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Okinawan-style sushi in SEA?

Okinawan sushi rice is more heavily seasoned. There tend to be more cooked toppings, the shoyu is seasoned a bit differently, a bit sweeter.

Feb 19, 2009
lebelage in Pacific Northwest

2 4 1 coupon not honored... what to do?

"and I specified people waiting to be seated "

um... but Nosh, I'm assuming they don't have some completely seperate soundproof holding corral for waiting as few places do. Since you specifically say you plan on being LOUD on "your way out" about it it stands to reason that people within the establishment are going to be bothered.

"On my way out" is not outside. It is causing a disturbance on private property. Anyone does that in my place I call the police.

But then again I don't do those coupon websites because as I mentioned many are scams.

I repeat: many of these websites that sell restaurant coupons DELIBERATELY leave off restriction info that the restaurant wants to have on... because people are more likely to buy the coupon if it doesn't mention restrictions.

Restaurants do not get a portion of the sales from these sites.
Because this is a fairly new thing many owners do not realize what they are getting themselves into.

If you are going to use these coupons I suggest calling first. Now I'm not saying no restaurant has ever left this info off either deliberately or through neglect. But with these coupon websites it is deliberate and it happens frequently.

Please note also that while a coupon may not list specifically when the coupon is not valid it may simply say "restrictions may apply".

When you see "restrictions may apply" you MUST call first or risk your coupon being invalid.

Case in point:
The coupon may be valid for weekday lunches but say maybe Valentines or Xmas falls on a weekday and there is a special prix fixe menu. Probably won't apply on holidays.

Feb 09, 2009
lebelage in Not About Food

2 4 1 coupon not honored... what to do?

"And I'd be very loud about it on my way out," ok, but this is what you said... meaning that you are ruining the atmosphere for other paying patrons.

Sorry, there is NEVER an excuse to disturb other patrons. Ever.

When you resort to poor behavior you don't make any point at all.

Feb 09, 2009
lebelage in Not About Food

2 4 1 coupon not honored... what to do?

"And I'd be very loud about it on my way out, especially to any potential customers waiting to be seated or on the way in"

I certainly hope you're kidding, Nosh. Even when you are in the right that is incredibly obnoxious and childish behavior. 1) it is disturbing the other patrons who are paying for their meals and don't want to listen to someone having a hissy fit and 2) sometimes a patron DOES miss some small print- your instant hissy fit could also be based on false pretenses.

Now, to the coupon. I am an owner. I would never use these coupon sites for my business because they often put up inaccurate information or leave off information that restaurants want to be included. Why? because more people purchase the coupons if restrictions aren't mentioned... and the restaurant is left holding the bag.

I'm not saying this is the case at this place but this is a notorious practice of these coupon websites and the reason why many business owners won't use them anymore.

Feb 09, 2009
lebelage in Not About Food

Kewpie Mayonnaise- any fans? suggestions for use?

I love kewpie mayo!!

I do a sweet potato salad w/ it... slice sweet potatoes, boil til just tender, chill.
Toss w/ dressing made of kewpie, korean garlic chile sauce, green onions.

Wasabi mayo, kewpie+wasabi for dipping french fries in.

Deviled eggs...

Apr 14, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

One notch below Moto, Trotters, Avenues etc..?

For pizza...

Only Pequod's. None of that other touristy trash.

Get a Pequod's pie.. with no more than 2 toppings. Do NOT order anything but pizza as all else there sucks...well... get some beer but do NOT get salad.... >>gack!<<< no salad there as I have never been served such defiantly awful brown, obviiously rotting greens anywhere else.... but go for the godly, godly 'za.

Mar 10, 2008
lebelage in Chicago Area

Uses for Porcini Powder?

Take a chicken breast.
Cut a pocket in it and stuff with prosciutto, sage leaves and some shaved parmigiano.

Now, sandwich the breast between two pieces of wax paper and pound until it is a thin cutlet. Brush Dijon mustard all over. Mix the porcini powder with some panko(Japanese breadcrumbs) about a 1 to 1 ratio.

Saute until golden brown.

Feb 17, 2008
lebelage in Home Cooking

A Difficult Pill

A very nice write, thanks for that.

Feb 08, 2008
lebelage in Features

Best food of the best in Portland

reservations taken for parties of 5+

Feb 03, 2008
lebelage in Metro Portland

Saturday Night in Portland for PHX Chowhound


Jan 27, 2008
lebelage in Pacific Northwest

Mos burger "special sauce"

Yep- the chili sauce sauce! Does anyone else think it has a slightly nutmegy thing going on?

