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DC girl coming home...looking for Shrimp & Grits

Does Florida Ave Grill serve them? I know they did for a time when I was a kid.

DC girl coming home...looking for Shrimp & Grits

I'll be in DC week after next, but with limited access to a car.
Need shrimp and grits.
Fried catfish.
All the good stuff I ate growing up that taught me I was truly being raised in a Southern City.

And yes - I know - I'm utterly shattered about being too early for crab.

Places near 16th and Florida- SFSPCA?

About to start a new job with the SFSPCA, on 16th by Florida. THRILLED to be out of FiDi/Soma boring lunch land, and eager to hear about great choices in my new work 'hood...?

Child friendly but still impressive

Hey folks-
Need a suggestion for a spot that can accomdate a group of about 10 or so, with a few small children. This is a celebration dinner of sorts.
Best to stick around the ferry or SOMA area.


Have a reservation at Range next week. Never been. Suggestions? Thoughts?
just noticed the previous post.

Greek Festival?

I'm from the East Coast, and March signals the start of Greek Festival season for me.
Anything around the Bay I can check out?

A good steak in San Leandro/Castro Valley area?

Does it exist?


Flying out of LAX next week, and it looks like I might be sitting there for an hour or so prior to boarding. Food suggestions?

Castro Valley/Hayward spots to check out?

Staying in Castro Valley for a few weeks.
Where must I check out in the area?

I know Oakland, etc... I'm looking for VERY local places.

Best Chinese in Oakland? And Reccs for Alameda

Another leaving soon post...
I want to seek out the best Chinese in the area before I head back to the east coast.
Places in Oakland? The best? Suggestions of where and what to order?

Also- there is East Ocean and Chef's Wok in Alameda (where I am)- best bets on the menu?

Need a day trip that involves GREAT food

Ok- so I'm leaving California for the east coast in a couple weeks. I have a few free days before I leave, and want to take a little day trip that gives me great scenery, terrific food I can't get anywhere else (maybe local crab?) and a general great memory.

Crabs- Half Moon Bay

Driving through Half Moon Bay tonight- any reccs for local crab?

Cajun place in Oakland by tunnel?

Each night, as my Transbay bus heads into Oakland to hit the Webster tunnel, we pass a cajun place, open only on the weekends, it seems.
What is this place? Should I check it out? It looks pretty interesting.

Sushi in Alameda?

Thanks for the guidance. We ended up at Kamakura last night, and had a fantastic time. Sat at the sushi bar, and let the man with the knife do the choosing for the most part.
We were with a 15 year old, so he chose the Raider roll, which was ok (I'm not too into rolls). Rainbow roll was great, the Kamakura roll was dissapointing, but I assume great for what is was supposed to be.
My moment came with my selection of two off the special board- Hamachi Toro (yellowtail belly) and Maragai (longneck clam).
The belly was butter in my mouth- I had to get it twice. Fantsatic- the best I've ever had. The clam was terrific. Clamlicious, if I may.
Our teenaged companion has a stomach that will not quit, so he continued on to the assorted sashimi plate with rice, which seemed to include a little of all the standards- he gobbledit quicker than we could attempt a taste, so I assume all was well.
My BF added another special to his plate- the wild yellowtail, which was just as wonderful as expected, but couldn't hold a candle to the belly.
Just as we thought we might for for one more round of the belly, sushi chef declared- All Out of Belly! Whoo. We just made it.
I'll only be in CA for a couple more weeks, but I will most certainly hit Kamakura up at least once more before I leave.
All in all, a great night, even for a tally of $100.
LOVE the plum wine and fruit at the end! Our teen got a box of Japanese rice candy in place of the wine..a nice touch from Faith.

Sushi in Alameda?

Does anyone know of a Sushi place in Alameda open late?
Katsu is only open until 9:30...I was hoping for somewhere open later, as I never get home from work until 8:30.

Patio-dog friendly in SF?

Does anyone know if Luna would allow a dog on their heated patio?

Patio-dog friendly in SF?

Meeting a friend for dinner one night this weekend, and need a place where a small dog, in a carrier, can hang out.
Thinking somewhere in the Castro, or really anywhere near there with a patio area, or just a place where no one cares about a quiet pooch in a bag.

An open apology to Marcella Hazan

A little off Marcella topic, but right on Hazan-
Anyone tried her son's book- Every Night Italian?
It's terrific, and you can see him mom in all the recipes.

Oct 20, 2006
northofboston in Home Cooking

El Oriental??

I must know!
Sadly, I moved out of Boston in August, and was not able to be around for the grand re-opening. Word has it that this week it happened? Do tell all!

Just moved- need some reccs

A BIG thank you for directing me to Woodhouse in the Castro.
I hopped over on my lunch break and was nothing short of thrilled.
I declared to the nice fellows that I was a North Shore Massachusets transplant, and painfully homesick.
A moment later, a HEAPING plate of fried to perfection Ipswich clam was placed in front of me, sided with a bowl of thick and delicious clam chowder. What a lunch!
The friend clams were big bellied and true to Ipswich nature- I was in heaven.
The chowder was fantastic- my only nitpick would be that the potato was sliced, not cubed. But it was fantastic, it was thick, and there wasn't a bacon or celery in sight- hooray!

The guys at Woodhouse tell me that they do steamers on the weekends, and I will most certainly be back for that!

Thanks for the tip everyone- I'm happy and satisfied, and now know how to cure my homesickness for less than $20!

Dim Sum- Oakland?

Looking for the best reccs for dim sum in Oakland. I live in Alameda, so frankly, Oakland is easier than SF.

Pastrami and The City

I don't keep kosher, but in my mind, that's the best place for a real sandwich. Is it worth checking that place out or are there better? I need a pastrami sandwich. Badly.

Pastrami and The City

What is Embarcadero 4?
I just moved to the area (from 3000 miles away) and am dying to find a good kosher place for a sandwich.

Just moved- need some reccs

Just moved to the Bay Area from New England and going through some food shock.

I live in Alameda and work in the Castro.
Have access to a car, and can get around the Bay Area.

I need some suggestions for:

1. A deli. A real one. Not someplace where my pickle is floppy and my reuben has the "option" of kraut.

2. Do fried clams exist in this area?

3. Cuban, Dominican and Russian food? Obviously not all in the same place. As cool as that concept would be...

4. Any and all suggestions for learning Northern California cuisine. Especially the seafood. Where do we go to get things from the sea?

Cuban sammich?

Where can one get a real Cuban in the Bay Area?

Another Shout Out for Louie's Ice Cream

can you get there by T?

Lobster Mac N Cheese?

Best bets?