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Breakfast in far East Dallas

Good 2 Go Taco is awesome but I haven't been to their new location yet so can't speak to the seating situation...

Scrambles in Mesquite near Town East is a great little independently owned breakfast spot. They have like a hundred different kinds of omelets and fantastic biscuits & gravy, they make all their salsas/sauces from scratch.

Taco Joint on Peak isn't exactly authentic Mexican but in addition to delicious breakfast tacos, they have migas plates and things like that. Really yummy salsas.

The Taco Joint
911 N Peak St, Dallas, TX 75204

Aug 15, 2011
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

Upscale BYOB in Dallas

Dali Wine Bar has BYOB on Sundays, no corkage fee.

Dali Wine Bar
1722 Routh Street, Dallas, TX 75201

Oct 29, 2009
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas Desserts

i like the cupcakes at Sprinkles (the carrot is amaaazing, has cinnamon cream cheese frosting) and Society Bakery... Sprinkles are more rich and "gourmet", Society is more like the best possible version of cupcakes that remind you of your childhood... nice and fluffy with a big creamy mountain of icing. as far as desserts go, i love Local... all their desserts are made in-house and they change the menu weekly. Recently had an amazing pumpkin custard topped with cinnamon-sugar whipped cream... yum. They also have a chocolate composed that is always on the menu, with a mini chocolate souffle, tiny chocolate malt shot, and rich brownie cookies... decadent.

Society Bakery
3426 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

Oct 29, 2009
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

Boba tea (Dallas)

absolute best bubble tea in Dallas is Fruitealicious, Keller Springs & Josey in Carrollton. Perfect. I actually prefer the icy fruit smoothie-style drinks... their Mango Strawberry is amazing, has chunks of fresh fruit in it. Their tapioca pearls are unparalleled in quality, they're always the perfect chewy consistency.

Aug 19, 2009
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

authentic Mexican street food/tacos in DFW?

Does such a place exist in the Dallas area? Not the Tex Mex stuff that passes for Mexican here...

Apr 04, 2009
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

Wednesday happy hour in Dallas??

My sister is celebrating her birthday today (27) and we want to hit up a happy hour with friends... Any suggestions for somewhere that has tasty and affordable bar food/snacks and decent drinks? She likes frozen margaritas, girly flavored martinis, etc... somewhere in Uptown, Greenville area, or Addison would be great. Thank you!!

Mar 18, 2009
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth

inexpensive Sunday brunch?

looking for a decent but cheap Sunday brunch spot this weekend--preferably somewhere that has bottomless or very cheap mimosas! A friend recommended Penne Pomodoro, their menu looks pretty inexpensive and they have $1 mimosas. Any other suggestions?


Dec 05, 2008
whitknee in Dallas - Fort Worth