Jan 21, 2008
lebelage in Japan

Lucques Short Ribs - Too Much Liquid

Why reduce the amount of liquid when it is so tasty and can be used for so many other things? Thin it out and use as a soup base. Cook some lentils and toss them with the jus and some mirepoix veg and fresh herbs. Reduce it down and toss with buttered noodles. Use as a base for a pan sauce for steak... possibilites=endless.

Jan 20, 2008
lebelage in Home Cooking

Mos burger "special sauce"

Won't be getting to Japan anytime soon so will need to make my MOS burgers at home.

Anyone ever try to replicate the Mos Burger special sauce at home?
I've got the rice patties down...

Jan 20, 2008
lebelage in Japan

What do they call this kind of presentation / cuisine?

Glad you did your research.. like I said- it is "inspired" by kaiseki.. and therefore is often funny because done by people who don't understand it.

In kaiseki the food only takes up a pre set amount on the plate... but the food is small and the plates are pretty small too and there is a reason for both.

Our definitions of negative space may actually not be all that different.. since I do kaiseki cuisine.. I think it may just come off that way because I try to be generous to those who try to apply it to American cuisine. Some do better than others.

Jan 18, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

What do they call this kind of presentation / cuisine?

"maybe in japanese art, but negative space in the presentation of japanese food?"

Yes, in kaiseki style cuisine and Kyoto style sushi

Jan 15, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

What do they call this kind of presentation / cuisine?

Some of the aspects are those of nouvelle cuisine.. most notably the "painted" style of saucing.

The "deconstructed" elements..little lines of ingredients separated from the main part of the dish... well, in part that is Asian influenced... think of all the dishes where you have multiple extras with a dish that you add in as wanted... such as a Thai khai soi that is served with a seperate plate with little dabs of pickled mustard greens, crushed chilis, pieces of lime, bits of fried shallot... just in this application of modern cuisine it is separate but still on the same plate. This allows for texture and temperature variance as you are dragging your food through different elements bite by bite.

The large plate little food thing? That comes from a Japanese sensibility where negative space is really important. While some places do it to the point it becomes laughable in the hands of someone skilled and knowledgable it is a nice plating style. problem is so many cooks now are doing it that don't understand why it was done or where the concept comes from.

Jan 13, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

Thoughts on wasabi mashed potatoes?

I like this product, better than the powdered real wasabi and at a good price too:

Jan 12, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

Recipes that call for peanut powder/ recipe for chipotle peanut pesto aioli?

I use peanut powder to thicken curry soups. Adds a nice roasty, peanutty flavour and gives a nice rich mouthfeel without the addition of a lot of fat.

I also make asian salad dressings with it... a little lime juice, a little fish sauce, some garlic, cilantro, chilis and peanut... add some mirin if you want a little sweetness

Jan 10, 2008
lebelage in Home Cooking

MOS Burger, Japanese

I've seen the picture of the rice burger and that is what intrigued me so much- trying to figure out how the damn thing stays together.

So you think it's just pressed and grilled cooked rice? No other ingredients involved?
Or do they maybe puree a little glutenous rice and add it to the whole grains to keep it together?

Jan 05, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

MOS Burger, Japanese

I have been hearing so much about these.. especially the rice burgers.

Now, I don't have the $$$ to go to Japan anytime soon.. so I'd like to hear more about MOS from those who've been.

I cook a lot of Japanese and want to try to make this stuff from the various descriptions I receive.

Jan 04, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

Sriracha Chili Sauce Condiment or Crack?!

If you get the chance buy Shark Brand sriracha.... I thought Rooster was great until I tried Shark.

Jan 03, 2008
lebelage in General Topics

Who Stayed In and What Did You Make For NYE?

I'm in the restaurant industry so if I'm blessed with not working NYE I NEVER go out for "amateur night".

Made sushi, sashimi and such. Drank sake by the fireplace. Discovered that the pugs like sushi as much as I do and the old one likes extra wasabi.

Jan 01, 2008
lebelage in Home Cooking

coming to portland from nyc...where to eat?

PokPok for Thai

Alberta Street Oyster Bar and Grill for contemp American/seafood

Biwa for AMAZING non sushi Japanese

Genies for brunch (and a great bloody mary)

Toro Bravo for tapas

Jan 01, 2008
lebelage in Pacific Northwest

TitleThe Mmm Face – Do we really want to watch people eat?

