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Lunch with Elderly (but spry) Aunt and Uncle drivable from 41st Street, Miami Beach

Thanks -- have tried Milos in Las Vegas, so looking for more local flavor. Is Joe's at lunch easy to get into? Would not want to wait on a long line with the Uncle.

Lunch with Elderly (but spry) Aunt and Uncle drivable from 41st Street, Miami Beach

We are visiting the Aunt and Uncle (themselves snowbirds) over Passover, and will be going to lunch. They are staying at Miami Beach around 41st, we have a car. They won't be eating bread (Passover) but are not kosher. They are not adventurous eaters, but we are. Suggestions?

Price Fixe dinner deal

Looking for dinner deals similar to Charlie Palmer's three courses at dinner for a reasonable price but not centered on steak which is not our thing. Can be a pre-theater time. Also we don't need wine deals. Looking to go Saturday night. .

Feb 07, 2012
Marissa in Las Vegas

Birthday Dinner (91 year old ) Roast Beef or Steak

Thanks, will take a look at these.

Aug 12, 2011
Marissa in Las Vegas

Piquillo Peppers in Las Vegas, anyone know where i can purchase them?

Trader Joe's sometimes carries Piquillo Peppers in jars -- lately, however, I haven't seen them stocked -- might be a seasonal thing.

Aug 12, 2011
Marissa in Las Vegas

Birthday Dinner (91 year old ) Roast Beef or Steak

Need help finding a restaurant. Taking Grandma out to dinner on a Saturday night in August (she lives on East Flamingo) for her 91st birthday. She wants "American", such as roast beef or steak. I'm not a steak eater, but will survive if there is anything else on the menu. Grandma cannot handle any black pepper in her food, so the kitchen needs to be able to handle and respect a special order. Given her simple tastes, I'd rather not go very high end. We can do on or off-Strip. Any suggestions?

Aug 01, 2011
Marissa in Las Vegas

Late Lunch Penn Station-MidTown to Chelsea?

Thanks, that sounds like a good spot.

Jun 26, 2011
Marissa in Manhattan

Late Lunch Penn Station-MidTown to Chelsea?

It is a Saturday. OK if it's brunch -- as long as we can start eating as late as 1:30 and linger.

Jun 24, 2011
Marissa in Manhattan

Late Lunch Penn Station-MidTown to Chelsea?

We are having a mini-reunion of 5 former Brooklynites. I'm coming up from DC to Penn Station, so a place mid-townish for an late lunch where we can linger for a couple of hours would be great. One of us has allergies and avoids mediterrian/mexican (haven't figured out the common food thread to that yet). I'm a foodie, but trend towards ethnic rather than upscale american. Suggestions appreciated.

Jun 22, 2011
Marissa in Manhattan

Comme Ca vs. Bouchon

Comme Ca (newly opended at The Cosmopolitan) throw down versus Bouchon (Venetian):

Ambiance: point to Bouchon -- which gets the tiled bistro effect down pat; Comme Ca has the glitziness that is The Cosmopl\olitan and the bright lights of the video screens on the strip become distracting after the inital wow factor wears off.

Service: point to Comme Ca. No stuffy waitstaff at Comme Ca, though there was a stuffy maitre de -- it does bother me when one seems to be stopping by other tables (in a not fulll restaurant) and ignoring ours. I would have been happy to fawn in his presence if he had made the effort.

Pomme Frites: point to Bouchon--Comme Ca's were tasty but not as McD's crispy.

Entrees: point to Comme Ca. The bouillabaise (forgive my spelling, HS French was a long time ago) was excellent. Guest had the CC burger which sung with the garlic-mayo "secret sauce." Admittedly, the sample here was not statistically significiant.

Deserts: major points to Comme Ca. The terreine (there goes the spelling again) au chocolat was a dark chocolate fantasy -- mucho intense. But the chocolate pot de creme was, for those still desiring infantile pablum pleasures, was one of the best renditions ever. Pure smooth chocolate mouth feel. Satisfying but not greasy. Totally addictive.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jan 15, 2011
Marissa in Las Vegas

Indoor Venting of Electric Wall Oven

We just had installed a Kitchenaid double electric wall oven and are shocked that the oven vents into the room (our old wall oven had a vent to the outside, so the vent conduit is still there). I called Kitchenaid and they said the ovens all vent inside. Did a little on line reseach and inside-venting seems to be the standard for electric wall ovens.

What are we missing here? The oven is blowing hot air into the kitchen -- nice in the winter but not in the summer. Plus, what about those times we are broiling, etc. and smoke pours out? We had enough instances of pulling the battery from the smoke alarm even with our outside vent.

I was so excited to finally replace the 30-year old ovens, but now am bummed. Please tell us it won't be as bad to operate in the summer/broiling, as it seems to us now.

