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Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill

Well I kind of agree with you but I'd say its on the awesome/amazing side of that line that borders with disgusting/greasy... It's certainly not something I would want to eat often. But I kind of want one right now...

Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill

As a vegetarian who isn't interested in meat burgers, I would like to point out that the shroom burger at Shake Shack is one of the most delicious/amazing vegetarian burgers in the history of the world. It consists of a portobello cap covered with lots of cheese and then deep fried creating a delicious oozy situation. Also, by the way, I had their "concrete" with the lobster tail pastry blended into it and it was so incredible.

vegans in town visiting! vegan friendly places in cambridge/somerville?

Take them to eat hotpot! Shabu Ya in Harvard Square is really great. You can order hotpot with a veggie broth and you can get various combinations of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and noodles. It's the perfect time of year to eat hot soup!
They also have delicious sushi, fyi.

cambridge/somerville dinner?

Fun Places to meet friends with good beer:
Cambridge Common
Cambridge Brewing Co
The Thirsty Scholar

bar for 200 ppl?

a few years ago a friend rented out All Asia for a big birthday party. i don't know their capacity but it was really fun there... scorpion bowls!

Restaurants everyone seems to HATE but you love

there is nothing better than those rolls... they are magic

waltham restaurants

i am personally a fan of the sandwiches at cafe on the common

Softserve ice cream closer than Dairy Joy?

yes they sure do!

New to the Neighborhood: West Newton/Moody Street

Taqueria Mexico is amazing- cheap and delicious- and also they have yummy sounding breakfast- although i've only been for dinner.

New to the Neighborhood: West Newton/Moody Street

I second Ponzu, Tuscan Grill, Solea, Sushi yasu.
Also, add to your list:
Bombay Mahal - excellent Indian
Upper Crust- local chain- great pizza -great atmosphere and they serve beer!
Masao's Kitchen - kind of weird in a good way japanese/macrobiotic- very interesting and good.
Watch City Brewery - great pub food - awesome nachos and sweet potato fries- their beer is kind of mediocre, but we like to support our local brew pub nonetheless.
The Skellig is my favorite moody stret bar and has my favorite veggie burger ever.
Also, I've heard the pizza place in West Newton- Sweet Tomato or something like that is excellent but haven't been myself.
Bon App!

pizza in waltham

I recently moved to waltham and have noticed that there might be more pizza places per capita here than anywhere else. I've been to Upper Crust and Dominics and i like them very much. I am wondering this: are any of the other places particularly worth going to, or should i stick with what i know is good?

Best Indian

kebab and tandoor recently remodeled and the ambiance is really nice now. i don't know what it was like before. i didn't love the food but i think it was because it was not what i was expecting not because it wasn't good.

place in teas and accessories?

tea zone on elm street near porter square is cool

Where can I buy halloumi cheese in Boston?

shaws porter square has it

The Neighborhood?

in the summer when waiting for a table, i've gotten full eating the snacks they put up for grabs while you wait. no joke.

The Neighborhood?

omg the cream of wheat is so amazing. i don't know how they do it. any ideas? butter?

Best Mac & Cheese

Redbones is my favorite. mmmm.

Kid friendly Brunch/lunch near Brandeis?

Moody street has an Upper Crust and its right near Lizzie's for icecream afterwards.

Birthday dinner for mother in law

We are trying to find a great restraunt to go to for my mother-in-laws birthday. People are coming from out of town, but since we live here, we get to figure it out!
-space for 15 people total; separate room or separate area of restraunt would be nice.
-kind of fancy and special but without breaking the bank
-sadly, she is not too fond of asian or mexican food (mmm sushi boat...)
-not too far from Needham, so western suburbs ideal

Thank you so much for your help!