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BBQ Pork Shoulder on my Weber

(nothing like a 3 year-old thread - but I see you were just responding about an hour ago) Your instructions are awesome, by the way. So now I need to ask... any suggestions for a cider-based sauce recipe/proportions?

I'm also trying to find a mention of being able to use lump charcoal in your method (I understand your wick is w/briquettes) but all I have is a ton of lump right now... will it work? I know lump won't really catch unlit, so maybe I just need to stick w/my existing "keep adding ashed over lump from the chimney" method. Or, I'll just do that for 3+hrs and finish in the oven. Suggestions?

Best wings in MKE?

Club Garibaldi... but just for you, not for the kids.

Feb 15, 2012
keltrue in Great Lakes

What do you love to serve for brunch?

I'm always on board w/bacon in the oven, like jvanderh... but for brunch, I like to take it a step further and sprinkle it with dark brown sugar and lots of cracked black pepper. It's awesome.

I just make sure that everything I choose can be made ahead of time... I want to enjoy it too! Waste your time making omelettes and waffles for everyone and you'll never do it again. A few recent recipes I saw that looked good include baked or shirred eggs (in ramekins w/vegetables or on top of a layer of hashbrowns in a pan); homemade museli with yogurt and fruit; stratas or savory bread puddings are a great choice (a la janniecooks); layered french toast dishes are nice as well.

I always make sure to have a bunch of drinks/cocktails ready as well - and plenty of coffee.

Apr 28, 2010
keltrue in Home Cooking

Former Seattle Resident Makes Her Return - One Week Only!

Thanks everyone - I leave tonight, so I'm already burning up Google w/your suggestions. I laughed when I saw Paseo's new location @ Shilshole... think they'll be open? haha... I used to live near the one on Fremont & it was NEVER open (ok, it was open twice).

Delancey was already on the list & Mike's is an ol' standby for me... I think you guys knew exactly what I was looking for. Lunchbox looks really fun - I'll have to see if I can find it! Let me just say that it's supposed to SNOW in Milwaukee this weekend... perfect time to get away and go "home". Thanks again.

Mar 17, 2010
keltrue in Greater Seattle

Milwaukee "kid-friendly" dining recomendation

FYI - Fratello's is closed (they're currently turning it into Ryan Braun's new restaurant) - should open by the time training breaks, I think.

We have a 2.5 and a 9yo - many interesting places in Milwaukee that serve food also happen to be bars, which is a problem sometimes. However, a few fun places we like to go are the Comet Cafe (East Side/Farwell Ave), Honeypie (on KK in Bay View), Milwaukee Ale House (Third Ward/Water St), the Cafe Hollander/Cafe Centraal "local chain" might be a good option too (3 locations: Bay View/Wauwatosa/East Side - Downer Ave). Also, 2 decent /local Mexican places & super kid friendly: La Fuente (S. 5th St/North of National in Walker's Point) and El Fuego on Layton Ave/9th St (South, near the airport).

Mar 16, 2010
keltrue in Great Lakes

Former Seattle Resident Makes Her Return - One Week Only!

So, this post is a little different from the "I'm visiting Seattle for 2 days and I need a list and a half of places to go" variety... because I used to live there. For a LONG time... and I (reluctantly) moved about 5 years ago to the coldest, crappiest city known to man. I spent a lot of time in Ballard and will probably go visit some old haunts around the city, but I'm looking for a few "hey, you already know the area and what's good - here's a few places you might like since you've been gone". (although I'll probably just camp out in front of Cafe Besalu all week) :-) Nothing "Canlis-fancy", just someplace I can perhaps sidle up to the bar and grab a nice beer and a great bite to eat in comfortable surroundings.

Mar 15, 2010
keltrue in Greater Seattle

Where Can I get a good vegetarian breakfast in Milwaukee?

Love "The National " (on National @ 9th/old Brooklyn Bob's) - vegan french toast and tasty tofu scramblers.

Nov 23, 2009
keltrue in Great Lakes

Know any Milwaukee area restaurants open on Thanksgiving or take out- VEGETARIAN

You may not have much luck on Thanksgiving day, but why not try calling Cafe Manna (Brookfield) or the Comet Cafe (Farwell) to pick up on Wednesday? If you're looking for a treat, you should try Roots (Brewers Hill) while you're in town. Or go ethnic for T-day... lots of mediterranean places have excellent vegetarian dishes.

Nov 23, 2009
keltrue in Great Lakes

Cast-iron skillet - inside walls are bumpy

You may want to take a look at this (very extensive) post on the subject:

Mar 03, 2009
keltrue in Cookware

Cheese Enchiladas

Correction: Pyramid is based in Seattle, not California.

Jan 26, 2009
keltrue in Recipes

MKE: Pho in Milwaukee

Phan's Garden is awesome - I was searching for a Thai or Vietnamese place after moving from Seattle a few years ago... Phan's fit the bill. I understand there's a great place at 60th & North called Mekong Cafe (fairly recent writeup in the Journal Sentinel giving it a good review), but I haven't had a chance to try it. It's not solely Vietnamese - they also have Lao/Thai items, but you'll find few places around here that specialize purely in one region. I also tried Tu Trinh (27th & Lincoln) when I first moved here, but they had an "issue" with the health department... not sure if they cleaned up their act/haven't been back.

EE Sane is a great place on the East Side (Prospect Ave, I think) for Thai... small storefront near Zaffiro's, a great Ethiopian place... and The Comet. You must go. Have fun!