"They show Rachel and Sandra washing their hands all the time"

LOL! The very shows I've never been able to sit through more than 60 seconds of!

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Food Media & News

Menu Ideas--Small Plates/Italian

Simmer dried figs in spiced port wine (balsamic, or vincotto), roll in finely chopped walnuts, stuff with bleu cheese.

Mix pesto with panko (japanese breadcrumbs) stuff into a slit up the back of some shrimp. Skewer the shrimp then grill, broil or saute while basting with lemon and olive oil

Frito misto- make paper thin slices of veggies (plus calamari and/or anchovies if you like) dust with seasoned flour (or I like to you flour, semolina and cornmeal) and fry- serve with aioli dipping sauce. Good veg for this includes- fennel, peppers, zucchini, radicchio, onion, lemons, artichoke heats, green beans, eggplant.. etc

Drain and dry a can of chickpeas. mix some cornstarch and salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. Toss the chickpeas with it and shake off the excess. Saute on high heat in a bit of olive oil until starting to brown then transfer to a 350 oven until crispy. Drain and serve.

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Home Cooking

Seen any good You Tube cooking demos/tutorials lately?

Not YouTube or video, but Chef Bob Ballantyne does an excellent photo blog detailing cooking, service and table settings

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Food Media & News

TitleThe Mmm Face – Do we really want to watch people eat?

"Chefs that do not wash their hands after touching meat, double blech"

On many shows the washing of hands is edited out. In a show that is 30 minutes.. well, more like 22 after commercials there wouldn't be much room for content if little things like that were shown all the time.

Some shows for awhile they showed a brief splash... to get the point across but then there was the concern that people would see pros just splashing water on their hands and assume that was ok.

Trust me... you'd be very unhappy if 5 minutes out of every 22 was taken up with hand washing.

Many chefs now use an instant spray on hand sanitizer in between touching things, but people don't want to watch that either.

I've done a fair amount of cooking on TV, washed my hands on camera many times but that always gets edited out.

As to the face making... it is one of the many reasons I can't watch cooking shows anymore.

Thank god Netflix has the entire original Julia Child series on DVD!

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Food Media & News

Splitting appetizers

You are correct. Sharing and splitting are entirely different things.
Share= no charge
Split= charge

Why split fees that some (who don't really know the costs of running an F&B operation)think are so out of line.

Well... it isn't just "an extra side plate and 5 extra seconds of plating".
First... many things come in piece portions. Saaaayyyy... 3 scallops. When a split plate comes in most better restaurants will do 4 so each plate has the same amount. Also, because a plate can look skimpy usually slightly more food goes out in general.

And just because you or your usual dining companions are reasonable in your requests doesn't mean everyone is... how about the ap split three ways where 1 wants sauce on side, one wants extra sauce and one wants double sauce subbed from a different menu item? These days about 70% of tickets that come in have some kind of modification on them so while to a non restaurant insider this may seem like it would be an infrequent request- I assure you it is not.

Not even to get into the number of people who order a split plate and ask that the meat be served at different temps for each person. Very common are demands for a burger split half rare, half midwell.. or steak, or duck.. you get the picture.

Now some would say... why penalize everyone for special requests when some people just want the food as is on 2 seperate plates- why not just charge the people with the special requests? Well... THOSE people don't think they should get charged EITHER.

So, for most restaurants it is simpler to have an across the board charge for splitting. Period. And one person paying for a low maintenance split covers the cost of someone else's obnoxious request. Just like when places don't charge extra for to go serviceware, flatware, etc that price is spread to everyone regardless of whether they ever order to go or not.

One person orders an ap, the other shares a little.. no charge, no problem.

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Not About Food

Fresh Uni at The Hungry Cat

This place sells them mail order, I've heard the company is good

Anyway, I'll be buying some soon and can report back about the quality. $5 each is reasonable though.

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Los Angeles Area

Cast iron pans leaving black flakes on food

Sometimes you get carbon build up.

I use cast iron in a restaurant situation so you can imagine the abuse mine take.

I scrub them with coarse salt and steel wool ( the real coarse kind, not those soapy little brillo pads) real hard... get everything off.... and then reseason them. That solves the problem everytime. Never use soap in mine.

Dec 31, 2007
lebelage in Cookware