Nov 04, 2010
Marissa in Cookware

Distrito -- What's the Deal with Reservation Policy

I suppose your last sentence sums it up, and a good Chowhound will put up with quite a bit for great food!

Oct 10, 2010
Marissa in Philadelphia

Distrito -- What's the Deal with Reservation Policy

Our family of five had a nice lunch at Distrito yesterday, but what is the deal with their reservation policy? I called to say (a) we were driving in that morning from DC; (b) it was a special occaison, our college student's 18th birthday. But all they would offer was an 11:30 am or 2:30 pm reservation. Took the 11:30 am. It was very tight for us -- particularly as rain hit us on I-95. We get there at 11:30 and the place was EMPTY. Stayed EMPTY until noon. When we left at 12:30 there was still seating available.

I realize the desire to turn over tables, but banishing parties of 5 to those unrealistic time slots, I don't get.

Oct 06, 2010
Marissa in Philadelphia

Rec's for University City Birthday Lunch

Thanks. Coming in this Tuesday October 5, so we will need to keep JG Domestic on our next to do list. Now, we have to deal with Distrito only having 11:30 and 2:30 availability!

Oct 03, 2010
Marissa in Philadelphia

Rec's for University City Birthday Lunch

We are driving into town from DC for a birthday lunch for our Drexel U freshman -- will have the brother (12 yrs old) and sister (15 year old), both with pretty sophisicated tastes) in tow. Distrito looks to be on the list (we've gone to "upscale" Mexican in DC, such as Oyamel.) Should that be our first choice? Any other suggestions?

Oct 02, 2010
Marissa in Philadelphia

New Kam Fong, University & Elkins in Wheaton

Deangold -- you are the god of wheaton! Thanks for turning us on to Nava Thaiand now New Kam Fong. We ate there for lunch today, and had, as suggested by you and other chowhounds, the wonderful mixed barbecue (duck, crispy pork and bbq pork-- the small portion is quite huge), the fried dale (noodles -- truly huge portion, soft noodles, soft shrimp, very satisfying) and a board special -- SALT AND PEPPER SOFT SHELL CRABS--freshly and cleanly fried with lots of chopped, brown garlic and jalepenos-- excellent. The $2.25 order of Pineapple buns (2) were huge and nicely warmed us for us by the waitress, who held them for us as they were going fast. The board now lists 2 lobsters for $29.95 with ground pork sauce (didn't try it). As for the rude treatment to the regular customers who forgot their wallets, in all fairness, this is a "ducks hanging by their necks" place, not a restaurant with a maitre de. Obviously, the management wasn't thinking long term and was foolish in handling the matter. But what little I know of Chinese culture suggests there is a side that can be as in your face as the worst New Yorker (I know from New Yorkers, being one of them), and just try that trick in New York and see if you walk out alive!

Goldberg's Bagels coming to Silver Spring?

Goldberg's Bagels is now open in Silver Spring (in old Kirsten's place). Went there last Sunday. Pretty disorganized for the crowds-- no signs telling you that the first line was to place an order, and the second line was to pick up/pay. So that meant you had to talk to your fellow line-mates and actually have a conversation with strangers while waiting!

Before I rate Goldberg's, let's get my curriculum vitae on the table: I was born and bred in Brooklyn and, of course, am Jewish. That said, the bialy I had at Goldberg's was the best ever. Mind you, it wasn't really like a NY bialy as it was hard on the outside (NY bialy’s are soft). But it was sublime -- crusty and brown giving way to an indefinable (that is subtle) sweetness, with a bit of that sweet onion mess in the middle. I filled up sufficiently on the bialys that I didn't try a bagel until later. I need to try a fresh one to give that an honest rating.

Note this is an orthodox Jewish operation -- closes early on Friday (gee, I need to run out now and get some) and closed on Saturday.

Plume at the Jefferson Hotel

Mary Beth Albright, who reviews for the glossy DC magazine (but whose reviews I find to be sound) gives Plume 5 stars -- I believe the highest rating she's given so far.

Help a NYer: Places to eat near Rockville/Gaithersburg

The Doc has pretty much boiled it all down. Let me add, in Rockville, in the same strip as Joe's Noodle House, the Persian restaurant (and next door market) Yekta Kabobi for order at the counter kebobs (cornish hen my favorite, with a side of order of yogurt/mint).

As to pizza, as a Brooklyn-born and bred girl, my advice is to skip all pizza down here, except for the artisian stuff, like Mia's in Bethesda, or Two Amy's in DC. If you are stuck down here for good, then you make peace with the pizza (and can even enjoy Mama Lucia's and just tolerate the others).

Dessert amuse at Ray's the Classics

Go to desserts at Rays (and I believe I've tried them all): (1) Key Lime Pie, (2) Dark or Milk Chocolate Mousse, and (3) (or number one if you are my husband), Root Beer Float.

