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Brimley & Sheppard - Food Court type building

Are you talking about the malaysian/singaporean take out place?

banana leaf

Sri Lankan grocery stores carry them. I believe they are frozen and you need to thaw them. I am not sure if they carry fresh banana leaves. The leaves are used to make this rice dish that has curries and then is baked in the banana leaf. It is called lamprice or lampries.

A lot of Tamil Sri Lankans eat their food off of a banana leaf on special occassions.

Brimley & Sheppard - Food Court type building

I know this foodcourt - it is in the 4655 Sheppard Ave building.

Any recommendations???

New Peach Garden (Vietnamese) Restaurant between Gerrard & Jones/Pape

The Peach Garden resto in Mississauga is really good.

Hot (spiciest) rest. in toronto

Hakka or Sri Lankan restos should be good bet. Hopper Hut has some really hot food. I believe even some native Sri Lankans find it very hot and that is saying a lot.

Thai restaurant suggestions

Real Thailand is really good. I believe the owners are Thai.

Dessert Trends - Bistro

Wow! I should definitely try it then. There were only a hanful of people for dinner. It looked nice and cozy.

Here is the website:

Dessert Trends - Bistro

I had my fish and chips for dinner this evening and crossed the road to get my bus. I then noticed Dessert Trends Bistro. They have started serving dinner. I didn't go into the resto but peeked in and the desserts look divine! Anybody try the new dinner menu? Also, is it a good place for some after dinner drink/coffee and dessert?

Fish and Chips

I tried Harbord Fish and Chips today. Lots of Chips and one piece of Halibut. The fish was nice and light and very crispy. I noticed the the oil that they fried in was very clear - not brownish at all.

Banana Dishes

Most chinese restos offer fried bananas with ice cream. Most west indian restos offer plantain which is so yummy.

I have also seen banana shakes in Vietnamese restos.

restaurants in etobicoke

There is a strip of restos on Bloor between Royal York and Islington.

Ma Maison - any good?

Is this place any good? It is near Dundas and Royal York. The sign outside says "Patisserie, Boulangerie".


Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

All Star Wings are good. I have only been once but no other wing place compares and I loooooooove wings.

St Clair/Yonge Sushi?

I tried Sushi Garden and was not impressed (yet again). I tried the spicy salmon roll and the 10pc sushi set.

Any other recommendations??

Current Best Greek on the Danforth?

Mezes is very good. They have great dips, lamb chops and grilled octopus. I used to go there with my ex and just spend 2-3 hours hanging out and having great convo with a good bottle of red wine and their lambchops and grilled octopus.

The Ex - eats

The last time I went to the Ex was in the '90s. I got sick and tired of the same rides and the (loser) games. I never ventured into the food building as the people that I usually went with spent all their time near the rides, playing games etc.

I would like to go this time (by myself) and try the famous Tiny Tim donuts and such.

What are your faves at The Ex?

(Toronto) Best custard tarts?

Caldense bakery (on Bloor, just east of Dufferin) has the best!! I buy about 6 and by the time I get home on the subway, there are only 1 or 2 left.

Pakwanchi in Mississauga - any good?

No comments?


Lunch time Indian on Gerrard

There is a great pakistani place - Lahore Tikka house. They have really good lamb kababs (that come with roasted green chillies) and biryani. Not sure if they still have that funky patio. It was there the last time I went there which was 2 years ago.

Chandni Chowk is also a good option.

Zpicy Spicy Chinese restaurant - Yonge & St.Clair - any good?

I work near Yonge & St. Clair and have noticed this resto. They advertise that they serve fresh dim sum all day. It is located at 1415 Yonge Street, just south of St.Clair. Is the food any good? How about the dim sum?

One or several things made really good that you want to spread the word about?

The two for one lobster deal at La Wai Heen. The last time I went with a friend, we ordered the lobster, rice and a few veggies. The veggies were not good at all but the lobster was the best. I would go there just for the lobster but won't try anything else.

The coconut shrimp at gin & tonics are really good at Louisiana's (Brampton).

Full Engish breakfast in Toronto?

I checked out the Duke of Gloucester website and I saw they have advertised a British breakfast and pint special on for $9.25 every weekend.

I have never been here nor have I had the breakfast but it sounds like a good deal.

Beef Patties?

I just tried the ones at Bathurst station and I only have to say one thing.....YUMMMMMM!

These are the best patties I have ever tasted.

I went to Bathurst station last week and tried the patty at the Cafe/bakery place; the one with the table and chairs and was not at all impressed. I figured it was an off day and I had to go back and try the patty that all the chowhounds were raving about. So I get off the train and am trying to get to the above place, when I notice that there is another small bakery there. I went in and ordered a spicy beef patty and it was heaven. I even noticed someone delivering boxes of these patties but I forgot to take a look at the name on the box.

This is my new favourite patty. They are so yummy, I can have them everyday. The crust is good and the filling is a little runny (not too much) but they are sooooo good.

Thanks chowhounds.

Restaurants for one - recommendations needed

As I am single now (was married for about 5 years) and don't have a partner to join me for dinner, where can I go to enjoy a good meal, with a glass or two of wine/cocktails and a good book?

I have had good luck with the many sushi places around Toronto.

My recommendations:

-I also like Real Thailand during off hours (after 2 p.m. and before 7 p.m).

-Ginger - vietnamese cuisine near Yonge & Bloor

Any other recommendations?

St Clair/Yonge Sushi?

I tried Takara Sushi today after work and was not that impressed. Yes, the fish is fresh but the sushi and rolls had no flavour. Also the service was bad. I went there on my own and there were 3 waitresses, it took forever to get them to serve me and get a refill on my tea.

I will not be going back and will try Sushi Garden next time.

Wedding Cake Emergency....PLEASE HELP!!

Try Tara at 416-316-1777. She did a great birthday cake at very short notice for a friend's birthday party - 2 days notice. I am sure she can do a good job with your wedding cake.

Pakwanchi in Mississauga - any good?

I have heard good things about this place for its biryani.

I love the biryani at Biryani House but am looking for authentic Pakistani Biryani.

Pakwanchi is located at 35 Dundas Street West in Mississauga (Dundas & Hurontario).

PS - is a good site to check out reviews on Pakistani, Indian, and halal restos.

I'm craving sausage rolls - where can I find the best?

There is a small bakery in Islington station (not the bigger one, but the smaller one that sells coffee, bagels etc.) I love their sausage rolls.

Best patties?

I read the same article and was shocked to see that most Caribbean/West Indian places sell patties that are previously frozen.

It will be great if you can post "authentic" patty places.

There is nothing like a spicy beef patty with a ginger beer (or even chocolate milk) for a snack.MMMMMMMM

King Palace

Is this the place at Sherbourne & Adelaide right next to the gas station??