela with the best cheese in the PLANET! Sadly....that's impossible to get here....but still they are great no matter what you eat them with. My dad actually eats them with Gouda cheese....go figure! ;)

happy eats!

Dec 05, 2008
alar71 in Outer Boroughs