Guardado's vs. Jaleo, Bethesda

If you have a choice of Guardado's versus Jaleo, both in downtown Bethesda (North Bethesda vs. South Bethesda), which do you pick? If you are going for quality and consistency of the food, I vote for Guardado's. If you want the party atmosphere, Jaleo. Chowhounders must ultimately, IMHO, go for the food quality.

Both are even on bread (Guardado's, a little less pocketed with air holes, might actually be the better sopper of oil). Guardado' s also ranks high on sangria, though the half-pitcher isn't a pitcher but one of those pedestrian wine vases-- again, lack of party atmosphere. The gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic oil) are more tender at Guardado's, the ceviche is fresh and plentiful, and the espinaca con naranjas (spinch with shallots, oranges, etc.) is an excellent marriage of slightly wilted spinach with touches of crunch and sweetness.

Indeed, unlike Jaleo, where we've been disappointed by many an individual dish, that's never happened at Guardado's.

I do give, however, Jaleo points for their emphermeal orange flan.


Hollywood East Cafe

Hollywood East (Chinese) in Wheaton is closed. Their telephone message said they are going to re-open in August in Wheaton Mall.

Pig 'N Steak --Near Shenandoah Park

To show how clueless I am, I'm not sure if Madison, VA is "Mid-Atlantic" or South, but for us DC types driving to the Shenandoah Park/Skyline Drive, Pig N' Steak in Madison, VA, is worth the approx. 30 min detour south of Rte 211. (Check hours, they close at 7:30 pm on Sunday). Hubbie (while northern born, spent a couple of formative years in Nashville) declared his ribs the best ever. His whole rack was huge, smoky, meaty, fell off the bone, and lean (though in no way diet food). I was the only one to get the pulled pork (which other on-line reviewers seem to think is "the" item to order), which, matched to the excellent tangy and not too sweet cole slaw ,was excellent. There are three barbeque sauces m and ketchupy hot) and we liked mixing and matching them. Unlike the other on-line reviewers, I was not a fan of the Mac & Cheese -- which was essentially Kraft style -- but I could go on for pages about the baked beans. They were indeed the best ever -- so complex, you could use wine descriptions -- slightly sweet with an edge of fruit, etc. Didn't have room for desert. We ate in the back non-smoking rooms, which reminded me of an old-fashioned tea room. The front, smoking room is more biker-bar.

Babka in and around D.C.?

Is the Kielbasa Factory in the same sideways strip of stores as Joe's Noodles?

Babka in and around D.C.?

The kosher market next to Max's in Wheaton (on University Blvd just east of Georgia Ave.) bakes chocolate and cinnamon babka, that is good (not great), in a solid way. Personally, I'm not a fan of Greens -- I don't think you have to read the label to taste that the fat is hydrogenated oil, instead of butter.

key lime pie

For classic, graham cracker crust, pudding-like KLP, I second Ray's the Classic's in Silver Spring. For a non-traditional, but wonderful, fluffy (whipped cream mixed in and on top) version, Oceannaire, on F Street,, between 12th and 13th in DC. It's about $10 bucks -- ask for a knife to share easily between 2 or 3.

Obama as Restaurant Compass?

New title for POTUS: Chowhound-In-Chief. While I would support a monk in the White House if he would solve all our problems, it's so freshing to have a first family that (a) doesn't detest DC (nor its suburbs) and (b) likes food of all types. I went out of my way (as a Maryland suburbanite) to visit Rays' Hell's Burger (Chowhound definitely pointed the way), and it's great that the guy is connected enough to the real world and real people that he went out of his way for an under $10 burger (and best ever, IMHO). Yeah, it'll be even more impossible to get into Ray's -- but as Chowhounders know, you can also get a hell burger (though with fewer choices) at the bar at Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring.

MD suburbs good, cheap eats

On Thurs, Fri and Sat morning-early afternoon, Lancaster County Dutch Market in Germantown -- besides the Amish stalls, is a breakfast/lunch place with items such as chicken pot pie. It's right off of I-270.

12613 Wisteria Dr
Germantown, MD 20874
(301) 916-4039

Need a romantic dinner recommendation in DC Metro or Bethesda.

I ditto the suggestion for Marcel's. Sometime ago I posted a report on an anniversary dinner there. In Bethesda, Black's is adult, low lighting, can start off with oysters, but seems to cater more to parties of 4 than romantic two's.

Graduation Dinner in DC/Maryland area

I love Rays the Classic's but unless you can do the bar specials, won't meet your budget. Zantinya just doesn't strike me as graduation dinner material.

Lunch -- Central would be great, but if you get anything extra (and you must get the Kit Kat bar) the price can rise pretty quickly.